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The custom level editor is accessed on the second page of the level selector. You have to click on "Custom Map" which makes the "Create Map" and "Load Map" buttons pop up.

Depends how long, im currently studying from dawn to dusk, i could possibly on Saturday afternoon (UTC+2) for a short amount of time

I'm stoked you like it!

Great game loop, cute graphics, relaxing music. Nice chill game!

I'm glad the game works with linux

I love the graphics, im not very good at the gameplay tho, the necromancer has so much health.

This game is a BRRRRRRR approved product

Cool and cute little rythm game, I'm terrible at it, but i love it.

Beautiful game, love hiring a team and go exploring the underworld!

I love a good map generator, and this one sure is good!

That might be a bit excessive, especially since the airstrike is a bit unbalanced. But I guess my game's not that bad either B)

I'm happy you like the game's design.

thanks! :)

*pants not refunded

You might like 8gauge my fast paced shooter 

I recently published 8Gauge a fast paced shooter, you might like it, a screenshot is better than words to explain the game:

I would love if you reviewed my game: 8Gauge, a fast paced side view shooter, you can review it however you see fit.

The page is hard to read bc the text is white and the background light blue, maybe have a light color and a dark color for text/background to make the page easier to read. You might also want to put a screenshot, as the page is people can't know what the game is about.

8Gauge is all about rushing into the enemy. You have one gun, but ammo ranging from grenades to burst rounds.

Download HERE

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I agree, it's frustrating to drive because you get swung off the road by the other car in every corner. Maybe dani should make the car have resistance to impacts while drifting. This also applies to the edge of the road flipping your car 120°. won't let me give 16/5 stars, pls fix

beautiful game

Great game, jumping could get a bit more polish, loved pillaging ancient civilisations, would do again 12/10

12/10 grappling hook, love gigantic structures and love ephemeral stuff, 19/10 love the game. btw do turrets only spawn in the larger rooms?

Mesmerising. I really like that I am able to focus on each planet and moon and watch from there.

Nice liminal space feel.

You could make a game where we walk through the levels and new ones are generated as you reach the end of one level.

Love it! so many castles!