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i'm stuck i have 2 quests that don't lead anywhere or have any actions to move forward (fully booked , poolside story) and cant move forward at all. hints say "stick for the stick god" and "a painting meets woodchipper sort of deal" HELP!

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hey i don't know  if i  have the right pistol yet if there is a different pistol but it wont unlock the ammo pouch for me and i don't know what to do or how to get it.  I have the xp and i bought all the other upgrades i just need that last one. but i don't know if i didn't do something yet or it just messed up or is it not in the game yet?

black screen bug still happening starts with sound then nothing.

amazing game but needs a work up system not just starting you off with 4 stars right off the bat make 1,2  stars on the first level and maybe a tutorial level before that.

pretty good for first try keep up the work looking forward to more.

im having the same problem ?

love the game can't wait for more!!!

when you start u have to save some farmers cows from raiders and the only way i found you can do it is by doing it alone becuase you dont get anybody to help you fight yet or follow you on adventures until after you finnish off the raiders for the farmer and right after you do that you should be able to get a traviling helper from the famers place after i think you completle i think one more mission go back to the farmer and ther should be a guy in the house you can ask to join your team and he is a traviling buddy.