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Hai. I have a question. How can I restart the whole game, you know restart it to the begining

I have a question. How to restart the whole game? 

ok. Heh, i thought that the circle shows the radious in which the cable can be connected.
Also, i have another question. I what intervals new NPCs arrive? I have 5 beds and only 2 NPCs are in my town. And what is that 3rd stat, the one under ammount of beds in your setelment? Is it related to how much food the town has?

So, should I just built the transformer near the woodburner? I did that and hooked it to the relay, then i tried to hook the relay up to the switch (transformer>relay>switch>electric well), but the relay doesn't connect to the switch. I can't conect it to the electrical well and connecting it switch>releay also doesn't do anything.

Thanks, I really thought that everything needs to be connecter

I think that's a bug. I can't conect the automatic well to the woodburner. I'm using the switch but it still show that it isn't connected. Gonna send the screenshot in case I'm a dummie and didn't connect it right. 

Hai. I'm here to say that I really like this game, but kinda miss the nod to "Scary stories to tell in the dark". I didn't got it the first time and in current version the nod has been removed. Why? Copyright reasons or something else?

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I don't played it but it looks beautiful. man i like anthro and furry art!!

it's awesome you made this game!!!

p.s my heart has been warmed by this.