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Sort the Court!

Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow! · By Graeme Borland

when did yall join the council of crowns? i joined in day 76

A topic by shinobu kocho created Mar 21, 2021 Views: 9,189 Replies: 208
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day 24



most likely keeping the happiness and population

or hax

hacks, or is simply lying...


nah i simply have a better gaming chair 



day 66


day 69






it wouldve been better if i joined at day 69... ( i joined at day 68 )

day 66

day 67





62 for me

same lol


Managed to join on day 68. How're you supposed to join sooner?


I got it on 66, you just need high happiness and alot of money. (there is a guy who finished it on like day 54, I think, on youtube.)

in thought 54 was normal, thats what I finished at


lol day 63



same dude

Day 62 is when i joined it


damn, same




day 59


bro i joined on day 60

I managed to win game in day 69 but i didn't see the game dev robot :( it gave me a golden cogwheel :((((

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Day 64. Also the gold-generating machine started giving me money on Day 67.




day 70


I got into the Council of Crowns in day 69

day 68! 

I joined on day 68



Day 69

thats one hell of a number there.

day 66

wow yall joined earlier than me

day 70

day 75 i took almost no chances with magic or the devil dude i just said to myself: the towns happiness is at the utmost priority and got in the council day 75.

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you should always trust the devil honestly, if you keep accepting him, he eventually gives you a way to get 2k coins (which will last you quite some time). He only ever takes population, which you can usually get back instantly and the 2k one only costs 100 people which is just 2 days worth if you've got high happiness.

day 47 

Joined day 62, I feel awesome


day 44

Day 65

*intense fallout flashbacks* i finished sometime inbetween day sixty and eighty, though i went on until a few days after a hundred.


In the day 65

day 61

day 59!

joined it at day 58

day 74 :)

Day 0.8

this one is fake

day 79

this one in real

day 55

Day 72 for me.


I joined day 73



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i joined day 57

i joined day 65!

day 82, seems like im late bloomer.

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i joined got the drangonblade and the thing the robot gives you at the same day:75

day 60, i wished the robot gl with his game dev journey too

day 70

Yarno came on day 20 and Pia came on day 39

day 58

day 96?

day 67

40 something

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last time it was 64

day 54

Day 59! Very cute game, had a lot of fun. Some parts got a bit repetitive but it was still fun from start to finish :) Cute drawings too. Love the inclusion of the cats <3

day 62

Day 63.

Day 67 lol

Joined Day 62. Very entertaining game!



75 lol

dia 60 :)

day 50 :)

Sometime around day 57-59

Day 58 :)

Day 75 ^^

day 80

day 82

day 58 :D

day 22

i joined on day 72

day 75

i am join in day 76 too

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Day 67


Day 64

I joined on day 64 but my younger sister joined on day 56

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day 72

day 65  :)


day 5

day 54

Day 56

day 64

day 68

68 for my blind run.

maybe a bit less of the demon sacrificing next round. and no more staring at the spooky orb.

Day 65 for me :P


I think I managed to join the council on day 59

On day 69

Day 74!

day 57

day 66

Day 67!

Day 66

day 66 for me

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day 43 i also have 1503 citizens and 347 happiness 

day 56 :>

34 or 54 don't remember

day 60

day 67



day 60!

58 babyyy

I straight up joined on day 52 just by palying it

I got in on day 64

day 64 with 2538 ppl and 431 happiness 

day 62

day 72!

day 59

Am i the only one who joined later than 70...i joined at day 80

Day 64

I got day 63

I joined on day 58 cause of a few deals with the devil

44 for me lol

I got the message that I beat the game on day 51, but I beat it by denying the request to see what it did, since I already beat the game the normal way/

Day 61

around 74 or 75, i did not pay attention lol

day 70

Day 52 

Day 104

Day 64


day 60 how is it that hard if u go into debt just sacrifice people to the devil

I joined in day 56

day 46

Day 59

i did it on day 69 and then i went broke lol

Day 56 i think

I got council of crowns on day 63

day 70

36? more or less

thats hax

it really isn't

Day 60


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day 48,1000g, 2100pop, 500smiles

day 69 and without going above 1000 gold because i am too soft

day 67

day 66

I refused on day 40. Technically it's faster! But also I'm going for the alternate path

Day 64

I joined day 69 (not a joke)


Day 77. Bad, I know, but it's my first time playing.


Day 70, 6 days earlier

69 ee

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24. It's a shame this game isn't being supported by the dev anymore. While nothing official has been posted, no news, bug fixes, or anything have been done in years. And no, I did hack my game. You can get it on 24 if you make the right choices and pay attention.



Day 68 one more day it would have been perfect :(

I joined day 62

Day 65

I joined around day 80 i think? i didnt really pay much 

Day 58

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I might have secured my seat on the Council of Crowns (day sixty-seven [67]), but I'd rather have climbed the ranks of the Council of Science, or at least been entertained with Christmas Day chemical demonstrations. Y'know?


day 60 !!!

62 for me :D

Day 42

day 64!

Day 64 for me!


Day 67.

But I did the mage thing on day 1 and instantly lost happiness and population, and because low happiness leads to population loss it took me a full 7 or so days just to get back to the starting point.

So I think day 60 should be possible

day 59

day 20 (use the devil offer once it gives 2000 gold but kills a lot of people but on the start it doesn't matter)


Joined on day 62, gold machine done on day 91, 3721 Citizens, 649 Happiness, 295 Gold, and I still have the cog that the robot gave me worth 1k

I didn't join until day 61. I think it took me quite awhile.

Day 61 for me

DAY 68 lol

day 58

day 64 :D

day 69. nice

day 58 :DDDD

 day 50 with 1239gold 308 happiness 800 people