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This is a fangame. It is not just copying things, it's a unique fangame executed well. The gameplay is plenty different from Undertale/Deltarune. So no, it's not violating copyright laws.

Try using the SAVE point after beating Mondo Mole so that leaving doesn't eradicate your progress.

If you're going to criticize something, don't just point out the issues. These "issues" are either entirely coincidental or there's a reason for them. For example, because of how SAVE mechanics work, you can only have one area SAVE points go to, and the caves generally do not work for SAVE point locations.

Have you the slightest idea how long development takes? Hint: sometimes more than a year. There will likely be a bunch of easter eggs and references, not the mention the fact that there has to be unique content for TWO PATHS. Have some patience!

I love it and cannot wait for the mobile version.

The ending is great!

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The speed seems to be hardcapped at 3e8, at which you can break the SOL for...

1 break point. This, of course, makes the game extremely slow.

They likely decided to err on the side of caution by changing the names slightly.

What do you expect? It's Ohi


Really? I got like 3 400 science nodes per turn!

The zoom is too fast!

What engine was this made in? I want to make something like it but not sure how (other than Google Slides which can easily be cheated)

Anyone here manage to win with 0 deaths? Because I did

Day 64

What do cities do

Simple: Make your nation, put it on a one-tile island, then O B S E R V E.

And official observer mode would be nice too though

You just want to beat the game, don't you?

Does the price increasing actually work? I haven't deselected Woodcutter yet it always costs 10 wood regardless of what it says