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Yep I fixed it. Should now be in the new version :

hold space. make sure you have a mod chip equiped.

now you know how to cheat :)

press the ~ key to disable dev mode

I am working on adding missions now. That mission doesn't exist and is the end of the main mission path. I suppose it is a bug because it should have a different message :)

humm... I wonder if itch launcher stores files in different places...

But glad it works for you!

I think I found the issue. The depth sorting got messed up somehow and since I am manually drawing the floors on a surface now it wasn't noticeable that the dirt floor was above the other floors.

Ahh have you tracked down which soil it is?

you most likely didn't unzip the game from the folder. 

Building anything really. Wood, stone, and metal walls and floors give the most points. I like building a little house for each one of the followers. There is a limit to them though.

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The little house in the top left is you base score. Every 225 (I know very arbitrary) you get a new one up to 10. You need to make sure you have beds for everyone though. That includes you and the NPCs you find/hire.

Also I haven't built in the 'live' spawning of them yet. You'll have to leave the base and come back to get them person to come.

lol thanks :)

haha no It isn't intentional. I found that bug today myself. I'll fix it soon... so enjoy your free stuffs while you can :)

Also did you start with a house and resources? There should be a backup of the base in the %localappdata%sand_alpha folde

Did you unzip everything before running the game?

Make sure you unzip the files from the folder before running the game.

You'll most likely have to buy them with the BUY BOOTH. You can make them too using machines (but it take a lot of material).

Hold shift should allow you to add multiples of 10. Still need to add a lot to the manufacturing machines (like a job for someone to refill it).

Great ideas. I'll respond a little later. I have to track that bug down :)

I did not see this one. Let me track that one down.

Thanks! It is really just a first pass on the effects too.

I am about to release an update, that should hopefully fix it.

getting weird text issues

Queen faith Official

I fixed this. It will be in the new patch. Now only resources that don't spawn after deconstructing an object will count towards xp.

I removed the player upgrades from the game completely. You now 'level' up as you play instead of paying for levels... and I love that you think the game is great :)

I'll have to remove them from the saved files in the next update. Thanks for the bug find!

Nice find! Ha I'll have to patch that somehow. I debated on if building should give INT or not :)

I am super excited you like this game :) I've played MANY hours of it and I still find it fun... so I guess that is something 

Yeah I really need too. I have a lot written out I just haven't been super motivated to write them in lol. I am finally feeling good about the core systems in place to move forward. I also had to create a few new assets (like caves) before I could continue. Expect the end of the Anchor Rage story line soon. Mod system will probably be first for sure.

Great a new version is out that should help solve that issue.

you might have to extract everything and go to your local appdata folder and delete the sand_alpha folder. It might not work until you do that.

It is also possible you did not extract all the files and ran the game from the zip file.

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It is not right at all. Try clicking all the buttons in the options menu. Maybe an anti-virus is blocking?

They shouldn't disappear while in your base. They get reloaded when you leave the base and come back. Sometimes They appear in walls lol. That is a bug I think I fix and then it comes back. :)

It has to do with performance issues. I will probably have a slider that will allow you to control how many you can have

Yes, the base score is what determines the number of people; there is a limit to the number of followers you can have per base. 

There is an item you can construct called Player Upgrades. That item allows you to upgrade health and water. It will be moved and redone soon.

You can find backed up data in the %localappdata% Sand Alpha folder in

It is odd it starts and crashes every 5 minutes. Maybe your antivirus is flagging it?

I'll test it on my side too.

press f5 sometimes the screen gets weird if it goes full screen. 

in the base it just adds to the max materials you can store. You can open them. Outside of the base crates can be destroyed for material.

I know I really need to stop adding random things and optimizing and start making mission content.