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We Begin!!!

I'm glad you like the style! I am still tweaking the some of the camera features. I'll be adding a little smoothing soon so that might make it seem a little less choppy for you.

build more wood crates. It was mentioned in the build crate mission and also is in the start screen tips. More crates increases cap size for dry goods. More barrels for wet goods.

The car spawning bug should be fixed with the new patch/version. I have other cars programmed they just aren't in the game yet. I'll look at the other bugs. Thanks!

wow really good ideas here! I'll have to take some time an unpack them.

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Build more wood crates. They increase your storage level. Barrels increase your water/oil storage level.


At the end the car will have health and fuel you have to craft.

Maybe you hit the delete missions button by accident? 

No probably didn’t. I’ll put it in my list to fix. I’ll put in a parking spot object where cars spawn as a fix for now.

Gameplaying Andrew:

Oh also when you start getting people in your base you can bring people with you.

Thanks! I am glad you like it. I've put in a bunch of work in it. I fixed the bug about floors. Download the new version so you can make those floors pretty :)

You can sprint with shift. A bow is your best bet as an early weapon. It is tough at furst but gets easier when you upgrade your health. You can also craft 'camp' items that let you heal in between maps/explorations. I am working on a craft-able 'health' pack or something to heal. I thought also about adding health drop from monsters that heal you. Combat/item will probably be my next thing to work on. 

You can get scrap buy selling stuff or from quests.

You  can build a buy or sell trading post. Sell tradeposts let you put items in to sell. Buy post lets you put scrap/coins/cash in to buy a product. If you don't have enough scrap you can't buy the item. Traders will visit the posts buy/sell. You can also go exploring and some of your stuff might get bought/sold.

Ah also the dark_sand/dirt/rock/road_floors shouldn't add value. That's the problem I think!

Humm... I look into rewording and changing the missions around. Maybe just a cow instead of a woolie? I also boosted the starting resource storage amount to 100 (or thought I did?). Base score per person should also be adjusted as well now that I adjusted some of the values per item.

Is the wording confusing on the signs? Should it say something else?

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Did you install the link? It isn't a directX version but a runtime for an older version of directX that they took out of Windows 10. At least that is what I think it is lol.

Use this one:


EDIE (sort for Edith) is a girls name EDDIE is a boys name. I mean shes an AI so... I guess it doesnt matter :)

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I'll add it back soon. I am working on make cows have to drink. :)

I'll check on the EDIE bug. Thats what you get for trying to delete her :)

I would think of more cooperative multiplayer before PVP

haha could get quite crazy!

If you get the error:

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

Try updating your Microsoft DirectX Library from here:

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I got this on an older computer I had. Try updating direct X drivers.

ALSO this:


Also this post on STEAM forum:


Glad you like it! I agree we need more people playing it :)

I've got lots more to come too.

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OK baby animals should be fixed now. Will work on killing the big ones with grenades next. Oh and removed llama breeding.

Oh no! Shotgun to the face?!

HAHA I guess I should limit the llama amount? Maybe 10?

The whip is suppose to be used on animals to heard them. It should not hurt them.

Grenades don't do damage to anything but enemies. I just didn't get around to fixing it for other things.

I made it so baby animals are invincible. 

Llama might also be invincible? I kept killing mine on accident so I turned it off. I'll add it back some other time.

I think I actually still have the Llama breeding in the game. If two llamas are next to a nest they make babies. HaHa. I planned on implementing that for other animals just got busy making other things.

I would love it too! Maybe in the future. I've only made a few multiplayer games in Game Maker. If I do add it, it will be later on.

Fixed! Download new version. Thanks for the bug hunting!

Really? I'll look into it!

Great Work! Love it :)

  • Rugs and floors
    • Fixed it. Read new dev log :)
  • photocell, volt meter, switch, small battery and the farming, lumberjack, ranching robot don't have collision box
    • Some items don't have collision boxes they are meant to be that way.
  • also, the weapon spawn zone may get blocked by obstacles, unlike the car station, it doesn't show red background when the spawn point blocked by something
    • Fixed it. Good find!
  • wall banner, wood shelf show red background when you tried to build them on any wall/window/door, but you can still build them
    • Fixed it
  • after you built the flipped robots, the starting position of the robots are kinda off
    • Fixed
  • the image of flipped solar panel is kinda off, doesn't match the collision box
    • Fixed
  • weapon workbench, car station can not be flipped, when you try to flip them, the preview image show them flipped.
    • Fixed: weapon work bench flips now. car station will not (yet).

Ok a new build is live fixing the can't build floors bug

Yeah the flipping thing seemed to cause lots of bugs lol.

 Thanks for the list! I work on fixing those today.

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Can you tell me a little more about the error? Does an error message show? What were you doing when the game crashed? Was it the same thing? Is it the error above?

Yes. Just like my other game I had Mac and Linux versions. It is just easier to develop on one build versus 3. When I am ready to move out of Alpha I'll build a Linux Version for sure.