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Glad to hear from you after such a long time! I knew you were a teacher so I was worried about how you were managing (what with the virus and all classes being moved online), it's good things are going mostly well for you! I'm happy to see another update and that you're still motivated to work on the game some more! I look forward to trying out the new features in the update. 

I'd love to help in any way I can. Would I just reset my missions and then I would be able to see the dialogue again? So I could correct it? Where is the electricity UI? I can't find it anywhere on my screen. I've tried going near batteries and solar panels. Do I do the math myself and figure it out from there? I don't see it when the build menu comes up, either. Any help would be appreciated.

I don't know if it's just not in the game yet, but I can't find it. I know the mayor said it was near the other camp that he marked on my map, and I looked there across a 5 block radius but I can't find anything. I tried talking to the mayor again to see if he could repeat his message to me, and maybe I'd get something clearer, but there's no option to do so. Also, the dialogue between the main character and Ripley the Raider, the grammar is messed up. I know Ripley's grammar is supposed to be messed up, but there's spelling issues on the main character's side as well, or is that on purpose? I also believe the mayor might have had some spelling issues in dialogue. I noticed there is a numerical amount added to the storage of electricity in batteries, but where do I see the total number of electricity being stored? Is there a UI I cannot see? 

Glad to see that you're back to doing updates after so long! There's nothing wrong with taking breaks and taking your time. I'd rather the game be done right than done quickly. I'm excited to test out all the new features! We're all proud of you! Keep working towards your goals and take care of yourself! 

I agree, I would like  to know what the progress is. Even if the developer doesn't have any complete updates to upload, I would love to see a sort of progress report.

Can't wait to test it out! Love the work you're doing! Proud of you!

Good to hear! :D

I believe GML is Game Maker's built-in programming language. So, it probably stands for GameMakersLanguage. Idk

Hope you get well soon! You're doing a fantabulous job with this game. :)

It was a human enemy. I forget what those are called.

I like all of these ideas! Duke will protect me during raids, but only if I'm in the vicinity of the enemies. If I'm not around the enemies, he won't go fight them.

I went to the electricity tutorial and when I got to the last part, the "graduation" stage, an enemy appeared but went right into the far right corner of the building. Then Duke "The Sniper" went into the far left corner of the building and started shooting randomly. Because the enemy was stuck in the wall, I couldn't shoot them. I had to use my machete to get to them. I guess I was able to knock the enemy out from the wall because it ran out of the building and only then did Duke follow. Not too big of a deal but I didn't think it was intentional either. 

I ran into a bug where the game was stuck in a perpetual state of RAID where a raid was coming from the North, but even though we already killed the raid, the message didn't go away and for some reason ALL of my campmates went by the bell and just stood in one place. I thought maybe I had the bell on and forgot to turn it off, but it was off. But I turned it on, and they all spread out from that one area, then I turned the bell off and they all went back into ONE space. ALL of them in one space. I had to quit the game and come back. An easy fix, but again, I'm sure it wasn't intentional. 

I checked out the tutorial on electricity in the game, and it wasn't as informative as I hoped it was going to be. Of course, this is a pretty simple tutorial meant for the basics I suppose, but I feel like there is still some crucial information missing from the tutorial. I still have no idea how to gauge how many solar panels or windmills or wood burners I need based on how many electronics I have, because I still have no idea how much electricity each one produces, nor do I know how much electricity my devices/electronics takes up. The only thing I have to go on is "OUT OF POWER" and that lets me know I need to slap down some more solar panels or windmills or the like. How many? I don't know. I guess until I stop getting the "OUT OF POWER" notification. How charged are my batteries? I don't know. I tried connecting a volt meter to my batteries to see if I could see how charged they were, but I can't. How do I know I'm storing power? I don't know. What I'm trying to make happen is that I have enough solar panels to power my machines during the day, but I have such a surplus of energy that the extra energy is stored in the batteries, and then at night the machines run on the batteries instead of just turning off. I'm working blind and just guessing. Am I missing something? Do you guys know something that I don't? Did somebody already make a detailed wiki for how the electricity works in this game and I just don't know about it? I'd love to know.

Duke "The Sniper" when ever a raid comes always immediately goes by my side, but it would be nice to have an option to Follow and Disband that actually work during a raid. Even when I don't have him set to follow, he stands by my side anyway and doesn't go tend to the raid. I tried having him Follow and then Disbanded him hoping that he would run off towards the raid, but he doesn't. It just seems like a waste of his skills at the base. He doesn't do anything else except protect me and attack enemies. But not at the base. At least, not when I'm not at the raid. He will when I'm out exploring and come across enemies. But otherwise, he's practically useless at the base if I'm not at the raid.

I noticed that you can run straight through the trade and sell booths, but not the solar panels. I have quite a few solar panels just thrown lazily around my base, it would be kinda nice if you could just run straight through those too. 

Other than for vegetables, seeds really serve no other purpose. I was thinking maybe we could also have harvestable wheat/grass that could be used to feed the cows and woolies and the seeds could be used to feed the chickens. Right now chickens don't need feed or water to produce eggs. Maybe having feed available could mean that the animals produce more meat/wool/whatever.

It would be nice to sort of have a pressure plate similar to what's presented in Minecraft for doors. It gets a little tedious to have to manually open and close doors. It would be easier to have to just open the door and then when you step on the pressure plate and walk off, like going through the doorway, the door automatically closes. And then when leaving all I have to do is step on the pressure plate and walk out the door, then it closes behind me.

I know you mentioned before that the campmates will automatically stop moving when you approach them or they approach you, but I was thinking there should be some sort of timer. If no action is done to the campmate in maybe 5-10 seconds, they should move on on their merry way. That way they don't all get stuck next to you and not be able to do their jobs like farm or gather wood or what not.

I would like this as well.

My base score is 3309. It could be all the cows that are in my pen. That was back when the cows would breed all willy nilly. I could try killing a bunch of 'em and see if that brings my frame rates back up. I also have a TON of bonfires that I used to light up my entire home base so that I could see in the dark when the raids come (because the little drone guy only lights up the path behind you when you're moving, so you can't see anything in front of you). However, the frame rates were low before I did that. I did that because I was bored and wanted something productive to do. But I'm sure it didn't help. The animations of the flames on the bonfire might be a bit taxing, I don't know. I think it would be interesting to have a cap on things themselves. Where a base can only consist of a certain amount of walls, and that gives incentive to actually build the wagon and go somewhere else when the base you're at now is too small for what you want. Maybe you can only have a certain number of cows on a base, chickens, things like that. I think that would be a good idea. Good thinking!

I don't know what you want from my CAMPSTARTER.ini but it's hundreds of lines long, and I'm sure you don't want it slapped into this reply. I'd make a spoiler or attach the file but I don't know how/or if you can.

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I'm sure everyone has already mentioned to you the FPS problem in the game, and I have no idea how to retrieve the optimized fast version. I've navigated to the post that says you added it about 60 something days ago, but when I click on the download button the file name is still the same as the regular game, and before the optimized version was named just that, optimized or faster version or something. So I'm unsure of if you still provide a download for that, or if you just decided to change the name of this one to be the same as the original. Anyways, I wanted to say that the FPS problems IS pretty bad. Of course, on my system it is absolutely able to run decently without much of any lagging or skipping, but my FPS is still about 50. Now, the only reason that is a little shocking to me is because I am playing this game on gaming laptop called the Acer Predator Helios 300, I have 9th Gen Intel, NVIDIA GeForce 2060, with 2.8 GHz speeds (not overclocked), quad core, 8 logical processors, and 50 FPS for a lil' pixelated survival/exploration game? Seems kinda crazy. Also, my CPU and Memory are both at around 20% so my computer isn't failing or having a hard time keeping up at all, it's the game just being slow and laggy for... I don't know what reason. I'm sure you're maybe running a better computer since probably not even mine could actually MAKE games on it, but what I'm concerned about is all of the other folks who simply have average computers who would love to play your game. 

Raids are fun, but the only mobs I've come across are other people and snakes. Nothing else. Would be neat if skeletons raided just because it would be easier to complete that "Kill 20 skellies" mission. Also, my guards just straight up run out into the grey area where the enemies spawn and kill mostly all of them right there where I can't loot them. This has been a problem for a long time where mobs go outside the grey area and cause problems. The only way I have been able to loot the enemies is by calling everyone using the bell about 8 seconds before the raid starts, and they're all in this one place and it takes them time to actually travel over to the enemy and kill them. But even then a lot of enemies are still killed in the grey area, where you can't loot them. Maybe it's not that I haven't seen the roaches, but they're just getting killed so far out in the grey area that I don't see them. Not that it would matter because I wouldn't be able to loot them anyway. 

I'm still having trouble with the whole electricity aspect of the game. I have 5 electric wells and 4 solar panels with 12 small batteries in the vicinity and a transformer and relay, I have 3 electric wells connected to 1 manual switch and 2 connected to another manual switch (before I had all the wells connected to one switch, but that still didn't work either) and yes, both the switches are on, then after all of that didn't work, I added another transformer, disconnected the relay from the old transformer (which was connected to a bunch of other stuff as well) and instead gave the wells their own transformer and relay, and the wells still kept running out of power. They would work for a while, maybe 15 seconds, then all of them would turn off except for 1 or 2, and they'd keep going, then randomly the others would turn back on for a while, it's just a big cycle. I know you said you feel like you should write a tutorial for the electricity aspect of the game, and I absolutely definitely think you should. It just would be nice to know how many solar panels one needs to power one electric well. Some sort of UI for batteries might be neat, too, where you can actually see how full of charge they are, whether or not relays/transformers are at 100% electricity power, whether any electronics are at 100% electricity power, however, this part of the bug report mostly belongs in "Suggestions" but I guess I only came up with those suggestions because I ran across this problem.

When ever you go over to something like a sell/buy booth or tool bench or things like that, if the workers come near you in your vicinity to be close enough to bring up their UI, sometimes it overrides the UI you're already looking at, like for the tool bench, and that's kind of annoying. Also if your player is just standing somewhere and a worker comes up to you, they wont leave until you move out of their vicinity and I feel like that's counter productive because they could be doing other things, like the jobs I gave them, but instead they're stuck standing next to the player. Before we when we could take our old camp mates out on explorations, they'd sometimes loot enemies for us, but they don't do that after killing enemies after raids. Would be neat if they did, because that would probably solve the problem involving the player not being able to loot enemies in the grey area.

Chicken eggs still get pushed out past the livestock guard every time one of my workers opens the gate. I placed a livestock guard underneath the gate in the chicken pen because if I have JUST the livestock guard, the eggs just get pushed out all willy nilly. It's a little annoying having to track down all my chickens that end up hatching outside of the chicken pen.

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The robot actually hugs the chicken and makes it produce an egg, then it kills the chicken to gain meat. See, if the robot kills the chicken first to get the meat, you'd have to buy an egg all over again and that wastes resources. Or, you could have the robot hug the chicken and gain an egg for free without spending resources, then kill the chicken, and you'd still be gaining meat AND saving resources.

I'm a little surprised that there are so few posts here, not because you're not doing your job or anything because you're doing an absolutely excellent job at creating updates for the game especially considering your job as a teacher and your time is incredibly limited, but because SO many people have played this game!

Mostly everyone else touched on late game aspects that could be added, and a person or two mentioned armor, but that's definitely something that I would like to expand on. I'm not sure if you already have a huge line up of ideas for armor and what not, but I noticed that the item "leather" does not get used that often, so leather armor is an awesome idea. I was also thinking it would be neat if little lizards spawned in the desert while exploring or just around your base and you could kill and butcher them for a scale or two, a new item. I figured it could be used to make scale armor. Maybe turtles and have turtle shell helmets or something. However, it seems like a bit of a waste to add a whole new animal only for it to have pretty much one purpose, huh? I was just trying to think of ideas for some basic armor for early game players, for defense against raiders and strangers on the outside. It only makes sense that if you're about to implement Raids into the game, a sort of defense system for players and recruits seems applicable. As for late game, maybe bullet proof vests made of metal and leather, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Maybe heavier armor makes the player run slower. To make sure players don't get certain elements of the game until later, maybe through XP or something, they can level up their armor/weapon/knowledge level and have access to better gear and items to craft. I'm not sure. I'm just giving little tidbits and it's up to you where it goes! You're the creative one, that's why you're the coder and makin' the big bucks. Haha.

The strangers surrounding the Anchor Rage area ARE faster, as you mentioned in one of the updates. Now, I noticed that in... exercise, was it? I can't remember the name. The exercise work bench? You can upgrade your stamina, now, does this up your speed as well? I've upgraded it a few times, don't know if I really notice a difference. It doesn't say it will make you faster, but that might be a neat upgrade, just to keep up with the enemies as they keep progressing and the game gets harder. However, I guess we do have llamas. So it's not that important of an update, I suppose.

I was doing the quests in Anchor Rage and the dye lady wanted some pods, the thing is (and this might just be my total lack of knowledge about that) I had NO idea the little cactus thingies were called "Pods" I was trying to figure out what in the world a "Pod" was and I didn't figure it out until I saw "Pod Stack" and placed it, and saw it had the little symbol of the cactus thing. I'm sure every single time I've harvested a cactus it's probably said +1 Pod, but I guess I never noticed before. I don't even actually have a fix for this, this was just my obliviousness. Lol. Also, do none of the robots harvest cacti? Mine harvest everything else EXCEPT cacti. That could be something you could add. :)

I'm not super creative or anything, just wanted to expand on some things that other players have already mentioned a little more. I also wanted to tell you that I love your humor. I hope you're not too overwhelmed by all this text, I'm sure you're thinking "Holy cow woman learn to paraphrase so I can get back to coding". Anyways, happy creating! 

Thanks! It is exactly 4 squares up and 2 over! :)

I'm not sure if I'm just a goof ball or if I've come across a bug, but I can't seem to find the new Anchor Rage area anywhere on the map and I've explored outside of Home and around the other people's bases by about 5 squares and haven't come across it. I thought maybe I needed to complete some quests so that I can unlock it and it will show up on the map, but I've done The Orphanage quests and Steven's farm quests, and I have nothing new. I decided not to get rid of the kids. Will that affect whether or not Anchor Rage becomes available? Am I misunderstanding the update details and Anchor Rage hasn't actually been added to the game? I also went into Dev Mode to try and find Anchor Rage there, and I couldn't find it. All I see that is different is the DevPrefabs base, but everytime I try to go into there, the game crashes and says something about camp fires. Am I not supposed to be able to go there? I see that under rooms in the zip file Anchor Rage is there, so I'm 99% sure I have the correct files for Anchor Rage, it's just not appearing for some reason. Should I post the crash report?

Awesome! That's super cool of you to mention me in the update. :)


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I'm also having a problem with the 1 out of 0 missions.