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Sand: A Superfluous Game

An open world, base-building, adventure survival game with quirky humor and Llamas!​ · By Voided Pixels Studio

Where is Anchor Rage?

A topic by whitekit123 created Aug 23, 2019 Views: 277 Replies: 3
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I'm not sure if I'm just a goof ball or if I've come across a bug, but I can't seem to find the new Anchor Rage area anywhere on the map and I've explored outside of Home and around the other people's bases by about 5 squares and haven't come across it. I thought maybe I needed to complete some quests so that I can unlock it and it will show up on the map, but I've done The Orphanage quests and Steven's farm quests, and I have nothing new. I decided not to get rid of the kids. Will that affect whether or not Anchor Rage becomes available? Am I misunderstanding the update details and Anchor Rage hasn't actually been added to the game? I also went into Dev Mode to try and find Anchor Rage there, and I couldn't find it. All I see that is different is the DevPrefabs base, but everytime I try to go into there, the game crashes and says something about camp fires. Am I not supposed to be able to go there? I see that under rooms in the zip file Anchor Rage is there, so I'm 99% sure I have the correct files for Anchor Rage, it's just not appearing for some reason. Should I post the crash report?


From home base up 5 or 6 squares and one to the left (it think)


Thanks! It is exactly 4 squares up and 2 over! :)

Deleted 177 days ago

Thanks x2. I just search in google xd