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Thanks! Glad you like it. More to come for sure.

For sure! I have lots more dialogue to write. When I am closer to release I'll be asking people for help. Thanks!

Cool. Now make heroes in the same style!

Great news !

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Excited about this update. I hope increased number of sprite rotations are in this (64 or >). Either way can't wait to see what is added to this tool!

Oh yeah totally. If you had some heroes I'd buy them for sure :

What do you use (software/hardware) to draw these? 

Love this! Can't wait to see what else you have in store. Heroes anytime soon?

I second this request. This is a must need! This should be your next pack of 'monsters'. Hero pack.

So it works now?

Cool game. I am going to have my Game Design class play this.

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Love this art! Hey do you think you could make heroes/players [knight, barbarian, mage, cleric, rogue, etc]? My idea is to make a card type game using these. All I'd need is some matching heroes.

Cool. Some very nice art!

Should add some cave assets


More like a Rimworld/Dwarf Fortress mashup. Looks really good!

Looking good. You've come a long way!

Thank you for your interest. More is coming for sure. I am working on some behind the scene things like missions and event spawning right now so nothing I can really update with until those systems are in place. I've already have an idea for stealth mechanics. I will probably be like nothing you've seen before :)

Yeah good idea. The UI is not really well laid out yet. The crates and barrels automatically increase the max amount of dry and wet goods you can hold. Everything automatically gets placed into storage. I'll probably have it drop the goods if you don't have enough space instead of just destroying it.

To be honest I am still using Game Maker Studio 1.4. I am not a fan of the interface in 2. I'll switch one of these days.

I started programming in Game Maker probably 5 years ago. I did some games in java a few years before that with Slick2D. I learned at first with a few videos on YouTube creating some small games. The first game I made was a Flappy bird clone with lots of different birds and costumes. Anything I couldn't figure out I Googled.

Googling is %90 of programming. The other %10 is coffee. :)

That might work if you are using an engine that support 3D.

Thank you! Yes I plan on adding much much more. Towns might be the next thing I add. I am currently working on a dev tool to easily create towns and dungeons.

This is a remake of an older game The Kings of Limbo. A lot of the graphics and code was reused and re-imagined. I am not %100 sure this fits the jams rules, but I thought I'd enter it anyway. Enjoy!

Found the issue. Patch is live.

I'd really love the next update to have 32 and 64 to the 2D sprite sheet render. This would make this tool perfect for 2D sprite dev. or if want my personal email DM on twitter at @The_Superfluous 

  • First time I've done a sequel
  • First time I've done a game from this angle/perspective
  • First time I've done all the art for my games
  • First time I've entered my games into game jams

Maybe. I'll need to get a little further along.

The Superfluous Sand community · Created a new topic BUGS

Post all bugs you find here

OK, changes are made give me a a few minutes to build and upload.

Yeah I probably could. I didn't plan on create custom key set up for awhile. I could probably hack together a text file you could edit that could fit your needs.

I agree 32 and 64 would be super helpful

Fixed. The new update is out.

Ok, I'll put out an update in a few minutes. I've added a couple things too.

LOL there isn't. Game maker exe builds sometimes give false positives. I can upload an installer version that should pass all virus checks.

Thanks! The UI is a work in progress and not even close to the final version :)

Tell me what you like and don't like about this game.


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I decided to resurrect an old project and make it a sequel to my last game "The Superfluous"

Started re-tooling it about a week ago. I hope you enjoy. This game will be my new actively developed game.

999 years following the events of The UWN Superfluous' mission to save the earth the pieces of the asteroid in which the fabled ship destroyed crashed into Earth causing massive destruction and loss of life.  Many years later the remainder of humanity clings to life in the dry arid lands once known as Alaska. Radiation has caused mutations and mass extinctions. The large bipedal rhinos known as the Karkadann and the frog-like carnivore known as the Anura are both products of this mass mutation. A very tenuous peace between the three races are kept in check only by the limited resources each side controls. The humans have most of the knowledge to build and maintain the tools and machines to help extract water and energy. The Karkadann protect the only large known source of water and use it to produce the large quantities of vegetables their size requires (they are herbivores). The Anura have monopolized the salvage market; if you need anything ask an Anura. Being amphibious they can dive in the toxic oceans and bring back material and technology once thought lost.The game will take place in a top down format. There will be a base the player can build and upgrade. The base will be essential to the story and tied to upgrading the players skills, gear, and stats. The player will control one person but can team up with several AI controlled team mates to tackle harder missions. Main travelling in the world will be done via a map (think of Fallout 1 and 2). The player can explore the map and find locations and towns to trade and get missions from. Controls will include mouse and keyboard (later will add controller support).  The player will also have the ability to unlock different powers for his exo-suit EX: stealth, mass fear, and sand related powers (sand/fire ball, sand wall, sand trap, etc.). The player will also be able to breed llamas to ride (and possibly race them) and eventually unlock cars to travel further into the Alaskan wasteland. Traveling is restricted to the amount of water the player carries. You'll be able to upgrade the amount of water carried and the travel speed to allow the player to explore further from their base. Beware though the further you go out the more dangerous it becomes. Player death will not be perma-death although as a game designer I do believe in some sort of punishment for death. The idea of loss makes the game more exciting and fun.


I used you game as an example to my Game Design class. Perfect example of what I call a room crawler (IE Legend of Zelda). They had fun playing your game. Great work.