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Treeg0n (Treeangle)

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I like the use of color to express the headache, to start with i though it was a poor choice, but then i realised it was genius because it made me feel lost and oppressed too

Nice short fun experience

randomly found this, looks like im about to have a good time

fun little game, very cozy atmosphere, love the graphics

amazing game, i cant believe this was made in only 11 days!

love it, also love how it helps u if u get stuck

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edit 3 isrelated to shooting, i probably did not set a variable for one of the ammo types. edit: i reproduced the bug and i'm very confused why it happens. Enemies glitching through walls is related to level design and the blue invisible walls, ot sometimes, when coming to you they wulljump up a wall and clip it a little bit, need to find a fix. My discord is: Treeg0n (Treeangle)#4900

great game kinda creepy sometimes, love it!

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its intentionnal the rivers turn the surrounding  desert to grasslands. You're playing pretty thoroughly to realize mechanics like that are implemented!