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The beta still has the same content, but contains all the bug fixes. If you want the full version you can buy it here or on Steam. Although the demo still has a lot you can do 

I am good actually. I have been making another game for awhile now. Sand: A Superfluous Game.

I should probably just release the source code for Kings of Limbo. I thought I might come back to it, but I have several other games I'd like to work on.

Ugh yeah I hate that stuff. Thanks for the heads up :)

Yes, I will work on that. I like to get a more stable version before releasing it here.

I will look into this. THanks

Thanks! I needed that encouragement :)

Thumbs Up Kid-03 | Kick Ass Media

Great! Thank you so much :)


Oh sorry the file is in your appdata folder

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you might have to start a new save. OR try sending me the save file CAMP.ini OR edit that file and remove the armorworkbench entry

also maybe try destroying and rebuilding it?

Is this when you walk up to it? If it is try disabling shaders in the options and see if that work

I'll add a slider so you can tweak the amount you can get.

humm i swear this was fixed. let me take a loo

I capped the campmates. Otherwise, it might be too laggy. 

very odd. that should already be a thing. I'll look into i

For this game I use Game Maker Studio 1.4. I've made games in other game engines (Unity for example) and even some in Java. I like Game Maker others don't. I'd give a few engines a try. If you like Python try Godot. All the game engines I know build to an executable and does it for you. Graphics I use pixel graphics so the built in Game Maker editor is fine. Sounds I record myself, find free open source ones, or pay for them (music only).

My advice is start small. Do little projects to build your confidence in the editor. Make lots of them. Watch a few youtube videos but then branch out and try to make something yourself. Make mistakes. Fail early and often. You won't make your dream game from the start. Also start playing games differently. Start looking at games and finding what makes them good. Study that and make it part of your games.

humm maybe you don't have any armor unlocked?

post a screenshot.

1. for sure will be in the game

2. I really do think having enemies on mounts/cars would be fun.

3. Yeah lots more will be coming. I like these ideas!

4. I could see a 'scope' type thing for the sniper for sure.

5. lol I really like this suggestion. I'll bee adding this to my 'todo' list.

6. I actually have more vehicles planned as well. The inventory is a good idea and something I should have thought of :)

when did this happen? does it happen everytime

you have to build a transformer and hook it up to a relay. the relay provides power to switches. switches are attached to machines.

fixed! Thanks!@


Fix incoming

how are you quitting? are you force closing it? or are you pressing esc and quit

did you unzip the game?

that is all so far. more to come later :)

Yep, it is a bug. I fixed it. It will be fixed in the next update.


I'll look into it. It is probably a bug.

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yep, I am about to upload the fix. Sometimes my files corrupt when I update.

Yeah, that is on my list to fix. :)

It is possible. If I turn it back on that is lol. I disabled it for now. I will re-add it soon. It was causing some lag so I am re-factoring it.

Super thoughtful and helpful! You'll be glad to know most of this stuff is known and most I plan to update. The campmate thing seems to be mentioned a lot so that is something I will focus on soon. They all actually have stats hidden that I haven't implemented yet. The idea is they would get better at a job as they do it more.

Thanks for the feedback!

I might have fixed it in the new update. did you try that one?

Nice 👍 I will watch later for sure. This is the hype trailer. I will make a more chill/gameplay trailer next. :)

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lol why do you need 4 copies?

can do potato master :)

lol yes definitely :) I am actually getting ready to get the game in EA. Just really have to finish the trailer video.