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So much fun! I was running away from everyone at first but once I got strong I was unstoppable! The level up system was a lot of fun! Great job!

So cute! I really wanted to use these animal art they look so cute! Love how you used it! Great job!

I got the boss man good! He didn't stand a chance against my barrage of left clicks! I had a lot of fun! Great job!

The guy I saved in the second stage pushed me across the stage as he said you're my hero, and on rhw later level, pushed me towards the enemy killing me as he thanked me.  Cracked me up! I beat it and they all hailed me as a champion! I loved it!

I clicked on something offscreen on the right on the 4th stage and the whole screen  went blue, and stayed like that (but it was still playable), and then I clicked something offscreen on the left and it fixed it!

It plays great! I bumped into myself really early, once I got a hang of the controls it was smooth sailing!

Its pretty fun once I got the hang of the controls, it helped to take my time and clear out the enemies first and I like the result screen at the end with all the information! Great job!

So cute! I love the models and the world, very nicely created! I wasn't sure what the dice actions were doing other than the one that pushed me back a bit, but overall I enjoyed it and had fun! Great work!

My score was 146,200! So fun once I got the hang of it! I didn't realize that the multiplier wore off after a while so kept trying for those high numbers! Thanks for a great entry!

I survived 1 min 6 sec and survived 9 waves! Very fun and easy to understand! Love the twist that happens and I had fun when the big numbers popped up! Great work!

My score was 6830! So so fun! I played it with a controller and it felt very natural. So addicting! I'm gonna play again later...! Thank all of you for such a great entry! 

I got 102! It's a really fun arcade style game and those last moments the skulls come to attack you gave me a good scare! Loved it! Great job!

Thank you so much for playing!

Your games are so good! Smashed it again with this entry! I'm a fan!

The wizard sprite is cute and the gameplay of pulling out the dice to defeat the monsters is a fun idea!

Great work on the game! Love the art and concept, and great work designing the webpage for it too!

I loved it! Such a visual trip! I was getting lost and mesmerized with all the spot sculptures and everything is just so beautiful I bet it'd be amazing in VR! Awesome job!

That was pretty scary! I love the idea where you use your phone to materialize the ghost, it made it extra scary seeing it on the phone screen.  Great job!

You captured the thrill and tension of playing that particular squid game and it terrified me as I fell through the broken glass! Well done!

I died 50 times trying to jump over that first gap, and I just couldn't...! Cute idea and concept and all the hand-drawn elements are very nice! Good job!

Amazing game! Love the back and forth interaction with the narrator! The level design was perfect, it got me gradually used to everything and the gameplay just went so smooth throughout.  Love the sound effects too, and the whole ending scene! Very quirky and fun! 

Very fun idea! I love that you went with plastic surgery for this is not real, made yours stand out! Love the pixel art assets and music. Good job!

Game looks great! That reaper was so relentless he chased me down so hard, it took me 5 tries to get to the end.  Great atmosphere! I had an eerie and uneasy feeling throughout the gameplay (in a good way) Great job!  

Top marks all around! It's a great game, reminds me of Baba is you! 
It's fun and everytime I heard that ding I was excited to see what's gonna come next...  The final level level cracked me up! Amazing game!

#EASTEREGG I got it after my first battle! 
Everything is put together really well! I like how it goes from a minesweeper to a pokemon battle! Sound effects for the actions taken during battle would make it more exciting! Great job!

I really like the concept of your game and how all the enemies were related to things he had to do the next day.  I think some feedback when you get hit and hit enemies would make a lot of difference.  I love how you did the story bits in between the games, and good job on doing all the art and music! Great job!

Love the graphics and color palette.  The progression from each level to the next was good! Sometimes the ghosts that were in the dark went into the light and destroyed themselves.  I had fun though, good job on completing and submitting the game!

I loved it! It reminded me of Earthbound and amazing to see so much done in a short time! 

Thanks so much for playing and for the nice comments! Thank you for seeing the possibilities with this idea!

Thanks for playing! The overworld experience could've been much better overall, the comment really helps! Thank you so much!

It took me a while but I figured it out and made it out! I love the gameplay of making things small and big to get to places, gave it a nice first person puzzle feel.  Great job!

Great work piecing all the point and click mechanics of the game, I had fun clicking through the things and seeing the text for it, some of it gave me a good laugh.  I wasn't sure what to do after I brushed my teeth and got the soap, I couldn't click on anything anymore, still, I enjoyed the parts I played.  Good job!

Love the art and the 2.5d style! I love the design of all the characters! Exploring the world felt very nice and soothing with the music.  The gliding was a nice touch! Great job!

Thank you for playing! Thanks for the suggestions about the background art! It's one of the things I just left and wasn't able to come back to.  Thanks for the rating!

This was so much fun! It felt like an arcade game eating my coins up! Very innovative and addicting to play! My high score was 50! Those fast-forward signs always got me...! Amazing game!

Very cute art! I love the design of everything and these characters were real fun! Great job!

I sold 4 and made $5000! Good job on putting your first game out!

Very fun puzzle game! It helped that we were eased in to the gameplay as higher the levels went.  Once the red ones came in, it made it very challenging for me at least.  Great job!

I had a lot of fun! The twist where you turn fake to get through was like a timed challenge each time and it felt thrilling to try to get through within the time limit! The boss fight was very fun too! It was like a crazy bullet hell towards the end but I survived! Very fun and well designed! Great job!

I love how you did the intro in the beginning, that was a nice touch! The gameplay is simple and trying to figure out the puzzle is fun! Great job!