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I love this game, albeit I’m unable to defeat stage 3. The game offers a great visual entertainment for philosophical monologues. I can’t wait for future updates, best regards

~ Suntler:

Feature creep is the vain of abandoned projects.

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Will there be support for Linux?

Wonderful, would like to know on which file-hosting platform the game files are distributed on. I would like to create my version of it.

Page 22 and 23 are out!

Good news, I updated the comic. Page 21 is out!

Sadly, this is an EuroShmup. For a first game it’s not bad, I recommend you to check out Electric Underground.

Is this free as in freedom game?

The game looks fine. Would you mind sharing the game's source code on

How about if I do it for you.

Just create a torrent and give me the magnet URL to it>

It wouldn't be. You'll just add .git file to your raw game data files. And git push to the repository. It's going to take 9 min

Can you make this game open source/free software?

Redoing the demo sounds like a solid plan. Although it's going eat up a tonne of time, it's going help you refine your game to your current image


It has been 31 days ):<

Will there be a Linux version because if I get nauseus after I use to much WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator)

It would be nice to have binary version for Linux

yeah sure

Good news page 20 has been uploaded!!!

here is Chapter 2:

I am working on these comics: <-- I'll upload here my comics

contact me via Discord: Troler#9310

Sadly this game has been canceled :(

If you want I can add even more comic pages. I have some done. I was thinking on doing a giant list with the complete chapter 1

A suprise, I like this

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Yes any low quality parody game


10/10 trailer


There is

are you using your PC?

or you can press z it's up to you

right click the door.


Great game 10/10

Really? I made this without checking grammar mistakes

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Note: You don't actually get infinite amount of money it's currently impossible to do that :(

This is a simple mod, there's no need to unlock the CPU through progress you already have :D

Get the mod here


0) quality value went from 9999 to infinity

0) CPU is now called "Inf" instead of "OPCPU"


0) The mod was created with it's core features

1.0 version download- here

Is there going be any mod support?

So it's just going to be shotting with little story?

is it another game where you can  build?!

Goodbye my old friend