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We really enjoy gameplay videos from our community! Share them with us here. They are also a great way for us to get direct feedback from you, so be sure to tell us what you think. Your videos and feedback contribute towards all future development on Uncle Lovecraft's Fun Time Murder Hole.

Thank you for playing our game and for the feedback, psychroclasm!

We're currently looking into bugs related to the stats screen and the counting of dead sacrifices. We have some plans for more content, and we'll take your feedback and suggestions into consideration.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to play Uncle Lovecraft's Fun Time Murder Hole and sharing your gameplay video with us!

Yes, it starts for me and the others that have tested through Itch so far. I would still like to figure out what the issue is for you so we can implement a fix accordingly.

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If you have any suggestions for the game, or any feedback you'd like to share with us, post it here! The dev team will visit this thread frequently to decide on the most requested features and plan out our weekly builds accordingly.

If you've playtested the game recently, there's also a feedback form that you can use to send us your feedback. We would greatly appreciate if you could fill it and send us your thoughts about the build you've played.

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Thanks Michael. We'll look into it!
If it's not running via the executable either, then there's probably some other issue on top of nested folders. Could you explain a bit more what happens when you press launch or run the .exe file? If there's any error message that pops up, it will help immensely if you could share that as well.

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Please report any and all bugs you encounter in this thread. We'll actively be looking through your reports as we go about making fixes weekly. Alternatively, you can also use this Google form to report them as well.

When reporting bugs, please try to include where and how you encountered the bug as well. This will help us in reproducing the issue and subsequently fixing it.