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I tried to use a combination of release speed and distance, but I don't think it translates well to new players. I definitely agree it needs an indicator. Thanks for the feedback!

The concept is very solid along with the art, but the execution is lacking. First off, a reaction game should have a random start, not a count down (like in a race where they have a countdown and then a random start). Also the place where you are aiming each round should also be random. It doesn't make sense to have more than one bullet and also the computer doesn't seem like it will miss after round 5 or so but I didn't test it.

For reference I got killed in duel 8 after 0.5 seconds. If the average human reaction time is ~0.25 seconds then you are giving the player ~0.25  (0.5-0.25) seconds to move the mouse across the screen.  But since the start isn't random you are really giving 0.5 seconds and I couldn't do that even as an experienced FPS player :(

Tbh it was terrifying as the duels went up if that is what you are going for XD 

But touch screens will have a major advantage.

I love one button games! I think it could be more interesting if the direction you move is alternated every time you press spacebar, also you should be able to start the game with spacebar XD. Simple and fun, but could use more juice.

I liked the punching mechanic, but wish I could kill the boss! Good graphics and responsive controls

Thanks for the feedback!! :)

You can get Reason for a $1 trial for a month. It's not the easiest software to work with, but you can do drum loops really fast because of ReDrum

Yeah I desperately needed to add timers, but I didn't want to figure that out during the jam XD

Thanks for playing!

I greatly enjoyed this, with more polish it could really be something. A couple of things I noticed: you can have 5 faces but if the color or one feature is unique to the perp, it's very easy. You should think about countering this by checking first and adding a certain amount of matching features to the others depending on the level. Or you can just add a timer that rewards you for choosing faster, that would be easier and I think make it more fun. Really good and simplistic game!

It's technically supposed to be an arena I just couldn't write arena in the art because it has too many letters so I used Box lol XD. The easiest way to win is when the AI gets confused and launches itself off the map. Originally I had planned for weapons (even did the art for them like a one shot pistol or something you could throw), but ran out of time to do the implementation. Thanks for playing!

Pretty good game. The first level is kinda lame, but the second one is good. The life preserver inner tube thing doesn't make any sense and seems like an item you should grab instead.

Thanks! It actually took me 4 days because that's when I realized the jam was going on. I really wanted to focus on that one click while making it relaxing, but ended up spending most of my time on the animations. Thanks for playing!

I got 2090 pixels after like 1000 tries XD

What game engine did you use? For your first completed game this is really good, much more in depth than what I made my first time. I hope you learned alot and apply it to your next game, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make

The game itself has really good art, music and a nice feel in general. I couldn't open the door in the room with the red box in your screenshot, but was still fun reading all the dialogues. Good job!

Thanks for playing! I didn't spend much time fixing bugs aside from the 12+ hours after the jam was over to fix the water shader, (the game was unplayable at that point,). I'm glad you were able to enjoy it! 

I really like the atmosphere of this game, it really fits the theme.

Was definitely not a meditative experience to make :/

Thanks for playing!

Ah I see, I thought it was based on fish haha. I really like that you included your level editor too. Great job

Good game with a nice flow once you get into it. Teleporting back to the top each time is pretty rough though

Very innovative game combining Minesweeper and building. I really like the consistent art style

Nice job for your first game. You should try lining up the shot animation with the bullets I think that would be cool. Good job!

very fun game, getting off the walls seems a bit off and the empty cavern would be nice to have an indicator of where the rocks will fall, but it was very fun controlling the bird with the rope mechanic

It's a cool game (literally XD). I like how there is no tutorial and the first few levels teach you how to play. I seemed to get 3 snowflakes everytime, so I think the rating system is bugged, but everything else was really nice and polished.

Thanks for playing!

I wanted to make a leaderboard and have you smash a button at the beginning to determine oxygen levels, but time management you know. Thanks for playing!

I've updated to fix the water shader. You should try again!

Alternative title: "Charlie Brown Goes to Space"

Yo this is the Sherlock Holmes theme song XD

No that makes more sense XD

Thanks for your feedback! I needed to add one more keyframe at the end of the attack to have it make sense, but ran out of time.

Screen zoom was something I thought about, but axed it due to being too time consuming, although a slow-mo zoom in would have been awesome. I should have cleverly highlighted the hit boxes (I didn't even think about that!) that would have really made it easier and more fun. I ran out of time for most of the FX, but I know it desperately needs it XD thanks for playing!

It was on the backlog to have two attacks based on how far away you are from the enemy, but I had a problem where I turned off auto simulation on the physics engine so I couldn't figure out why my colliders weren't registering for the longest time D:

I also wanted to add some camera effects, but ran out of time. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks, the pre-made assets are only the shaders and the character movement. I haven't used them before so I didn't modify them much, but I'll work on that.

Simple game, very nice flow

I really like this game. The puzzle part the box pushes too slow and the spikes weren't immediately obvious, but cool style.

Really tough and a little too slow for me, I wasn't sure what I was playing for or where the end was. The art is really good though.

Pretty fun to play and cool music. I played blue and the levels are very basic

You should build your games in WebGL if you want more ratings

Very nice music and overall good aesthetics. I didn't make it to the top so I didn't get the different endings :(

This game is crazy. I killed the first guy and lost half my vision, don't know if that's intended, but made it challenging! The graphics are really good and the game runs smooth.