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I just keep reloading the page and eventually, I will get a scenario where there are less damage or possibly even non at all

Tiny Life community » Lots · Created a new topic Evergreen Avenue

Here's a house I made. You going to be left with 2095 bucks and the bills measure around 450 bucks (Estimate). 2095 bucks should be enough.. right?

The download link if you want the house:

P.S. Remind me if the link won't work.

day 82, seems like im late bloomer.

First playthrough and I survived with 5 people. And by looking at the comments, I probably did a little bit better

Welp, the game was a little to easy. My endless run lasted for 2 FREAKING HOURS. I'm not joking, it's a lil' easy

Note: Most of this comment section say "I hate steam"

I hope so...

I  probably cant afford the full game when it comes out because I live in the Philippines $1 is equal to let say in your country its equivalent to $50, so I cant probably get the full game if you you make the price like $10 dollars or what.

I love this game so bad that i decided to add it to steam as a Non-Steam Game. LOL.


Multiplayer Would be a great addition. Only focus on local multiplayer because working on online multiplayer could give you a headache.

I got a question, how can make a campmate follow me? im gonna be sad if you remove that feature because it will make traveling much easier on fighting all those enemies.

Finally downloaded the game. I downloaded it through the app.

no. it just says that it's "download failed" and after a few attempts it says "forbidden". Also sometimes when it's finished it declines but it says "virus scan failed". I really can't download version 128 and it sucks.

Help me . I can't download the game somehow. It's strange, I got lots of storage space in my laptop it still not downloading.

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You should add stairs and floors. Stairs will give you access to floors and when you're in a new floor clear out the things you built on other floors. Instead , Show the things you built on that floor. You may have up to 5 floors or probably more.  I also found that 2 traveling merchants are in the same outhouse and it's inhumane so pls fix it. By the way can you still access the alpha after you finished the final product?

I didn't know that.

This is my base. Still small but good enough, right? Suggestion: you should implement an expand base mechanism, this way you can expand your base if you ran out of space.


good thing you didn't use unity or else the game will in my lapto.

I don't know if this a bug or I need to do something but I have 5 beds but there's only 3 people in here and the number doesn't increase. I don't know if I have to do something or if it's a bug. if so the fix it, that would be greatly appreciated.

This topic is for bugs and glitches. If you find anything like that, leave a reply.