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Fix incoming

how are you quitting? are you force closing it? or are you pressing esc and quit

did you unzip the game?

that is all so far. more to come later :)

Yep, it is a bug. I fixed it. It will be fixed in the next update.


I'll look into it. It is probably a bug.

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yep, I am about to upload the fix. Sometimes my files corrupt when I update.

Yeah, that is on my list to fix. :)

It is possible. If I turn it back on that is lol. I disabled it for now. I will re-add it soon. It was causing some lag so I am re-factoring it.

Super thoughtful and helpful! You'll be glad to know most of this stuff is known and most I plan to update. The campmate thing seems to be mentioned a lot so that is something I will focus on soon. They all actually have stats hidden that I haven't implemented yet. The idea is they would get better at a job as they do it more.

Thanks for the feedback!

I might have fixed it in the new update. did you try that one?

Nice 👍 I will watch later for sure. This is the hype trailer. I will make a more chill/gameplay trailer next. :)

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lol why do you need 4 copies?

can do potato master :)

lol yes definitely :) I am actually getting ready to get the game in EA. Just really have to finish the trailer video. 

The new update should fix this. You need to now find weapons to unlock the recipes.

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Silly question: did you unzip the game first?

Also does this error pop up on every object created or just a certain one?

Great! I am glad you got it to work.

Thanks. I am still working on this one and got my next one planned as well :)

if you unzipped it. you should have a folder called prefabs. inside that folder, you should have a bunch of files. are they still there?

It is possible then you forgot to unzip the game and ran it inside the zipped folder.

Yes, there are plans for sure! I am glad you like it :) I am not sure when I'll get to the controller support though.

is it crashing? What is the error?

I'll look into it. Can you give me a specific example?

ahh, that makes sense. :)

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Odd I never noticed that lol. Thanks, I'll fix it right away :)

Yes that is possible to add. I'll look into it. My intention was to encourage people to explore and not hand hold too much. I might at least add a vague direction in the quest text.

1. Yes they have different factions. The skeletons should attack the green one though. That might be a bug.

2. That is something I will have to look into! I am proud of you for clicking that many times :)

3. Yeah I noticed that bug awhile back. It think switches are the only thing that is working correctly right now. I'll put that higher on my list to fix.

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Found the issue. There was a missing file on my side. I am building now and will upload soon.

humm I'll look into thi

you seem to have missing files. did you unzip the game before running?

This error has been fixed in the newest version. I just forgot to tell you :

Try the new version this should be fixed. If it isn't let me know.

I ported my other large game (The Superfluous) to Linux when I published it on STEAM. I will most likely port it to STEAM then. It just takes time to keep up with several versions of the game at once when I am still adding and tweaking things.

very strange indeed. I have a default file for key definitions. It must be because you had a much older version I didn't account for. I am glad you found the solution. Happy gaming!

yeah I have the fix but my power is out because of the tropical storm that hit last night. Lol it put you way in the top left of the map. Your base is in the middle.

Odd I'll see if I can reproduce it.

found the error and fixed it. Fix will be in the next version.

Odd I'll see if I can fix that. Thanks for posting!

That sounds like a pretty cool game actually! Maybe I can add something like that is this one or maybe the sequel :)