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Sand: A Superfluous Game

An open world, base-building, adventure survival game with quirky humor and Llamas!​ · By Voided Pixels Studio

Questions about the game

A topic by Acltalls created Sep 25, 2019 Views: 741 Replies: 24
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Where would I find the fast version of the game to help with late game frame drops?


I'll work on getting a new version out today.


hey just wondering but what is are the increments for the fitness upgrades? I have 45 in stamina and I don't notice a difference and I have 40 in the health upgrade but I get hit by 3 arrows and half my health is gone still. Just wondering


I'll look to see if they are working properly.

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Some quick questions. You said eating is in the game, but in what way and by that I mean does your character now need to eat? Also I noticed that the sniper guy you pick up at Steven's farm no longer gets into the car with me when I drive. Don't know if that is intentional. I have updated the game of course and searched for something that might indicate my character has to eat but I haven't found it yet.

Please spoil some to me:

How far should I look for the farm (2nd mission, available during early game)?


You don't have to look too far to find it. The farn is just up from your base about 3 spaces and then over to the right like 2 spaces. So just search in that top right area and you'll find it

EDIE won't take the spy drones, any reason? Not implemented yet?


Yea its not implemented yet 

Does GML stand for "Give Me Lettuce"? 

I believe GML is Game Maker's built-in programming language. So, it probably stands for GameMakersLanguage. Idk

Nah it has to be give me Lettuce. It couldn't be anything smart like that. 

I don't know if I missed the instruction or what, but how do I save my game? Had to leave quickly before and lost it all :( thanks!

Hey i was just wondering if you could tell me what part of the game you are currently working on? Like ya know what it is you're coding in right now. From what I've seen its been a big focus on getting the questline done, but I was wondering if you could give some more details to see if you'd like feedback for current stuff and not just random ideas. Thank you for your time 

I agree, I would like  to know what the progress is. Even if the developer doesn't have any complete updates to upload, I would love to see a sort of progress report.

how do i bring someone with me .  I'm having trouble with the main questline where it wants me to explore and defeat the raiders in their camp. I kept on going in alone and dying everytime, no matter what I upgrade. what wepons i grind for. or the fighting strats i use. I ended up looking at the commmunity part of this game and I noticed you talking about being able to bring campmates with you to defeat these raiders and whatnot. I tried to find out how to do this, but to no avail. If the dev or someone who knows the answer to this, please tell me how to do this haha. I've been playing this game for 7 hours (with breaks!!!)  and I've hit this wall (maybe its a sign that I should go to bed) Anyways, someone help me out haha!


when you start u have to save some farmers cows from raiders and the only way i found you can do it is by doing it alone becuase you dont get anybody to help you fight yet or follow you on adventures until after you finnish off the raiders for the farmer and right after you do that you should be able to get a traviling helper from the famers place after i think you completle i think one more mission go back to the farmer and ther should be a guy in the house you can ask to join your team and he is a traviling buddy.


I have a question. What is XP for? I thought it will be used in the player upgrade station, but it uses money. I made the research station, it just spews out XP. What is it used for?


Xp spending system isn't in the game yet. Store up that xp and when the upgrade system is in place you can start buying stuff!


Thx. I have like 1000 of it or something


Im having some troubles on my  camp board,why I cant change the job?


I notice the main character of the game ages, when you're old you become slower and your stamina is low too. Is there a way to be young again? 

Im doing a playthrough on YT and I cant figure out how to store things in barrels

its automatic storage, just raises  the cap

Funciona para Windows 7 de 32 Bits?