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The concept here is pretty good, I really like that the player needs to time things very specifically in order to get through a level. Music was interesting. Nice job!

A very appropriate story for the limitation! Reminds me a bit of some of the story games from way back in the day.

Really great concept! At first I didn't realize some of the objects would give power-ups, and it was quite enjoyable to try and steer around to get 'em. Music was pretty relaxing. Overall a pretty fun experience. Nice work!

I too had some difficulties around The Great Fall, but nevertheless this game was on point with the limitation and had a great concept! The atmosphere felt like something that would've been on a game console back in the day. Nice work!

I based the gameplay around random spawns from a given array of objects, and so on some iterations trash or keepers might never spawn. This was a hold-over from the prototyping that I never got around to adjusting, so it's possible get at least one star even if the player did nothing. I'm glad you liked it though! Thanks for the feedback, and for playing!

Chucking burgers at customers? Sign me up! Gameplay was pretty straight forward. I like how missing your target results in burgers being added to the pile. Timer seemed a little wonky - at times it seemed to take a few seconds for the customers to show up, and then having to wait for it to run down after getting rid of all the burgers. I really felt like a burger-blaster though. Nice work!

Interesting concept here. I like that there's always a risk of the player getting knocked off the board by the cannons. I survived about 25 seconds. Could've used some music or sound but overall nice work!

Would the keeper/trash UI have been better on the bottom of the screen? Glad you liked the rest of it. Thanks for playing!

It truly is opposite day in Opposite Dungeon! I thought this was an interesting take on the limitation, and the levels were pretty thoughtfully made. Could've used some sound or music. Nice work though!

Simple gameplay, but very effective! The artwork and music are charming, and the sounds give me the willies. It's a really good squish-crunch. I felt this was really well made. Great work!

I made most of the earlier level spawn rates moderate to hopefully get the player adjusted to the gameplay, while the last few blaze and require a few retries. Thanks for playing!

Rock, paper, scissors...paper-covered-rock! Hah. Once I got one of those things, my opponent didn't stand a chance. I enjoyed this game quite a bit. Concept is definitely a unique fit for the limitation. Great work!

Thank you!

Took a little bit to figure out what needed to be done, but it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Could've used some sounds or music at the least, but that's alright. Really great work for your first game!

So silly it gave me a good laugh towards the end! I look forward to a sequel.

It took me a few rounds to realize that I needed to pickup the blood pools to keep going. I found the concept of this game to be pretty unique, and definitely fits the limitation! Music was pretty motivating. I made it to level 10. Great work!

I figured there would be at least one game in this jam where the player has to lose weight! This is an interesting take on a platformer, and it's funny to see how quickly junk food increases the player's size. I also like that it can cause the player to span large gaps. Very amusing. Nice work!

Interesting concept and backstory. This game definitely fits the limitation. Gameplay for me was pretty simple, and instead of trying to time my shots with the rotation of the gun I just blasted rounds until one of them did the trick. Could use some more polish, but overall nice work!

An interesting take on the survival game! I found the aiming to be a little wonky though. When you aim and shoot, and then shoot again, the arrow seems to fall shorter than the first. Maybe that was done to prevent the player from finding a sweet spot to leave it? Presentation was pretty great, very polished from what I can tell. Nice work!

Like an idiot I sat in the middle the first couple of rounds, getting wrecked. I really liked this game though! The Evershot power-up was especially handy, although in future iterations maybe this could be a rate-of-fire boost instead. Ya know, so the player has the option to jackhammer their mouse button or not. I'm a little partial to the artwork as I love simple pixelart, and the sounds/music definitely gave it a spooky atmosphere. Great job!

I would be both impressed and terrified if I had a manager who could do these things! It gave me a good laugh though, and the concept certainly fits the limitation! Occasionally his feet would stretch to the back of his head when falling off a platform. Not sure if that was intended or not, but it was quite amusing. The level can be challenging at times, even with a number of upgrades. Some music would've been icing on the cake. Nicely done!

An interesting concept! It took me a couple of goes to get the hang of it. The controls for the ships seems counter-intuitive (I was expecting left/right to turn, forward to thrust, etc.), but it just took some getting used to. Artwork, music and sounds created a good retro feel. Nice work!

There's a lot of potential here, despite not having sound or music! Definitely fit the limitation. I didn't notice anything terribly wrong, but the "Enemies Alive" counter had me confused the whole time - I would kill all the enemies on screen, but it would say some were still alive and they never show. Otherwise I liked it. Nice work!

Admittedly, there is a lot to take in here. I'm already pretty bad with card games to begin with, but nevertheless I gave it my best. I think the concept is pretty unique, and I like the backstory you give the players. For future iterations, you might consider a tutorial to help the player. Artwork worked well enough, and the sounds/music were definitely unique! Good job!

I really like this concept - it appears to be a run-and-gun type of game, but is actually more of a puzzle game. Really neat! The fit and finish is pretty good, and the music was pretty relaxing. Nice work!

Thank you!

I was unable to figure out level 4, unfortunately. This was really great though! I've seen a lot of games where one controls multiple characters, but this is unique among them I think. Simple yet effective. I had a bit of a panic because I thought maybe the areas without walls (along the edges) were some sort of pit to avoid, but that wasn't the case. Music didn't seem to loop after a while...not sure if it has a delay or just wouldn't. Great job overall!

Gameplay is pretty straightforward here, and I really like that you have to reduce the enemies down into the smallest blobs to shoot them. Player movement was initially a bit fast for my taste, but then I saw how quickly enemies spawned. So it ended up making sense. Overall nice job!

This was a bit quirky, haha! I loved the "wah wah" speech sounds. Gameplay was good too, I thought the concept of slicing food into portions was unique and fit the theme well. Nice work!

I'm not quite sure why, but it was one of the first ideas to pop into my head. Thank you for playing!

I've thought about adding some power-ups, definitely a good suggestion! Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

Glad you like it! Thanks for playing!

The concept of using your body as ammo for projectiles is pretty neat! I was about halfway into my first run when I realized it was slowly making me smaller and faster. I felt the difficulty ramped up appropriately. A really great submission for a short jam. Nice work!

I agree, I didn't quite think out the dynamics of enemy spawns and create better difficulty. I'll have to make some changes. I'm glad you like it though. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Yes, the difficulty needs some work. Glad you liked it though. Thanks for playing!

I noticed that after watching my brother play it! I'm sure you're not the only one. I'll have to increase its size. Thanks for playing!

Definitely a unique entry for this jam. I think the key to it was evenly distributing upgrades - that last big red guy had me a little worried! I enjoyed it though. Nice work!

A game about slicing apples definitely fits the theme! With the amount of time you had left in development, it would've been cool to have some sound or music. I noticed that the apples wouldn't slice the closer they were to the handle, so maybe there's something off about the colliders around there. Otherwise nice work!

Yep, I needed a better plan for the bad strands. Thanks for playing!