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i come back after two weeks and its out why hasn't my youtube recommended been assaulted by this

your original post with the number is deleted, the main culprit is the person who still has the post with the number up, an alt will be fine, maybe message your friends telling them that its still you, this will most likely blow over in a week

YOU CAN MAKE AN ALT You are hating yourself more than anyone else, people make mistakes, its in the past, screenshots will persist but it doesn't matter, you can leave this community and be fine, just dont keep on hating yourself about it

your actual name is still anonymous, i dont see anything but posts from you when i look up your username, your fine, just dont escalate this situation

not this second or this minute

nobody's saying it now

you could be forgiven if you didnt always jab at yourself about it, like it was in the past

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yeah phantom arcade said in a deleted vod they're planning for a release around the 2nd quarter of 2022

im pretty sure its not doxxing if the person willingly gives away the private information

i dont see anybody making too many threads about you,  you arent even specifically stated, it is just "the person who leaked liams phone number" not "Slitzie Fergenburg"

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this is a syndrome that gets in great games that i call "too popular" even though a game is great or even just good like minecraft or even fortnite, large communities with some loud minorities can turn off some people completely from a game.


guys im gonna post this on my twitter dot com im literally shaking and crying rn


listen to this tho
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i was gone for 3 hours and i went back to this guy's personal info being given away

he was just kinda unfunny and uncool

please delete any posts with a phone number, because this is a popular game with a big community, and theres probably a fair share of lurkers on the forums

i don't care if he got banned, its messed up to leak personal info and i am pretty sure it is against terms of service

its him!!

im capatatater

guys lets bring thea rolesbplay to robslox gaem because this si reasksly epic!


they cant kill me in my drip


*dents your car with my heavy drip

*doesnt care

*throws you to minecraft land

oh no

the minecraft basement

you couldn't dare kidnap me in this drip

Friday Night Funkin' community · Created a new topic a poll

like this post if u use pc

dislike if u use chromebook


bruh if you commit tax fraud just change your identity to this

lol ecks dee

the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma


gmail doesnt matter, ip is based on internet