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its been like a year bro

the only thing i had to search up was the braile-

took me a while of pushing random buttons and googling things, but I did it!

tbh once i clicked what i thought was a cute little game about baking and it turned into a horror game within like 5 minutes 😭

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Lag

I don't know if it's just a me problem as i've seen nobody else mention it, but every time i get to Deep Town, the game starts lagging to the point of being unplayable.


with how many different games i've played, it was  a real surprise when I couldn't find a single horror aspect. Pretty fun.

my wrist hurts. Also, just wanted to ask, is there anything else in the secret settings past hard mode? wanna know whether or not i need to come back to this game.

I personally suck at this type of game, and could only manage a 9867 before my inevitable failure.

what... then how did you type it for this comment?... YOU'RE AN ENTIRE 4 PARALLEL UNIVERSES AHEAD OF US!

"Season's greetings,

do not ever email me again.
Best wishes, {user}"

I now understand why Garfield hats "Mondays

"one must imagine Sisyphus happy"

UIUY UIUT - the start of Married Life, Up.

Hey, i found a lil bug. You can click the next question arrow... before it shows up. like legit i only even had to click more than one spot of the screen during the typing question, since the glitch doesn't work until you fill in the box. lmao my results on the quiz were "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"


i'm on HP laptop, which i'm just guessing would have the same issues as a chromebook since they're basically the same

bouta bust some nuts

Hey, you should make a setting called "Hide cursors." I'm at the stage of the game where you no longer even have to move the cookie, yet i keep crashing from all the movement. Or atleast settings to remove the weaker cursors, or all of the numbers/particles. I really like this game!

hint for the secret room: remember how to enter the backrooms?

Pretty fun and simple game! i don't even think it took me 5 minutes, but i really wish it was longer.

I beat the whole game (storm remix included) in about 30 minutes. pretty fun, yet the nonremixed levels were a bit easy. You should add a timer, so that people can see exactly how long they take!

just looked at the ground and realized that i was already in space/

bro i legit went to space on level 6 of the storm remix

i beat the base game easily, buy that storm remix is hard!

really? i thought that that was one of the easiest ones. it only takes 2 good swings.

even tho your comment is 15 hours old and I'm pretty sure you've already figured it out, give the kid outside his sock back, and take his toy. give the sad girl out a front a chewed pencil, by getting the pencil from your locker and giving it to the kid outside the cafeteria. the sad girl gives you the net for the chewed pencil. drop the toy into the corrosive mac and cheese, leaving only the batteries in the mac and cheese. then, use the corrosion proof net to scoop them out.

n e t

hehehe b a l l s

so many youtubers playing this game..... seems like it'll be pretty good.

what happened to the web build of this? i remember being able to play without downloading.

w a h

i tried using the wavy handle coffee base and shrodinger's barrel build, but still can't get the last part.

the barrel that has the big words SHRODINGER carved into the side.

got all the endings, pretty fun game.

tip: get the foresight ability AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. from there, spam MP regen, and buy the biggest gun you can. (that's how i beat the game the first time)

dang, i left for a few months, came back, and it's still a prototype.

the game started fine, but I can't move or press any of the buttons. I've tried clicking on the screen multiple times to focus it onto the game, but it just isn't working.

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Lag

If I am playing the game, then suddenly go to another tab and come back (even though nothing was unloaded and i can resume instantly) it lags for a few minutes.

i was able to keep both of my boxes up until the assisted clip through the wall level.