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You could also use the downloadable app on PC

Currently working on a YT video on this game(I'll embed when its out). The concept is really great, and the game in its current state is pretty good! The only problem I had was a lack of a tutorial/control list. Maybe put a description next to the buildings. Other than that, with some minor polishing this game could be a masterpiece!

Game was pretty interesting and unique. Like I said in the video, the game wasn't really scary. The game simply gave your mind the tools to scare itself.

It felt a little weird tryna compliment sid but it was a pretty interesting game! Game at 0:00

Who doesn't love humongous violent crabs! Game at 6:30

This game was pretty decent, I enjoyed it. I had no idea what was going on though.

Also I wishlisted the game :)

I'm working on a Youtube video right now(I'll embed when its out). I didn't manage to finish the game in one video because it was too long, I did enjoy most of what I played though. It had a nice touch of exploration that kill the K.O.T.H didn't have, as in that game you just went up.  There was a few parts that I found frustrating, and I feel like part of that was just my skill level, but a few more checkpoints would've been nice. Overall though it felt like a lot like a full version of due, which is a really good thing. 

Omg. I just read it as veggie plot, and put down a ton of veggie plots lol. Also, another stupid question, how do I open barrels/crates?

That's alright, no worries.

I cant install with the app

What button do you press to open barrels? Also I think your health is above your head.

I've been stuck on the "Build 1 veggie plot" quest. I've placed down veggie plots, and it just does nothing.

I really liked this game. I made this comment a while back, but I forgot to actually post it lol. Here's my playthrough!

Its outside, I had trouble finding it too

Just played through you game for YT. I really enjoyed it, and this has great potential! I can see adding new spells, enemies, areas, and even a boss fight!

Im doing a playthrough on YT and I cant figure out how to store things in barrels

My name is Jonas

Forgot too say this, but there aren't enough christmas horror games out there.

That was really cool!

This game had one game-breaking glitch(In the video) , and sally seemed to make a few poor decisions, but all horror characters can't make good choices. Other than that I really loved this game! The atmosphere managed to make Santa Claus scary. The gameplay was pretty fun, it felt kinda like a stealth game. I loved the how the music was cheerful, and then the same music was in the subway and it felt unsettling. 

Santa was actually escapable which surprised me. I also didn't expect multiple levels, so that was cool!

I loved this game. It all felt surreal and weird. I love that it has multiple levels/stages, and it flowed through them almost unnoticeably. It was like being in a fever dream tv show, if that makes any sense. 

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I really liked the game but (Spoilers ahead) I didn't understand why there was a crazy person banging doors, and why i had to clean gum (While nobody helped) on my birthday. Other than that it was really fun, and pretty creepy.  

It was surprisingly fun

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I wish there was more! This game is a masterpiece!

I absolutely LOVED this game. It was terrifying. It was unique. It was so much fun!

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Does this have anything to do with the, 'smalls island incident'?

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I personally thought the movement was really smooth. It was really satisfying to play. I would buy a full release of this game.