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The Superfluous Sand

Open world, base building, survival, quirky humor and Llamas! · By Voided Pixels Studio

Autonomous robot rancher kills chickens

A topic by Acltalls created 20 days ago Views: 53 Replies: 6
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so I just wanted to let you know that the autonomous robot rancher kills the chickens when it goes to them and then leaves behind the egg that they gave which means you have to wait until they fully grow up just to get a single meat from them. I don't know if this is intended so I thought I'd let you know

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The robot actually hugs the chicken and makes it produce an egg, then it kills the chicken to gain meat. See, if the robot kills the chicken first to get the meat, you'd have to buy an egg all over again and that wastes resources. Or, you could have the robot hug the chicken and gain an egg for free without spending resources, then kill the chicken, and you'd still be gaining meat AND saving resources.

in the game though after the the chicken pops out the egg it would be faster to break the egg and get the meat that way and then wait until it can pop another egg again instead of having to wait for the new egg to grow up fully. Basically it's better to simply use human ranchers but I was just wondering if the robot ranchers killing the chickens instead hugging them and getting an egg and then grabbing the egg was a design choice or an accident 


Yes that was the old behavior before I made eggs harvestable. I'll probably keep (for now) the robots killing the chickens and make the time the same between harvesting a chicken for eggs and the time for a chicken to grow from egg to grown up chicken.

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I understand why you would do that but if you think about it it would make chickens more useful if you kept it to where they could pop out eggs faster than it would take for the chickens to fully grow up. So that they would be an actual viable alternative to cows. Because at the moment you need so many chickens to even gain some amount of profit from them that the frame drops they cause isn't worth it to have them. So I would definitely say that you should actually make it to where they pop out eggs faster but make it take longer for them to grow up so that it would balance it out. This way it would also fit into when you put a max amount of chickens and cows and items that you can have in a base.

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Chickens are the early (cheap) alternative to having cows. Like cotton trees are the early game version to woollies. You should get rid of chickens late game because they are not as efficient. I actually have another plan for chickens. It is super secret though :) LOL not really (I might have posted about it in a dev log), but I do plan on making chickens more useful. It will be one of my side projects to keep me from going mad.

Cool Good to know