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Defeat the evil wizard lurking on the 24th floor.
Submitted by yumehiko (@yumehik0) — 4 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#24.2504.250

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
yumehiko, komekami

Software used
Unity, FL Studio, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Use of the limitation
This is a game that takes the classic RogueLike game and abstracts it to the extreme.

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Straight-forward, but the gameplay beautifully defines what a rogue-like is. Excellent job!
I was able to make it to the wizard, but I only had one HP. :^(


Simple concept, but well executed! Overall a decent game, good job!


This was great, really engaging. I made it to the wizard but couldn't seem to find any more healing potions past a certain point and just didn't have the HP to take him.


Chest > Escape > Chest > Chest > Chest > Chest > Escape

I like this game just for the amount of loot I can a get in such a short time. Still suprisingly balanced. great use of assets for a tight minimalistic dungeon crawler.


Thanks! I drew all the sprites myself!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

You did wonderful on each one of them! Apologies for my loose use of the word assets. :)


Simplicity at it's best. Apart from some repetitiveness, this game is very solid. I'll probably be playing it more as well lol. Don't really have any complaints. 


Amazing! The skeleton killed me, I thought I was strong enough...


The game is solid and competently made. The concept is a lso interesting but lacks variety and to me becomes repetitive.

The  graphics  are pleasant to look at, mostly due to their simplicity.

Hte music is well made, but not exactly what I'd call fitting.

So overall good :>


Amazing Entry, I couldn't stop playing 'till i made it to the dark wizard! I should mention a thing as feedback: the "Garbage mode" could be an "on/off" mode so you can discard multiple items without having to click there several times, despite that little thing this is a round game for a jam, could be easily a mobile game, I really would play it!!
congrats! you always make minimalist games with great deepness, your games are always well thought out!


Love the aesthetic actually, nice sound design, nice gameplay and concept.

Loved it simple as that.


This was so fun, I made it to floor 18 once I figured out what to keep and what to toss. Simple graphics that convey the concept matter perfectly and a great soundtrack. I actually was getting excited when I got a better sword to rotate in. Great Job!


Awesome aesthetic and the gameplay loop is designed pretty well


Excellent game! My favorite so far for sure. The loop is fun and addicting, the graphics are cute and well done, and the music is awesome. Great job!


Game played on stream here:

I will be coming back to this game later! I like the minimal gameplay and presentation. This has so much potential! Really inspiring honestly. I got to F7 before I died. I got a little ahead of myself.

Good work! =D


My favorite entry yet, it's a really complete mini game with a bunch of strategy thanks to the design. I like the minimalist style and the UI very much.

The rogue aspect is there but I'm not sure to get the Empty theme link?

My only issue is with the trash, it's difficult to know when you'll throw away something. For example I want to swipe an equipment from my hand with the available loot and I lost it in the process. I thrown away some good stuff many times. Some hint with a cross in red circle to indicate ok "that one will be lost" could be helping.

In conclusion the game is very good congrats!


I like this game - but had to stop playing it after I accidently threw away my 3rd powerful item because of the UI for item management. I just wanted to swap items!

Oh well, aside from that gripe, nice well made game that does a really good job of achieving that "abstract" rogue like experience. I'm curious how you could make the extreme abstraction of the roguelike genre fit into the theme of the game - a stack of cards or something like that?


Good fun and well polished, sound design and presentation were great.


solid good game


Played it for a while. Super interesting game. Add some more variations, enemies, items, story etc and I wouldn't mind if it was a paid game on Steam.


The game is not that complicated, but I don't know is it that fun either, but it's that polished that it becomes fun because of that.


Your games never fail to impress. I really thought the concept here was great, although I found myself cruising through most of the enemies besides the robots...until the hypersoul(?) took my soul! At least it was quick.

Music was on point, and the art worked very well. My only wish was that you could equip items even if the inventory was full, instead of having to drop something. Really great job!

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