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Really liked the art style and felt good for the most part, especially the clamber. Just wish there was more to play.

Thanks, it was definitely a struggle and I think that shows, there's a bunch of things that I could fix or should have done differently and I was triaging up to the last hour what I could get in. Unfortunately, optimization and the settings menu were on the back burner for most of the time and didn't quite make it. But like you said I think for 2 weeks I'm fairly happy with it.

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I was pinched for time and didn't have time to balance :(. It seems I made it a little too easy. I found the meta is if you can get the whirlwind ability early on it's a little op cuz I messed up the speed on the last day XD. That plus a shield and you're cookin.

This was well done, I'd say just make the objective a little more obvious/stand out more. It was just a small text in the top left and I was running around clicking on things with nothing happening until I figured it out.

Everything was really well done, art, sound, gameplay. I struggled through the platforming at the end but I beat it twice just cuz I wanted to see what the difference was between choosing to fight or forget lol.

Ok, I see the idea and great attempt for a first game. I love the enemy design but a lack of context overall. Besides audio and feedback, I'd say the reality shift needed more design care. I can shift realities and completely ignore enemies, then when there are enemies in the shift, I just switch back. There is a cooldown on the shift to the alternate reality but I felt it was too long and not represented anywhere, there's also no cooldown switching back so it's not consistent. The end portal is also not represented in the alt reality so I walked into a room and just won.. kinda odd. I don't mean to rip, but as you said it was your first game I wanted to give honest feedback that hopefully helps you out, cheers.

I enjoyed the voice acting and like to think he woke up from a dream but is still in another dream. Not sure what the pills were for but good creepy vibe.

The graphics are great and use of theme is oh too well...

For sure, the escape room was short by design, cuz that was only part of the experience we were trying to create. We intended to do something with the sim game in the second part but just didn't have the time and vision to execute properly. Glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing :)

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I can see the potential for this but I would kick the random mashing element and have jobs pop up on the screen along with a random word and you complete the job by typing the word associated with that job. This way you don't have to take your hands of they keyboard and there is some extra skill involved.

For real I think you could take this and imagine like a proper house level or a back alley, someplace where a bunch of random objects could possibly be and have pre-determined places where things could spawn instead of random and you have to find what's real and not through your phone. Keep the same gameplay loop, it makes it frantic with things popping in and out of existence every round as if he's having an episode.

This is great, I got stuck on a part that was a little too precise for my skills but other than that, great level design and aesthetic :)

Love the art style and animations, and the reload mechanic is cool. Maybe give a reticle or make the enemies a bit larger cuz they seem intentionally thin and hard to hit. Took me a while to figure out that I was supposed to jump in the fire to start the game.

Good gameplay loop, fun concept, just wish the levels were more detailed.

Good job, I'd shorten the cooldown on the camera but other than that it was fun to play and try and beat my previous score.

The level and sound design were great. Gave me some inspiration for my own projects. The gameplay was meh, not really much danger so the guys weren't very scary, just annoying.

Cool idea but I'm terrible at drawing can a guy get an undo button plz

Fun little game, I'm always surprised what people are able to cakeify.

Neat game, I think it's the first Godot game I've ever played. I like the ironic thought/afterthought of trying to push the box into a corner and getting the flavour text XD

The art is great and it's a neat concept but my robot friend should be able to shoot as soon as he has a bullet available, not when he's fully loaded, really slows it down.

Amazing art and concept but the mechanic is somewhat unpredictable, I made something that didn't fill the shadow and it gave it to me, then the next one I nearly filled the shadow and the heart was only 3/4 full. Great use of them tho.

Noo I was so excited to get to play in the back rooms, they were a slight inspiration for our game too. Anyway, loved the effect but it was too heavy most of the time and I was squinting for most of my playthrough. Kinda got petscop vibes, I found the secret lever but not sure what it did.

I have no idea what I just played, was the fridge Billy? Was I Billy? What is real anymore?

I couldn't tell if there was a lighting problem or if the art was intentional. Was that a shader or changing LOD's every frame? Whatever it was, it grew on me cuz it worked with the theme and I loved the atmosphere. Was worried what would happen if my flashlight ran out of battery, do you just lose? Also stairs tip, you can use a convex mesh collider, so it just acts as a ramp, super easy to do in unity.

I like the concept and how things pop up as soon as you take the pills and the creatures do look creepy. But I wish there was some real danger, there should be a way to lose and have to try and finish it as the difficulty increases like slender man.

Hey we did something similar in my game if you would check it out. The part where you had to escape was intense. Would have liked more queues to know where my bullets are going and a reload sound to know if it's doing something or maybe just a quicker reload.

The story and mechanics are great. It didn't seem like the music box drained power though, I never had to crank it, which, honestly I preferred. If cranking was gonna be a feature I'd say have the box only show a small area and when cranked it increases the radius temporarily something like that. Make it something the player wants to do rather than has to. Art and music were nice too.

I love the irony of driving a self-driving car XD.

This was so fun, I made it to floor 18 once I figured out what to keep and what to toss. Simple graphics that convey the concept matter perfectly and a great soundtrack. I actually was getting excited when I got a better sword to rotate in. Great Job!

Hey, congrats! The world looks amazing, feels a little lacking in threat but I can see the idea being expanded to a linear platformer like those Pac-Man World games where the virus' act like ghosts and chase you around. And little security-oriented mini-games like they had the OG Pac-Man as a mini-game in there. Awesome job!

The story was hilarious and what kept me going, the levels were too big brain for me, but I still beat it. Very clever and cute

The art and audio are great and the idea is pretty solid, the jump was a bit crazy but good job

This is such a fun concept and the art is cute

Yeah, I definitely didn't leave myself enough time to balance

Thanks for trying it, unfortunately I did the opposite of what u should do during a jam and left the gameplay and balancing to the last second :(

This was so fun on controller. Would love like a racing game with this mechanic where you race your friends and there could be power ups as incentives for taking riskier paths.

Tried this just because of the icon. I like the collaborative game mechanic of ditching the power pellets for working together but the lack of audio was definitely felt and most corners had an extra bit on them that I kept getting stuck on. That said it should be an easy fix and rated with that in mind. Cheers

Thanks for the tip, will definitely take a look at it, probly wont update this game here the code is a mess. But the next controller I write should be more reliable.

Thanks! I agree some prompts to teach the player would be helpful and given more time I would have made some sort of proper tutorial. The colliders were my bane, I have some ideas on how to fix it but the way they're behaving I believe has something to do with how the player moves not the colliders themselves. I need to look into this otherwise I'll keep making the same mistake.

Great idea I too got "the ham moment" lol. Would love to be able to just hold a direction tho instead of mashing my keyboard.