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Hey also a quick suggestion. I was wondering if you had thought about implementing a kind of bargaining system with the traders where you can increase or decrease prices for bothing selling and buying things. Just like at the specific little selling and buying stalls you have the option to increase or decrease prices and maybe traders can have a reputation with you depending on how many of what creature you kill and what kind of things you have in your base. And if the trader likes the prices he'll buy or sell more to you and the traders will also come back more frequently for that specific item to buy or sell so that you would have an increase in sales all across the board because the traders will come back more often because they like what you are doing. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Of course their reputation with you would also increase or decrease depending on your prices and the higher the reputation the more willing they will be to pay more for what you're selling and you'll be able to buy what they are selling for less as well. Also maybe you could add in names for the traders and have it to where you'll be able to identify those traders and maybe interact with them and they'll be something along the lines of like: Remus the produce trader or the hunter so they'll all buy and sell specific items depending on their class profession. Just some ideas hope you like them. 

Ok awesome. I would assume that you could make it so that ya know animals can't open doors or gates in general so that you won't have to worry about it. No idea if thats hard or not but just throwing out the idea

Hey i was just wondering if you could tell me what part of the game you are currently working on? Like ya know what it is you're coding in right now. From what I've seen its been a big focus on getting the questline done, but I was wondering if you could give some more details to see if you'd like feedback for current stuff and not just random ideas. Thank you for your time 

Hey ive got a quick suggestion. Since you made it so that we can walk through doors and open and close them automatically, why not make it the same as with gates? 

Oh ok awesome thank you for telling me your plans. This game is so awesome and i was dumb and i changed some settings in my driver and now im getting like 200 frames on a packed base. So good job with the fps

Hey a quick suggestion and i forgot to mention already that i love the most recent update. Just wondering if there would be a way to upgrade damage because even the best weapons don't really do much damage. Unless it is your intention for enemies not to be super easy to kill. Also wondering if you will be adding some kind of level up system or like a reason to actually go out of your way to kill enemies instead of running past tuem because you get practically nothing compared to what you can produce after only a few hours in the game. Thanks for keeping this awesome game going

Nah it has to be give me Lettuce. It couldn't be anything smart like that. 

Does GML stand for "Give Me Lettuce"? 

Awesome. Love your game and when its done being developed i will definitely buy ut without any hesitation. Also thanks for the door changes. You're an awesome developer.

Yea its not implemented yet 

I mean you're not wrong. Thank you though it helps for convenience sake. 

Hey  just wondering but just like the npcs do, would it be possible for you to make it so that you can also just automatically walk into a door and have it open up and then automatically close behind you so that you dont have to open and close it everytime. Only saying because I've opened and closed the doors hundreds of times already 

You don't have to look too far to find it. The farn is just up from your base about 3 spaces and then over to the right like 2 spaces. So just search in that top right area and you'll find it

This is awesome and I love what you are doing with the game.

alright cool just thought you should know

I like the insane amount of resources as well. Its fun

When standing still there is no attack animation for melee weapons

So basically because of how the storage system works in the game I made a base specifically for storage and I've literally placed over 1000 metal crates in this one base. So I'm just wondering what your thoughts on the storage system are and I really hope you don't change this because I love the crazy amount of storage that you can have in the game, but it makes perfect sense for the storage to only apply to the base that the storage is in. What are your thoughts?

Wouldn't damage numbers not matter if you don't know the health of yourself or your enemies in a numeric format? So that's what I was talking about when I meant adding a way to see stamina and health using numbers like a bar on the bottom of the screen to show how much health you have as a number. Just a thought. Or maybe a menu that you can open that shows stats and your armor when you implement that.

oh ok cool. I just thought that I was messing up somehow. Thanks for letting me know 

Don't know if it's a bug but if there is a lot of cows like probably around 200 if not more they seem to not produce very fast because I believe they are unable to get water even though I have quite a few troughs. So literally chickens produce much more meat than the cows do.

Don't know if it's a bug or not but I can't bring the crate of spy drones back to E.D.I.E.

I like the health bar above the head and how your character starts to sweat when he gets low on stamina but it doesn't indicate very well how much health you have and how much stamina you have. As well as it doesn't really tell me how much damage the enemies have. It also makes it so that I have no idea how the upgrades affect my campmates. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this

Another suggestion I have is to get rid of the boundaries around the area. Ya know they big gray lines. And instead just make it so that when you reach a certain like few feet from the edge of the whole area you can just press E or F to leave the area. Would definitely help with the enemies so that they don't die in that gray area.

I mean it makes sense it's just that they have a bat so they rush in and die. And I have like 45 upgrades in health and they just get wrecked. Quick question. Would you be able to add some bars to show how much health the character has within the game like the bottom right and then make the bar for all the weapons and stuff smaller because that bar takes up alot of space on the screen.

hey so big suggestion. To make it so that you don't have to keep replacing people, I would suggest making it so that unless enemies come within a certain radius of E.D.I.E. or the white flag in a base away from the main base, the NPCs that aren't guards should not attack/go after enemies because they keep getting killed because they can't handle the fight. It would help a lot. Also they stop working during that time which cuts or even stops production. Please this would be great. I understand though if you have a reason why. I just personally think this would be great

You're awesome by the way. I think because of the fact that you made it to where the numbers would no longer pop up when other people or robots gather materials and it made the frames so much better.

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Okay so I noticed a nice difference in the frames with the most recent update. My base with 3600 score went from a consistent 50 frames to a consistent 70 frames. My base with about 1900 score went from 70 frames to a nice 120. The score is lower but has alot of animals so that's why the frames were so low. Awesome improvements by the way. Keep doing what you're doing because it's working. 

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Some quick questions. You said eating is in the game, but in what way and by that I mean does your character now need to eat? Also I noticed that the sniper guy you pick up at Steven's farm no longer gets into the car with me when I drive. Don't know if that is intentional. I have updated the game of course and searched for something that might indicate my character has to eat but I haven't found it yet.

hey just wanted to make a quick suggestion. Do you think it would be possible to add a fitness upgrade that increases your characters speed?

Awesome. The smoother the game runs the faster i'll be able to do things because late game to get enough stuff it takes awhile for people to buy things and gather things because of the speed of the game being linked to the frame rate

Cool Good to know

I don't know if it's just me but so far i'm unable to kill chickens at all now. I can still hug them and collect eggs but now I can't hit and kill them

Hey when you get the chance you should test out rifles for how they work inside of buildings because at the moment I'm pretty sure that they don't work inside but I don't know if it's just on my side. Also the rifles don't damage cows or from what I've seen other animals as well

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I understand why you would do that but if you think about it it would make chickens more useful if you kept it to where they could pop out eggs faster than it would take for the chickens to fully grow up. So that they would be an actual viable alternative to cows. Because at the moment you need so many chickens to even gain some amount of profit from them that the frame drops they cause isn't worth it to have them. So I would definitely say that you should actually make it to where they pop out eggs faster but make it take longer for them to grow up so that it would balance it out. This way it would also fit into when you put a max amount of chickens and cows and items that you can have in a base.

Thank you. I know you're currently working on a lot with the game as well as handling real life so these are all just to help along the way when you have the chance of course

Basically i'm wondering what's up with the night. You can skip straight to the sunrise in the morning after only 30 minutes of in game time waiting and if you have enough batteries then your power will last that long and then in the morning you're completely fine. So the reason I have created this is simply so that you could possibly think about making nighttime much tougher or making it have a reason other than you have no power. I know you're doing a lot so this is just for the future after other stuff is dealt with.  My idea for the nighttime is that you could make it so that the raids come then and not at 5 to 8 minute intervals so that there will be an actual reson to have the nighttime and give a reason for having lights throughout the base. You could make it so that you can still sleep through the night but the make it a numbers game where depending on how strong your guards are will dictate how well they defend while you sleep and whether or not you lose resources and also have your base damaged in some way, but if you decide to wait the night out and help against the raid then your chances increase and your guards do better but you can't choose to sleep after your done with the raid because you could make it so that as the night progresses the raid becomes stronger and they sort of attack in waves and as the days go on the raids get harder and harder. I believe this would definitely make the game more about survival than it currently is. Also a good idea if you agree could be to make it so that while you have multiple bases you'll get attacked at only one of them and you'll have to travel to that base to help defend it, but when you get more and more bases the number of bases that get attacked at night will increase and you'll have to choose between which base to help so that this will force you to create defenses for every base and not just focus on one base. Also while i'm at it I wanted to tell you that I noticed a problem with rifles where they won't shoot indoors and they'll like hit the floor or something like that. And the rifles also can't hurt livestock but the pistol and shotgun can. There is a lot here so just reply to bits and pieces, all of it at once, or none of it. It's up to you. I just thought that you could make the nighttime more eventful and if you add limitations to how much players can build in each base it will force them to either have fewer bases and not as much production while also  not having to worry about defending as much or they have a lot of bases and have to worry about defending. Also real quick just wanted to say that it would be awesome if you could make it so that bases would still produce whatever they produce while you're gone and ya know not at that specific base and get rid of the crates and barrels increasing how much you can personally hold and instead make it so that each base has its own storage and make it so that you can only carry a small amount with you between each base , but you can set up caravans of your people or robots to move the items between your bases and move the stuff to the base you want it to go to. Also to fix the problem with people running into your character and just stopping so that you can change their job you could make it so that when you ring the bell everyone gathers and then it shows a list just like the build menu and you can sort through each person in that menu and pick their jobs and whatnot through that, but make it so that you can start doing it after a few seconds or something so that you don't have to wait for a ll of your people to show up. Another way you could do it is make it to where that desk you have where its just for decoration you could instead make it so that you click E on it and that will access a menu of all of your people and their jobs. You could also do the same with your resources so that you can click on the desk to see how many resources you have and what the production of all of your others bases are. Thank you for reading this. I know it is a lot so I really appreciate it.

The problem with the power is simply that you need much more than for solar panels to power five wells. Each solar panel only generates about 1 or so power and each well takes up like 2 or 3 power. Maybe even more but i'd have to test it. I've never had a problem with the power since I made like 20 solar panels. Alsofor the raids and stuff you can simply sleep at night while its happening or before it happens and it doesn't affect the timer at all. That is also another weird thing to me is that basically the night time doesn't seem to be that big of a deal. I'll create a post on that.

hey so on this laptop which is like 5 or 6 years old im getting a solid 400 to 450 frames on starting base. So that is definitely an improvement. I'll have to try it out on my pc at home when I get the chance

ok so although im at my fathers i got on the laptop here and its a good laptop. At least not bad. It has anintel i7 vpu and 8 gbs of ram so not too bad ill try the new build