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Bouncing Turtle

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Amazing concept, solid platform design, great job overall!

Cool game, I would of really liked if I could keep moving while "You" were talking, I feel it would of made the gameplay much smoother.

Great theme, felt polished good job!

Mechanically it is solid, but just by playing it I wasn't able to grasp a hint of the limitation usage.

I enjoyed that so much, gave me a really solid chuckle when I ate those people and found out I wasn't supposed to. Great idea!

Good use of both theme and limitation, it was a little buggy I noticed if I hit enter enough after unplugging and then hitting the switch it would sometimes move me to the next level regardless.

This was great, really engaging. I made it to the wizard but couldn't seem to find any more healing potions past a certain point and just didn't have the HP to take him.

Thank you! I didn't feel that was a strong point for me so that means a lot!

Thank you for the praise, all of the art was from this pack so if you really like it you should give Jao a shout-out.  

You really nailed the atmosphere, the lighting and music were so perfect!

Thank you! I'm happy you had fun!

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you giving it an honest try despite not being a fan of the genre. The map is procedurally built as you go so you can't actually go in the wrong direction the game will just move the objectives in the direction you're going.
However this isn't ever really explained in the games and the tutorial was pretty rushed, user experience is not my strong suit but I am gradually getting less bad at it!

Thanks for the well-worded and detailed feedback! It's much appreciated. I'll keep these notes in mind, one thing I really struggled with was making the dragging work right for the rocket I was making it with touch controls in mind and many of the initial things I tried didn't work but  I think the tap the green button and tap the hexagon could work well so thank you for the suggestion.

I'm generally a mechanics first and everything else after kind of guy. So I left all the dialogue, story, tutorial up until the last 2 hours of the Jam. Could definitely use an improvement I agree with ya. If you really like the sprites feel free to shout out to Jao who made them and maybe make something even better with them!

This are so amazing! I used them for a game jam this weekend and just wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome art pack.

This was fun, I enjoyed the concept. I think it would of felt nicer with slightly faster movement.

I really like this thematically the premise was good the aesthetics were good my only two complaints are the controls didn't "Feel" nice and the spawning didn't always feel fair.

That was quite cute and fun, I liked the minimalist design.

This was a whole lot of a fun, I loved it!

So there is! May I recommend a font color change, why on the checkered background is a little bit difficult to read.

I was a little aggravated when if I was in the middle of the screen if a baked good spawned on the far right there was no way I could reach it. Might need a little more telegraphing.
Aesthetically the game was very cute.

I did, it still looked quick blurred. If the tool your using to make the game has pixel rounding I would disable that and set sampling to nearest edge or something along those lines.

Cool concept, it didn't "feel" nice to play something was kind of jarring. The lives didn't feel meaningful either. Quick re-spawns could have helped.

I enjoyed this a lot, really cool game and watch vibes.

Really cool, I got really into it but eventually the enemies seemed to get really fast and took me out. I'm not sure if that was just my perception or not though.

I think I fixed that, I'm hoping I just uploaded the wrong version. I've re-uploaded and was not able to recreate the issue.

Really cool game concept, I think I would of liked the kitchen more if it was all one screen going back and forth didn't feel very fluid.
All in all really cool.

Visuals are astounding!

Cute puzzle, It could be worth while to look into UI scaling or screen scaling in general the text was pretty difficult to read.
I liked the green swirly part that changed up the puzzle a little it helped keep your loaf puzzle fresh.

Really good concept, needs a little bit of a tutorial and maybe a slightly lower difficulty that scales up.

I liked this, the learning curve was ridiculously steep. I went two rounds not even know what was happening then every round after that I won. 
I would like to see the AI do a few things like also having limited ammo maybe we race for the fuel? things to shoot each other before fighting.
I would also like to see him dodge my bullets some times.
Really nice entry!

With a little bit of spit and polish one day maybe it could be.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! I just love team killing to much to remove it.....

Thanks for the feedback, I've added both of those things. All though they are just random events that occur in the level transition.

Thanks for the feedback! I took note of that and updated the transition screen to some degree. If I ever expand on this I think items would be great and being able to choose who gets the random upgrades.

Thank you!

I teetered on trying to include the theme but since the themes are option I just opted out as I got really really into polishing my game play loop.

Thank you!

This is an amazing art set, I used it in a mini jam this weekend and it looks so top-notch.