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The art style and the animation at the beginning are great. As for the game, maybe I'm not understanding it well, but I couldn't proceed from the long hallway section.

I like the fact that the enhancements through purchases do not simply enhance the player character, but rather make the item appear in the game. Excellent work!

Thank you. The mirror is a great idea!

Yes, that's exactly what happened when I touched the game off-screen while playing the web version.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. You are right, I had an idea to emphasize the theme of not breaking, but after modifying it to more strongly align with Mini Jam's Limitation, I settled on the current form. When I have more time, I will produce it as a new title.

Here is a video of the actual play.

If the second person comes to the position poison pool position, he is out of this point. In many cases, the moment the first person reaches the poison pool, the ROBOBIRD touches the second person and resets.

Yes, I used it. Anyway, this point seems to have a particularly short operable time. Perhaps the speed of the darkening may vary depending on the environment. Or maybe this point is more difficult than you assume.

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This is a shortcut point before falling into the hole marked THE GREAT FALL. If i wait until the end of the screen darkening before starting, i will have little time to perform the operation. After several attempts, I managed to make it in time by starting the input before the end of the screen darkening (and cleared it. (The record was 3:37.63).

This ironic rule looks like it could be extended in many ways. The pixel art is cute. Good work!

Simple and easy to understand. The sound effects are also nice. Halfway through the game, I couldn't type in the keyboard controls and had to quit at level 8. But it was fun!

The total number of deaths was 9. The idea of being strengthened according to the cause of death was brilliant. Good work!

I started the game and first tried the hole in front of me. The result was failure. I got myself together, paid the gym, worked out as hard as I could, and tried again, but failed to reach it again. Maybe this is how life is.

I died in round 11! I am tempted to strengthen my attack, but that would consume more Health, so I am torn. Good work!

Interesting concept. I was able to quickly get used to the rules and controls. However, after some progress, I started to touch ROBOBIRD after about 5 seconds of being revived from a checkpoint, which made it impossible to progress.

Although a little difficult to control, it sublimated Limitation well and was very enjoyable. Good work!

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So much fun! The concept is innovative and makes good use of Limitation. Great job!

When the dragon showed up and blew fire, I was so excited! The stronger the attack of the opponent, the stronger our attack becomes, so it is good to be excited when a strong enemy comes. Music would have been even better!

My score is 5555! I think I can do higher. Anyway, this was great. I really don't have anything to say.

Cleared. Art, sound effects, music, playability were all good, would have been better if there was one mechanic using Window. Good work!

Gameplay is solid. The difficulty curve may be a little steep, but I prefer it this way. The characters look and animate well, and if you add backgrounds and sounds, you won't be able to tell it from a paid game. Good work!

The art is pretty and the game concept is fun. I can't imagine a wizard working in fast food!
Gameplay is a little difficult. Could not get past level 2. Good work!

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The atmosphere is very jovial and chaotic.
I didn't know how to successfully deal with a car that was shooting at me.
The trap where the windows get dirty is hilarious. Good work!

Great work! The idea of looking through a window into a different dimension is interesting to start with, and the implementation is solid. What more can I ask for!

Very good idea. The feel of the game is perfect. I died about 10 times in the first stage, but then I got the hang of it. Good work!

So much fun! I'm not good at Sokoban games, but I played it like crazy. The gimmick of using reflections breaks my brain!

I died with 67 points! The cursor and window blinking is cute. Good work!

So much fun! The characters are agile and the effects are beautiful and fun just to move them around. The puzzle gimmicks are good too. Wish there were more stages to play!

I was able to clear it. Thank you!

I understand that this game is still a prototype, but I felt that it could be very interesting. I will play it again when it is updated.

Players move quite slowly, making it difficult to move on. Animations are nice.

I can't figure out what happens after I hit the switch with the rock. I am playing on a Mac. The sound and graphics look great.

I played a few times and was able to get over 600 gold. I felt that the items to increase maximum HP were better to sell than to use, but perhaps I will understand their importance when I play more. Good work!

Thanks. I have reconsidered the difficulty level.
The recycling bin enemy appears from stage 3, but by then the player must summon the Wall Window. In the first version of the game, there was not enough mana to summon the Wall at stage 1, and the Space Cadet Window (the weakest Window) has only 2 HP, so the game could be over before the player realizes the importance of the Wall.
Therefore, we adjusted Space Cadet's HP to 3 and the summoning cost of Wall so that it can be summoned even from Stage 1. This will give players more chances to realize the importance of Wall.
Thanks for the feedback!

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The weakest Window has only 2 HP. This means that even the weakest enemy attack can only be withstood once.

It seems a little too difficult in the beginning, so I set the HP of the weakest Window to 3.

The second Window (wall) cannot be attacked but is highly durable. Make good use of this.

I have completed this game. My favorite strategy is to enhance the attack power of the Excel and use the Explorer to slow them. Good work!

We're clear! I expected a new song to play when I clicked on the mp3 file, but it did not. Anyway, good job!

This is very…odd. I like it.

This art style is simple but very effective. The sound effects are realistic and create a high sense of realism. I couldn't avoid the spider, so if there was anything after that I couldn't see it. Good work!

I enjoyed it very much. It was quite difficult and I felt my brain was limited, especially after the window gimmick appeared. The checkered background was nice, but the high contrast made it a little difficult to see the walls and characters. Good work!

Permadeath and auto-generation is a great combination, and since it's based on DOOM, I found the weaponry intuitive. It would be more fun if there was a clear goal or a score to show how well the player progressed. Good work!

The fonts used in this game are as follows: