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looks cool

this is one of the antivirus' of all time*

this is one of the games of all time

ion think so

spam left and right after landing on the starting pad and get infinite points for no fuel

ohhhhhhhh bruh

how tf

how tf

40 something


you lie, how could you

do you have proof

cool game

very cool

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Ahh, the Seal Empire. You truly are a treacherous bunch. How do we, the Potato senate, know that we are assured that you lot will not murder us all?!


thank you, my potato friend.

im starting to think you dont truly support p o t a t o

wow, ive never heard of that, thanks!

id just like to ask, what game engine was this made with?

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No, thank you, my rhizome friend, for supporting the revolution of potato. We have many plans to promptly overthrow the feeble human government with our potato-y prowess. Please keep updated on the potato happenings around the world and you will be sure to see some results.

nice game


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Great game overall! I love the driving mechanics, though I'd say that the car is way too easy to flip over. Another thing i might point out is that there isn't any way to back up, so when you crash into somewhere, its stuck. Other than that, its a really fungame!

i dont really get it either but it was good

my screen keeps blacking out slowly for some reason with black pixes and i keep having to restart the game

me too

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is there any way i can download the game?

because this game is probably now one of my favourites of all time

as someone with adhd this satisfies my need for absolute random



wait can you turn him off

im stupid