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The Superfluous Sand

Open world, base building, survival, quirky humor and Llamas! · By Voided Pixels Studio

Suggestions Sticky

A topic by Voided Pixels Studio created 26 days ago Views: 118 Replies: 18
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Post all your suggestions here. Sand is constantly evolving and I love hearing feedback and suggestions on how to make the game better.


I have a lot of ideas to write but I'll try to make it straight forward, just keep in mind that most of these ideas are wacky, they just to give some inspiration.

These are some smaller features  that I think could add to the game:

  • The game need to save even if you exit when you are in a secondary camp. 
  • Shovel - a new tool that would give you the ability to dig the ground. 
    • If you dig in brown surface you get some dirt, which be very useful cause dirt isn't common in a desert (and of course you can't dig forever, one block of ground can be mined once, or something like this).
    • If you dig a yellow surface you get sand! which is a new material (it will be sold in the market at 0 price).
    • You can't dig the gray surface (cause it's stone da).
  • Mirror will now be built using 10 wood and 10 sand.
  • Glass window is a new decoration which can be placed only on walls (built with 6 sand and 2 wood).
  • Torch lamp is a new decoration. Its like a torch just prettier.  Made out of 4 sand and 2 wood).
  • Make the ability to lock a campmate's AI or any other way of putting different AIs on different campmates.
  • It's quite  hard to see what loot you get from chests and skellys, you can make the item you get have a fading '+1' next to it or make his square go yellow for a short while only to indicate that you got some more of it.
  • Clay builds! I would love to see a new building variant and clay (water and dirt) would fit good I think. Especially of you add the shovel.
  • Sandstone builds! Same as clay I hope to see more walls, doors and fences variants. Sandstone is sand and water.
  • Water is really too common in this wasteland. make wells work only on certain spots in the grid so you won't be able to just place a well everywhere and get infinite water. When you in building mode and you hold one of the wells, the spots with water will have a bluish overlay on them to mark that wells will work in these squares.
  • when you make future quests with bigger places, It could help if  you make these  places multi-grid locations. meaning when you walk the the edge of one grid you go to the other one immediately without the map in between.
  • solar panels are too easy to make and just dominate every other generators and there is no need to make interesting combinations like lumber jack robot with wood burners. So make solar panels cost 15/20 electronics instead of 10.

Now comes the part when I write less realistic ideas but I like them very much so who cares:

  • Mines! you can come across one randomly while exploring or you can make one a permanent location. 
    • Think like a bunch of sandstone walls together making a small hill. In the front there will be an entrance and when you go in, you go to a  different grid which will be all dark.  The floor is stone and from  all sides stone walls  and the room is in a shape of a cave or a tunnel with some branches. 
    • A bunch of stone and metals scattered around you can collect and new enemies could be there like miner moles and more.
  • Oil deposits! they 're like the water spots I explained above, but you will have these spots only in your secondary bases  to encourage players to make more then one base. 
  • And of course you need a really expensive machine to extract the oil. The oil extractor! It costs 300 metals, 150 mechanicals, 50 electronics and 30 plastic. running it costs 15 power.
  • Raids! 
    • based on your camp level. every 800 base points the raid level is raised by 1. Raid is a random event that could occur  in a camp with 1000+ base value.
    •  10 seconds before the raid begins the player will get a message saying something like "A bunch of idiots with bats are coming to take your valuables...".
    •  The raid itself will be a minute of fighting constantly spawning punk looking raiders with bats. After a minute the raiders which left will run away and a message saying something like "run off you cowards!" will appear above the player.
    • Of course with higher levels of raids the better the raiders are. in level 1 it's just bats and torches. In level 2 they'll have also some llamas and bows. In level 3 they'll have also some pistols and In level 4 they'll have almost only machetes, pistols, and shotguns.
  • You can make a quest when you have to choose if to help some nice rancher or to go dealing with the raiders. If you make friends with the raiders, raids will stop occurring and the raider's leader could give you quests but you won't be able to go to the rancher's place without getting attacked. If you make friends with the rancher, raids will still happens and you won't be able to go to the raiders hide but the rancher will let you buy and sell at his litter market and give you some new quests.
  • This game really need a way to move items automatically, I keep having to refill the wood burners and the marketing stands. 
    • One option is to make a transport robot, you choose an item and a placed object (currently only wood burners and marketing stands) and the robot will automatically go to the nearest crate/barrel and bring some items from it to the object. 
    • The second way is to add pipes to the game! which will transfer items from a crate/barrel to a placeable object. (pipe is 2 metal and 2 sand).
    • If you add this you would probably want to add a supply switch that will turn on/off machine depending on how much of a certain item you have in store.

I read this again and wow almost every suggestion is inspired by Fallout or Factorio. I guess your game have  some similar aspects with both games. Have a nice day reading this too long of a post :)

  • It's quite  hard to see what loot you get from chests and skellys, you can make the item you get have a fading '+1' next to it or make his square go yellow for a short while only to indicate that you got some more of it.
  • The game need to save even if you exit when you are in a secondary camp.
    • Yeah kind of odd I thought it did.
  • Clay builds! I would love to see a new building variant and clay (water and dirt) would fit good I think. Especially of you add the shovel.
    • There are lots more building types planned. Mud was one I thought of. Building types are going to be linked to different races of people. If you complete their quests you get their building tech/recipes.
  • solar panels are too easy to make and just dominate every other generators and there is no need to make interesting combinations like lumber jack robot with wood burners. So make solar panels cost 15/20 electronics instead of 10.
    • Yeah solar panels are really meant to be locked out until you unlock them through game progression. I'll look into making them more expensive. I also plan on making a mechanic where you have to clean them or they stop producing as much electricity.
  • Mines! you can come across one randomly while exploring or you can make one a permanent location. 
    • I planned on underground locations! In fact one of the quest lines I am working on one of the missions is in a mine.
  • Raids! 
    • oh these are for sure in the works. Just trying to figure out the best way to do them.
  • Oil Extractor.
    • I have the art already for this. I was going to have it where you deposit a lot of veggies and it slowly produces oil.
  • transport robot
    • also planned. I need to make a fairly complex system for this (which is why I've avoided it :) )

Most of your comments I've already thought about and planned. I like the idea about zones or deposits giving water/dirt/oil. Though I'd probably make a more game-like system. Think of a diving rod that vibrates when you get closer to a water source. You could place down an extractor and turn it on but monsters would spawn and you'd have to defend it.

Anyway great suggestions, that first one should have been something I thought of!


here are my idea
1. more types of tree"

2. planes

3. when you milk cows you get milk not water

4. dogs


3. when you milk cows you get milk not water
You do get milk when you milk cows. Milk is both meat (protein) and water.

1. more types of tree
Your right the dead forest is kind of boring :) Maybe an rubber tree?

4. dogs
I already have the models for them I just haven't done the animation yet. Dogs will be in the game!


I know we already have llamas as a mountable animal, but what about some giant desert spider or like a centipede that could maybe attack on your behalf when not mounted?

Wild animal taming? As it is you can just mount any llama you find in the world, but what if there was some work tied to it?

Possible animal variants? Like a fat llama is slower but could maybe block some damage while riding, a thin llama being faster but could also die easier.

Weather types. Being out in the sun in a heat wave is deadly, so is a sand storm. Maybe a really nasty rare flood that messes everything up.

Group upkeep while traveling. Party members, animals, weapons, most of it is there already, but adding some depth like needing to carry extra rations for party members and animals.


Animal outfits/gear, like a saddle bag for your llama that lets you do... something. As it is you can pick up infinite supplies

while in the field.

I saw someone else mentioned a shovel, but what if it could give a random bit of loot as well when you dig? As if  you find something buried in the sand.

Maybe a bit more granularity in the crafting? Especially for top tier stuff. Making parts for other things basically, that you then combine to build the main object.

Environmental hazard areas? Quicksand, radiation, giant mutant (sarlacc from star wars) nest?

Movement speed over different types of terrain, kinda like Rimworld. Maybe have gear you can craft to move faster over the endless sea of sand. Or just mount certain animals...

Maaaybe a combat oriented version of the whip? Chance of bleeding and/or stun damage on hit, faster than a spear with maybe 1 more tile of range, a weak but very fast weapon.

Weapon mods in general. Not Borderlands crazy, but ammo types, shotgun choke, muzzle brakes, maybe different scopes.

A long range rifle, like with a scope, that can give a further look distance maybe? And maybe binoculars or something, also giving bonus vision range on the map while traveling.

Player needing to eat and sleep regularly?

Drugs, maybe some unknown food items you can find in the world, that could lead to some really surreal desert trips. Certain mushrooms or cactus could give you these items? Maybe integrate a hallucinogenic trip into puzzle sections? Rare and expensive.

Unifying all of the build/electric/shop menus. Q and E doing similar things in all situations, like in the shops Q would -1 to inquired items, while E raises the number.

More building materials. Sandstone, clay, mud, maybe animal sourced materials?

I got like a billion more suggestions, but I'll hold off for now.


Very nice suggestions! I've thought about a lot of these already. For sure the combat and weapons/gear need to be focused on a lot. I am really still in the base building part right now. Animal taming is cool and I was for sure thinking of racing them and them having different stats. So many good ideas here.

I thought about the different weapons sort of like how Fallout does it. You can craft different type of barrels, mags, sights, stocks and receivers to make different guns. So you'd have a bench dedicated to building the parts and then bring the parts to another bench to create the gun. Creating those parts make the gun behave differently. 

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here are my ideas and I know I already said some things yesterday but here you go

  1. ability to sleep with lamas
  2. pools with water
  3. buckets so you could get 2X of milk 1 time use only
  4. dust storms that break your building, farm and other
  5. trains and other things that are related to them
  6. thirst
  7. hunger
  8. mine turtle
  9. books that you read to learn new recipes 
  10. pie"s
  11. wines on old buildings
  12. moldy rocks
  13. atomic bomb
  14. calculator to calculate your stocks
  15. ability to invest to businesses
  16. chairs with wheels
  17. sittable chairs
  18.  custom paintings
  19. fountains
  20. planes
  21. paper planes as a decoration
  22. statues
  23. tigers
  24. metal and rock beds
  25. radios that play music if you go near them
  26. crossbow
  27. camera that can take screenshots of the game
  28.   parrots
  29. TV"s 
  30. custom flags
  31. custom avatar not only clothes but also hair and other 
  32. wires how do these wires appear how???
  33. stop sign"s
  34. meerkats
  35. kangaroo rats
  36. happiness meter
  37. ability to see your sweat when sitting on Llama
  38. glasses
  39. mirrors
  40. big boxes that store a lot of stuff
  41. diseases
  42. potions
  43. magic
  44. titanium
  45. ink
  46. fish
  47. 1 pixel sized rocks
  48. rainbow llamas
  49. zinc
  50. land mines
  51. house trees I planted my tree inside but it is still dead I do not understand how metal floor is bad for trees what I wanted to say is that if you plant tree inside it is alive and with leaves
  52. pollution

Really good ideas here. 

I like the bucket and camera as tools. Also not all recipes will be unlocked at the start. you'll get more by completing missions or finding them places.

So thirst and hunger. I've been giving that a lot of thought. I am trying to think of a good way to do it. I like the idea that hunger and thirst is something that if you are well fed or hydrated you get bonuses and if not you get some sort of debuff.. Well fed maybe will give you some health regen and being famished will get lower your health to %50 slowly. Thirst will be affect your stamina. I still haven't decide on what to do about it. I don't want it to be you die, I feel like it doesn't really fit this game as it is not a hard core survival game.

Magic will be more in line of technology.

please, no magic.


No it will be science based.


Please make it more obvious that cows are taking damage. I figured they weren't and assumed they were invincible. I saw a youtube let's play come to the same conclusion. You can hit one w a spear like ten times and there's no sign that it's doing anything.


Yeah they should be flashing like the others do. I'll check on it.




just wanted to post some of my suggestions. I think a zoom in feature would be nice. I enjoy all the small details like when you go up to the wardrobe or mirror and it zooms in. Id like to play like that from time to time just for the details. maybe more character customization, accessories like backpack even if just for looks. most my suggestions are more aesthetic but makes me feel more connected to my char. I guess.


Your right. I actually have a backpack for the character. I should have it place the backpack on when you are out of your base.


that would be awesome haha I just think it would look cool just like the zoom feature haha I know It a pixel game but even so the close up details are awesome to me. The work you've done is amazing though and this is by far one of my favorite indie games of all time.


I have zooming (as you know by using mirrors) maybe if I had a magnifying glass object? That might be kind of neat. Also plan on having a camera to take screenshots. Or I could add a zoom feature to the camera? Or just a zoom like 'normal' games :)

well when i say zooom i mean like maybe scroll mouse wheel or press z to cycle through zoom levels,  would be cool to explore and see things close up, item would be cool as well if thatd be easier to make the zoom function because like you said you do have one, would be cool if it could be implemented throughout the game because well i just like the small details i guess haha.