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Ok I will right click on the challenge button

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This is great 10/10. Now I just have to wait for the camp twilight game to come out

Looks good

the comment said something like all the characters should be released for fre

This game seems really promising still I'm not sure if it is possible but the i have a weak pc setting doesnt really make a big difference. So maybe implement a i have a potato pc which removes more or less all particles and other things which can be seen as unecessary to play the game.

you can play with a friend. But not online i think.

One of the best clicker games that exist. Every thing with it is great. I love the progression of the game, the art style is very cute and the music is neat. I can't say that there are any negatives. And hell the game is free so go play it

its a cool concept

26 from mountains wow



for some reason this game is super laggy for me. The character has a hard time walking in the directions i want him to go in. I have to wait some seconds after pressing S for them to start walking to the right. Im not sure if there is something wrong with my computer or the game.

Damn that doesnt sound good. I didnt even think you would reply. But i saw you have another game released which is kind of like this game so i might check it out. Well take care.

Is a save function ever gonna be implemented?

i dont know

good argument

maybe try to download from itch ehh program thingy. i mean like you download itch as a program then you dont need to disable anything to download it.

its a great idea. Still i must say i think its really good of you for caring about this community and reading all of these quirky ideas i mean some make are actually good but still thx for caring. :)

the scrap scorpion boss is very buggy i got stuck in the hammer and when i shot the entire boss disapeared or how you spell it

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I have the best idea. Hear me out. Mountable turrets on the llamas. Some thing tat the player can craft.


Make it more clearer that you are getting hit like a small screen shake or some sound. I have died some times because i didn't think i would have had gotten hurt. Thanks for reading and thanks for this awsome game. 

i think desktop goose is better but fun idea