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Good idea!

Came back and passed Lilypads with relative ease. Played whole game through and "puzzles" only got better.

Damn, it was not last level. I want to see the rest, cant because... LILYPADS

Upload some screenshots, not going to download almost giga without knowing what to expect.

It is same great game, but higher resolution actually ends up looking worse. Cars needs some kind of animations, etc. Now limitations show up too clearly

Another 3D Pico game that is not only impressive as experiment, but as a standalone title.

Way too many laps per race though, 3 would enough.

Exellent little racer. Prolly should have taken brake button out from the game, as it serves no purpose.

Excellent idea. I hate Lilypad

Very cool project!

This is not only great in context of Pico, but as a standalone game. If released on any console before late 1995, this would have been hit. It beats all Amiga Doom clones for example.

I feel like there are some balancing mishaps though. Shotgun is too inaccurate/underpowered, shotgunner does too little damage. Balancing those together (Shotgun kills shotgunner with one non point blank shot, shotgunner causes more damage to player if it manages to shoot) would make early levels play much faster and be more fun. Also rocket launcher is next to useless. I don't think it kills even imp with one direct hit, better just shoot it with any of automatic guns.

Level design is sometimes overtly complex, more of Wolf 3D mazes than Doom. Levels get better though when you get to hell. Never been fan of tech-bases in general.

This was actually great. Started slow, but did up it's game after few levels. Wish there were extra episodes or level editor, I want more of hard puzzle levels.

Impressive game being made in 72 hours. I mean, we managed to create relatively polished 3D game too, but this one has much more complex physics. Even more surprising is that those physics works!

Extra points from authentic 'tude.

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Decent little 3D platformer, though not without issues. Glitch killed my run, got stuck in pause menu. Does not seem to have too great keyboard support, I guess menu is only navigable with controller. But had fun that little time I was able to play it.

Reminded me of those games I used to get from Huvi and Hyöty-roms, same kind of charm, just in HD.  Maybe not as polished as Nintendo platformers, but I'm way more nostalgic of those weird auteur games from yesteryear. 

Every level introduces new mechanics and those mechanics are pretty well thought out. Game also teaches you mechanics via transparent tutorials. What it forgets to teach though is control layout. 

There are some balancing errors i think, like cactus could take longer to grow back. Also auto aim is sometimes off, though rarely in any place where it matters. You can trust that when tongue has to find that flying thingie to connect, it pretty much always works. Some levels drag bit too long. Few bad collisions. Once respawned water again and again, but was able to recover with tongue pull.

All in all, fun little experience, I guess I have to try it again with controller.


Nice little game, would have rated it 3,5 but Itch wont allow me.
Decent controls, car physics with directional sprites are always hard to execute properly, but there they are mostly fine. Car direction resetting to direction of collision normal when crashing is maybe bit annoying. I'd also consider scrapping two "health" bars and combine them together. Crashing, weapon damage, fuel consuming all would just affect one resource to keep everything nice and tidy, arcade like.
All in all, enjoyable little game


Never played this during LD, but I can see why this did so well. That twist is almost genius. Surprisingly deep gameplay, well balanced too, looks damn good. What there is not to like?

This looks interesting, do uou have youtube where you post development?

I do think name is bad choise. Completely impossible to search from google. Needs atleast secondary title, Waste: Trashy Adventure or some shit like that.

Good looking, but hard. Movement should be fluid, more like Supaplex than Boulder Dash, now it is bit disorienting (even though you can't rotate camera). Few times hud-dice and player-dice went out of sync I think, making finishing level complete guesswork. Underlying mechanic is solid design and power ups/abilities work well. It would be good idea to make abilities show on side that it is attached on for post jam update. So if side 6 has 3+ attached, there would be sticker over 6 that says 9. And for weapons too similar thing. This would drop need for UI-dice altogether.

All in all, good idea, good graphics, has potential for being nice little game.

Creative use of theme, bit one time joke though. Balanced bit too hard though I think, did not manage to got further than third gas station, most of the tries end up second. Art style I like

Controls you nailed I think, feels good. 

At least there is enough juice things and particle effects!

Some of my gripes is that color coding is not thought out too well, I did not understand I should get red dices cause they looked dangerous. Very little trial and error and I learned that, so it is not too big problem. Also I think control layout should be spread bit, it is hard to use WASD and dash with F. Some kind of two handed solution, or dash into Shift would work better I think.

But all in all, this is relatively well playing game with pretty high fun factor. 

Hmm, weird. Never encountered problems with Satan. But I guess I intuitively know how it works and automatically go to place where it triggers properly.

I think we should add pointer that shows if you know ladybugs cards. That was what I was struggling before we implemented sound cue when D. Beetle manages to read cards. Is it possible this was your problem, Satan wont react if you don't know those cards?

I would make player faster, but that might be just me. I prefer fast movement combined with aggressive enemies. I also think button feedback has bugged/ it is not properly implemented. Took me while to understand how ability menu worked.

Otherwise it is solid entry, it works, it has variety, it has cute style. Better than average.

I like your old school reason for it being too hard. 

Idea is solid, I like it. I also found it funny that this could have been entry last year too. 
I think dice logic is bit broken sometimes. Sometimes it disappeared but I was not able to spawn new with space before I had dashed with shift. Also some hits I took felt bit cheap. Maybe bit too big collision boxes and bit too slippery handling/ too slow acceleration?

Overall it is fast fun, and good base for expanding. Refine tangling logic bit, and add more variety and you got fine game.

What other than timer it could be that makes it feel awkward?  That level change spawn logic maybe change, it is not fun to spawn onto enemy's field of view. Is this your gripe? We have also discussed about possibilities of expanding very limited move set and introducing some variation to levels and ways to get those mosquitoes off your back. Now it is all pretty much instakill if they ever spot you.

Thanks for feedback, feel free to drop more feedback if you ever manage to put your finger on what is the problem.

Surprised by that, would have thought there were much time dedicated for puzzles. They feel finished, not regular jam stuff.

Yeah, that was mistake we understood just after submitting out game, not including in game tutorial. Thanks for feedback.

Damn it's hard, I don't have brain for this. Puzzle design is not most polished which is understandable due to time constraints. It works mechanically well however, I like style which reminds me of Boulder Dash. Actually introducing some Boulder Dash elements could work, like tiles you should eat before you can roll dice on them.

Solid idea, very well executed concept.

It might need way to know what side of dice is where?? That is problem with many of these games, memorizing dice is hard. No other gripes.

I wonder how much time of went into designing puzzles. I was not able to break puzzles even if I tried. Those additional dot tiles are very well placed, keeping solving puzzles tight.

This is actually fun to play, reminds me of Blokus. Could be fun two (or four!) player game too.

My only grief  is camera. Not controls itself even though it feels bit slippery, but how there is no feedback which way controls are pointing. Maybe if movement would be relative to camera, that could feel much better I think. I hope there is post jam update that refines bit that and maybe adds pointer of how many moves left. All UX things, base is solid

This one has some beautiful design decision. Like health being dots on dice. All enemies could use same, no need for flying UI-pointers (even though they are too dices). Would be complete Nintendo approach for problem.

I think you should update it to more flexible twin stick style.  Up the aggression of enemies and turn it faster and more fun, chaotic but focused experience. Also attacks needs better visual feedback.  Put those Rayman-style hands in use and make them hold guns, punch and show taunts.

I'd say game needs balance tweaks and boss monster more attack styles. Now there is only beam attack that is forcing me to dodge. Overall it was pretty enjoyable experience though.

I think nice idea and atmosphere and style is missed with pointlessness of it. At least fail state should kick in later, not immediately after action. Now if you don't want to wait to finish it, gameplay loop is press Space, press E, repeat. Does not matter if you manage to land that kiss on pastors lips, you can kiss air and end result is same.

I think you really should make real little game out of this. Take out dice mechanic, and replace with normal changeable abilities.  >>> Knock out cantor, make flip to prevent kid who saw it from crying and messing funeral. When everybody are focused why there is no music, sneak near coffin and kiss deceased. It has potential to be more than one joke in form of game.

I'm not sure there is any tactics involved, is it pure luck based?

This one I actually enjoyed and played multiple rounds. Great idea, great style, very well implemented, no bugs or design errors.

Maybe defense could be rebalanced? I found it pretty useless other than using it as bumper to keep dice inside cluster of attacks and healths. Or maybe it is balanced and I just did not understand it's UI counter.

Reminds me of Envirobear which I think is intentional?? It's fun, though I think it might not work perfectly? As Panda said there is no music and some things are broken.

Great aesthetics, only grief in presentation is that there could be better feedback for attack etc.

I did play it blind, without reading page first and I was able to get hang of it pretty fast. Character types could vary more visually, now I did not notice different classes until I noticed that some can't attack as far. 

I like the idea. It is too easy and has some bugs, sometimes floor tiles fall too early. It could use vehicle physics better, for example there could be mountain tiles or floors in different height stacked. Also ramps allowing harder puzzles. I also think dice logic might be flawed? It does tend to return mostly same routes, limiting replay factory. 

With better level design it could be fun little game to kill some time.

Good idea, I like graphic style. It is maybe bit slow to play. Puzzle design is good if understandably bit primitive. Overall this is one of the better games I have played.

It is bit unbalanced and collisions are rough. But art is cute, and it seems that it is not just dice skin thrown on top of top down shooter. There is dice RNG mechanism with special shot.