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Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic lag

as soon as i get to that first city area where you give that one guy cigarettes,  my game becomes microsoft power point. i play on web, and on version 0.18.12b

i love the addition of artifacts, i always sell my first one so that i can get a massive money boost, then i actually use the ones that i get later in the game. on level 10 when it gives you your first option to select an artifact, i recommend getting the one with the highest sell value, and selling it. keeping the later ones is useful though because it gets really hard a bit later in.

I absolutely love the game, just a bit too difficult for my gaming "skills", even on glory mode I died on 39 lol


i dunno what that disable screenshake button was supposed to do, i still had a flippin seizure upon my first respawn.

you get "showing off" points from dipping into the water and coming out safely, and bonus points from touching platforms, so i like to stay super low down farming show off points while touching all of the platforms, then eventually land on the golden one, which is easy because of how low down i am. pretty neat strategy in my opinion.

very fun game, just that glitchy thing at the end was wierd

the kill that got me to level 100 was immediately followed by somebody shooting me in the back, getting me fired. Amazing game, had tons of fun training to get to that level.

that was unexpected

I got him on like day 3, yet had already beaten the game multiple times and knew how useful he was, so I chose debt.

I got the message that I beat the game on day 51, but I beat it by denying the request to see what it did, since I already beat the game the normal way/

All of my progress just decided to go off and die on me, and now I have to restart. I know that there is probably no fix for it, and that it was probably because I didn't play for a while, I just wanted to say it so that if it happens to somebody else, just know that I feel sorry for you. :\

ow mah head

I've been spamming drawings of Joel G's ENA character in their different colors.

ayo first comment? very interesting game.

very fun game

beat the game in just a few hours, its an amazing way to spend extra time. 5/5

what does it say the cost of having the sword is? every time I get to that part of the cut scene, my screen glitches out or somthin, and I can't read it.

Amazing game, just pretty stressful (in a good kinda way)

wait, what about the food allergy sticker- I don't think that most of these people who say "this looks so cute" have read the food allergy sticker. it is terrifying cute.