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The when I click the .exe to play the game the game appeared for a sec then it suddenly disappeared O.o 

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Ohh~ I see. Thank you! :D

I clicked the exe of this game to play it, the game did pop up but then it disappeared suddenly. 

Can't play the game on my laptop :/

Sweet! Thanks for replying! ^_^

Hello~! I'm really enjoying the game so far! :D There's one quest in this game that I have to collect wood and stones. I know you need an axe to collect the wood, but when I have an axe at hand, I don't see any action button to cut down any trees or such. And the stones, where am I able to collect them? :O Love the game by the way! ^_^ 

I'm downloading the game for windows but I can't seem to play the game.


As you can see in the photo it has the raining weather icon but somehow no rain drops...

And if you don't mind if I'd ask, are you going to implement a calendar in the game? Because I can't tell what day it is in the game whether it be Sunday or Saturday :) 

Just started playing your game and I love it! ^_^ I was using the cooking station and I'm a bit confused on how to use it. How do you exactly cook a recipe in this game? :)  Do I have to put in wood to have fire first and start cooking the recipe?