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The Superfluous Sand

Open world, base building, survival, quirky humor and Llamas! · By Voided Pixels Studio

Fps problems in late game

A topic by Acltalls created 20 days ago Views: 64 Replies: 19
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basically I'm just wondering what exactly has the biggest impact on frames in the game. I've done some experimenting with the livestock and just objects in general. It seems that the biggest impact on fps is just the text that pops up when you gather an item. So I'm wondering if you could make it to where it's an option to turn that on and off or simply make it to where the text only appears when your character collects an item and not any other npc or machine does. Of course it's a cool and satisfying thing to see when gathering stuff, but I'm just wondering what you think. Thank you


Good Idea. I'll see if I can make that happen.

hey just to let you know more details the fps drops to around 40 or 50 for me in the later game when I don't have everything going but I start the game with about 250 to 300 fps so that's just so you know how big of an impact the amount of things has on the game. The fps slowing also slows down everything by a massive amount so I had to make an additional base specifically for production of crops and wood


What is your base score? Can you send me your CAMP.ini?

I experience bad frames when i get my base score above 3000. How do i find the camp.ini?


Look in %localappdata%\sand_alpha

hey I looked it up on my computer in the files and I couldn't find anything that was even remotely about localappdata



yeah 3000 is a pretty high score I need to limit things somehow. I've been working on improving frame rates still. I've got a few more things to add and I'll push out the build.

I think it may be just me mainly because I think my graphics card is just not able to keep up with the amount of items in the game

My ram is fine it's just the processor/graphics card

also the breeding rate of the cows is fast enough to where within about 3 hours of play the amount of them will increase so much that I go from 2000 base score to over 3000


Yes I am thinking I will have to limit the cows breeding after a certain amount.

I also get about 60 to 50 frames whilst in anchor rage and I have a base with the same amount of items in it yet I get like a good 90 to 100 frames


did you try the new build?


I'll definitely try it as soon as possible. I wont be able to for the next four days though sadly because I'm really busy with working for my father and I don't have my pc with me and I have to go to a wedding. I'll tell you everything when I'm able to play again on monday. Sorry

ok so although im at my fathers i got on the laptop here and its a good laptop. At least not bad. It has anintel i7 vpu and 8 gbs of ram so not too bad ill try the new build


hey so on this laptop which is like 5 or 6 years old im getting a solid 400 to 450 frames on starting base. So that is definitely an improvement. I'll have to try it out on my pc at home when I get the chance


good to hear

Ya know what though your game is great and 50 to 60 frames is definitely very playable at least for me because I'm used to 30 frames on console games