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This may be a sprite glitch but when Duke is riding a Llama I can see a body under it.

That's a good idea but i feel like the logic shouldnt be exactly like that, like maby a different name, because most logic in games I hardly want to get into because of a confusing title, but if you look at certain games like Mindustry, for example, it has logic but with titles that aren't as confusing while mostly being the exact same .

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A large battery, I don't know if you're already implenting this (Since of couse its called  small battery) but it would be a good feature.

Also, a way to make non-grid based placeable items grid based to better line it up wo its not all messy.

I would also like a zoom out feature, only for your base, so you can show your whole base in the pictures of your base thread.

Ok thanks!
When I gone to the turn in box for the quest my instinct was to close the door, turns out that you can't open it because it focuses on turning the gold in, thus softlocking the game, my only solution was wo get off and back on.