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This game is crazy. I killed the first guy and lost half my vision, don't know if that's intended, but made it challenging! The graphics are really good and the game runs smooth.

I see what you are going for and would be amazing without the bugs. It was kinda fun though XD

Nice little game. The UI seemed to glitch out when I talked to the characters, but other than that I liked the vibe and music.

Fun game! I wasn't sure what I was doing at first, but the graphics are really nice

Correct. I should have tested it sooner, but I've never used the render pipeline for WebGL. You live and you learn I guess. Thanks for playing!

Really like the music and character art. The double jump mechanic seemed to jump you higher the faster you pressed it on the wall so if you were falling you basically couldn't double jump at all. I wasn't sure where to go after I got above the swords, I think zooming out the camera more would have helped since there were times where you can't see the next obstacle. I like the floaty physics, but I think the hit boxes could use work. Good job overall :)

Good idea! I didn't even think about star ratings because I figured it would be a continuous gameplay loop to hole 9. I might have to implement this... thanks!

A very simple yet effective game. Had me stressing, great job!

The art is really good in this game. I found the text dialog sound to be a bit annoying maybe turn it down relative to the music volume or make it a lower pitch. I'm not a fan of narrative based games, but this is really good!

I really like this game, it's like a vampire pacman. With some particle effects it could be really nice. The only thing was sometimes you could get stuck on the wall if you were too close. Otherwise a fine game for your first attempt!

I like the text that says -10 when you hit someone, but I wasn't sure why there was an X over the enemies after they were hit. The first song is really nice, the second one was.... not my favorite. Keep up the good work!

The individual sprites are nice, I think a moving background would have made it more dynamic. I was dodging the sprites till I realized you need to fill up the bar. Also the voice over is pretty funny. Good job

So cool, but having to dodge the vampires and the blood immediately after you killed them (while dodging the next vampire) was a bit much for the size of the level. I would have made the particle effects smaller they were a bit distracting, but the death/reset animation is quite nice.

I honestly thought this game was on the easier side, definitely wasn't too hard you just need to time your shots. Also having spacebar as jump and S as down is typical controls for this type of game. The enemies were static, but I wouldn't say they shot too fast, just my $0.02

The music is very creepy. I really like the level design. I think a bit more enemy or weapon types would really add to the game, but I enjoyed it regardless.

Really nice graphics! I got blood on my cape and slowly died even though I wasn't in a blood cloud, not sure if that is intended.

The bullets and floaty physics are very nice. I really like the simplistic style of the game and getting enemies to fall into the pit was pretty fun. My highscore was 21450 which doesn't fit in one line at the end of the game just FYI. Also not sure if it's intended, but you can shoot bullets out of the air which is pretty cool. The yellow enemies were a bit OP though and I think they can kill the big red enemies in one shot if you line it up right. The music fit perfectly, but I didn't see how the limitation was being used. Very cool game, but I agree you could use heals.

It seems like you have to click on enemies to attack, I think it would be better to be able to click anywhere and attack it they are close. The artstyle is cool and jumping over enemies is satisfying.

Very polished game. The enemies sometimes spawn on you, but otherwise pretty awesome game with cool sound effects (POW!) XD

I'm also looking for some feedback and ratings. I'll play anyone's game who leaves a comment.

Thanks, I didn't want to make the game too difficult. You can try to get par if you are looking for a challenge. I think if you have to hold down the mouse and hit the power bar first try it would have made it tougher, but more confusing for less experienced players and I was just going for something simple xD

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Ah you are in the air therefore going over the blood. I tried to make this obvious by zooming in the camera and showing particles when you land, but it's tough in top-down 2d. Also you can kinda cheat by just respawning closer to the hole, with more time I would have respawned you closer to your original position (where you hit the ball from)

Very cool game, I think the performance is a bit laggy, but otherwise solid. The use of the limitation is a bit liberal lol

The game is really solid. The only thing was I couldn't tell why or when my sword would disappear. I like that your health was also your sword instead of just getting one hit killed. Great entry.

Using blood as a weapon is cool if I could actually get the blood in time before I get attacked. Like the people run really fast and you only get one or two chances before getting killed was my experience.

The enemies have too much health. The way to go about this is to either have an indication of their health or slowly introduce higher health enemies over time. I honestly thought the gun was broken XD

I got 6190. I think the meteors should kill the vampires too. I'm not sure what I was shooting, but it was fun.

The choice to turn into a bat and fly over the blood was really great. That being said this game is really tough because you can only be a bat for barely any time and then there's a large cooldown. I didn't make it to the upgrades unfortunately.

I couldn't figure out what was going on, but the doom graphics are pretty cool.

This game is awesome! I would recommend some changes that make the user experience better.

1. Let the player use their keyboard to go to the next level (since the mouse isn't required for gameplay)

2. Have a counter or indication when the enemy will attack. Having to keep track of a number in my head felt unnecessary.

Cool graphics, throw in some music next time :)

The mouse sensitivity was absolutely insane, makes me wonder what kind of mouse you use...

Very nice graphics, the music was a bit much IMO. Also the wheel reset was a bit jarring. Overall you could easily get people to pay for spins $$$ XD

A vampire golfer would have been awesome, but I'm not so good at art and not sure how to make that look good in a top down 2D style!

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Yeah I'm not sure what that bug is about somehow it falls through the hole sometimes without triggering :/

EDIT: This bug has now been fixed :)

Very cool slider puzzle game! I think the levels are too easy and straightforward, but the ghost sliding was satisfying.

Nice spooky music! The jump height seemed to change with every jump. I think I would have liked it better if you only used the shotgun to jump. I did like the transform mechanic where it brought you back to your body that was cool.

Cool game! I like the idea that the shotgun is pulling the ghost out of your body. That being said it's really hard to control on a trackpad xD

I really like the music, I think with a bit more work it could really sound like a Mario soundtrack. My only bother is I would have reset the power bar each time the player clicks, it's hard to get used to because it starts somewhere new each time. I see that's a bug, good stuff.

You aren't allowed to make this without a video of yourself beating the game XD

You listed QA testers in your credits. I see the point of capping the ammo maybe just make it so the player can't use their money if it's maxed out