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damn i just realised that this game sucks

car is cool

You mean lens distortion? Ok The Game is too easy yes I am bad at puzzle games

Its not too overpowered since in most levels you can’t even jump high enough to reach the goal but I am glad you liked the artstyle

Thanks I am glad you liked it

ok I will check your game out



Like it



Idk maybe he dont like when people say that they are him

See the title in what language was the game made

MY username is Poly now is Poly my old one was WHAT


THIS GAME IS                         EPICCCCCCCCCCCCC

I like it but te graphics with the film grain are a bit too much

The play fortnite say them this game is better

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My progress isnt there :( anymore I was level 20

Woiah great game love it

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The Theme suggestions ended now so now you can vote on your favourite suggested Theme(Sorry I know that its a bit to late) anyways you can vote here

Hmm weird that the controls didn’t work and I will play your Game aswell

A wait I misswrited space isnt for jump only uparrow and w works

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Hi PolyMars can you change Z to Y for german keyboard layouts please?


Beat it my keyboard is smacked but I beat it

How you made that cool outline?

What post process effect are these outline or is this in the spritesheet

Idk I dont really like it the movemnt is slippery or something

Finally I am i

Help I cant vertify because of thi

I want to join your discord but what is this shit it isnt even a text

Great Game or demo idunno like it hope it comes soon on steam as full version(Already put it onto my wishlist) what can I say I rate this game with 5/5Stars

What is the goal press the button?

Ich auch Lol

Help I cant play it it gives me an error