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How to collect stones and wood?

A topic by Merii.mao created Apr 11, 2020 Views: 185 Replies: 2
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Hello~! I'm really enjoying the game so far! :D There's one quest in this game that I have to collect wood and stones. I know you need an axe to collect the wood, but when I have an axe at hand, I don't see any action button to cut down any trees or such. And the stones, where am I able to collect them? :O Love the game by the way! ^_^ 


Hello Merii,mao, thank you for trying my game. Collecting stones and wood is not a quest, it's just a way to gather resources so you can sell them later and obtain some coins. You don't need any tool for that, it's just the first way to earn some money and you can do it at any time. As some villagers commented, like Robert Joplin (first villager you meet in game), just walk around on forests or green areas to find them on the floor. There is a side quest about collecting stones, wood and water requested by Agnes Forrester. Ask her also where to find stones or wood.

Good luck!

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Ohh~ I see. Thank you! :D