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$4.99 - cheaper here then on STEAM

Will get a STEAM KEY with purchase

DESCRIPTION - This game is a rogue-lite platformer featuring jet packs and squad based mechanics. Bring a crew of specialized spacemen to explore an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

The game is in Early Access and is updated weekly (if not several times a week). I've worked with the community and added space worms, improved co-op experience, updated control schemes, and more.

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The world is at war. The Undead, the Goblins, the Karkadann, and the Humans have battle for centuries filling both heaven in hell with the souls of the dead. The divine powers have had enough and closed their doors, and in doing so have created Limbo.

Hoping to create peace and bring the 4 races together in mutual cooperation, the powers of heaven created 4 keys, one given to each race, that if used together would create a gate back into the world of the living. A compassionate gesture, but for peoples born of war, a futile one. The war raged on limbo each side fighting to secure the keys from the other races, open the portal, and return with a massive army to the world.

The humans in the world of the living used technology to fight the much stronger races, but here in limbo they have none. In Limbo, the humans were easily enslaved by the other races and forced to work, killed for pleasure, or used as food.

The world of the living continued to fight unaware of the chaos that awaited them in the after-life.

Then you died. You were a very shrewd. powerful, and tactful king. You won battles many thought destined for failure. Will you be the one to rescue your people in Limbo? Will you rally an army to win the freedom of your people? Will you fight to unify the 4 races or will you crush the races in Limbo and return with an army to end the war? Or will you fail and become just another goblin stew?

Play the game and leave a comment. Let me know if this is the next game I should develop.

I am glad you like it! I will work on it early next year. I am finishing my game "The Superfluous" first, then I'll work on this full time.

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Check it out!


I thought about adding dark elves, but I wanted to opt for something people don't use much. That is why I am going with Rhino people (Karkadann). Who knows maybe Elves will make an appearance in an expansion or the $99 DLC lol jk :)

How could you see multiplayer working in this? Co-op/versus. Curious on what you'd like to see.

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My plan is to make it a very nice polished game. It will have save features and ways to unlock and upgrade new units. I am thinking there will be different levels/sectinos and you get rewarded for saving people but NOT converting them. You can use those people as workers/crafters back at your home base. Still working on the details, but I am looking forward to this one. Don't worry it isn't going anywhere :)

I like that system too. It would also help the admins by the community filtering the good and bad games for them. I like this system better actually :).

I second this request.

Not really sure. I'd recommend you not filter them at all. I'd imagine the extra labor it would cost to do that. Maybe a most recently updated section? That would catch all the projects people are still working on. I just feel like I have to dig through several layers of searching to get to anything I haven't seen before. Anyone else have ideas?

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There should be a new games feed posted on the main page. Keep the new games in the list for a week. A lot of new good games get kind of lost here.

Not yet, but it seems like people are interested in it. So this game will probably be my next full time game. I am glad you like it!

Why not make a beacon that points towards it if off screen. so the player doesn't get lost.

Thanks! :)

I've posted a little prototype of the pixel art you created. HERE

Awesome stuff! Things I think you should add: barrels, crates, doors, gates, outdoor tiles (grass and dirt), trees bushes, basically anything to fully flesh out a dungeon/crawler or rpg or rouge. I've been working on some attack animations and they don't look bad :) https://twitter.com/The_Superfluous

I really like this art style! way to go :)

Great news! I'll be sure to buy them when they come out. I am thinking these might be used my new game. Great work.

I really like this. Do you have anymore? like tile sets? More enemies?

I love the art did you make it yourself?

This reminds me of '7 Cities of Gold' on the C64. Which is a great thing! I loved that game and this game just makes me smile :)