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Love this game!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! <3 very first feedback for my very first game! 😁

Update: I finished it ! <3 

Never mind I figured it out - would be good to get a quick explanation at the start.
Love the game though! Super cute and fun. I don't really understand how it works. The cats keep disappearing and I don't know why. 
But still, very cool game.

What's the build button??? It just looks like a square.... and "O" doesn't work.

Fun game! Maybe it would be easier if there was some kind of visual indicator of what you can and can't eat. I avoided the red ants for ages, thinking they'd eat me. And later when I got bigger I tried to eat a ladybug, thinking I was bigger, but it killed me.

Very cute game! I love the sound effects when they're speaking :) Sweet concept 

Day 59! Very cute game, had a lot of fun. Some parts got a bit repetitive but it was still fun from start to finish :) Cute drawings too. Love the inclusion of the cats <3

Cute game! I couldn't get past the vending machine part, it makes 0 sense to me. A few mistakes in the English, but it didn't stop the game and art from being very charming :) Love the music and art! 

I was playing on Windows 11 web version, and yep I definitely clicked a lot - I spent a good 3-4 minutes trying different things to get it to work because the game looks so pretty 😅

Amazing game! I had good fun!
The last level feels impossible though, I gave up after a few attempts - and there's nothing more I can do for my deck.
Would be good if you could go back to previous levels to earn more cards so I can continue improving my deck if you're stuck.
Fun experience!

Love this game! So cute!! <3 Well done! 
This would be an awesome mobile game

Love the artwork, but I can't play the game. when the character loads, I can't move, nor do I know what to do. 
WASD doesn't move the character, nor do the arrow keys. Nothing happens when I click on the cat with the exclamation point. There's no tutorial or instructions, so I'm just staring at a pretty screen but with no game to play. :(

Wow, pretty game! Very cool and polished-looking. The controls aren't very easy or intuitive - particularly the dash, which often led to my death so I avoided using it. 
Fun game!

dordle community · Created a new topic No tutorial

Never heard of this game. Should provide a tutorial for new players. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

Cool game! love the art and music. The only thing I'd suggest is to add a button to exit the tutorial, as by pressing Esc, it takes me out of full screen mode - but that's a tiny thing. Awesome game :)

Loooove this game! The different guns really adds variety.
I only wish there was a way to regain health! 

Really cool game - a bit confusing - I don't understand what the components do - especially the ones that don't require you to press a button. 
But very funny, awesome concept, great art, brilliant music, good fun! :) 

Really love the concept but the movement is so janky, I can barely get to where I want to go, the character keeps spinning out of control and walking in random directions. If the movement was fixed, this would be a really cool game! :) 

Really cool, I like the movement mechanics. Love the retro style. 
I feel this game would be more fun if when you jumped on top of the enemy's head, you stunned it for a couple of seconds (and if you hit from the side, you die)
Great work!

Really great game!! Love the music and sound effects, love the art, love the mechanics (although it took me a little while to figure out).
Fantastic work!

Very cool game! Love it 

Cool idea. Maybe I'm just bad but I can't control it at all, I just bang around and quickly die. Love the sound effects though!

5:07 with 41 gems.
I love it!
The music is so good!
I love the art and the jump feels great. I would love to see a future version where you could buy upgrades or weapons with the gems. 
And the stars in the background are so cute!
The level design is really cool too, well done!

Cool game, I like the concept. The art is great! The movement makes it a bit difficult.. I kept standing on the buildings even though it looked like I was walking straight on the dotted line.
And it took me a while to figure out to press Z to skip dialogue.
Good job!

I'm brand new, so my goal is to finish making my first game :) 

Haha funny! I enjoyed it 

Good fun!

Great! I love it!