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Also, it's not clear to me when you get accounting, when you can buy stock, when you can buy gold etc. is that just random?

Edit: figured it out. Maybe add icons?

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I don't know if this is a bug, but I got 2 NPCs with the same name in my game.

Also, sometimes I randomly win the game after round 1? It does happen when I press the W key, don't know if that's just a coincidence or related.

When do the stocks and gold go down? It explains when they go up but not when they go down.

One of the best games from this game jam IMO. Did you make all the art yourself? Because even if the individual sprites aren't that impressive, just the sheer quantity of them make it very impressive. My  game has 2 tiny rooms and 3 enemies and it took a while to make, can't imagine how much work must've went into this.

Thanks a lot! I'm working on a roguelike dungeon crawler, so this video is going to help me a lot

Really like the art style. I wanted to add procedurally generated levels to my game as well but I don't know how to do procedural generation yet, so I didn't. Did you just make a bunch of levels by hand and then pick a random one each time?

Now it's 263

My highscore: 68

I like it

Very fun and also a bit challenging, took me two tries. IMO the flying and shooting isn't as fun as collecting the bodies, one thing you could add is a faster restart so you don't have to watch all the cutscenes again. Besides that, really great game.

Really fun and good graphics

If you drop the human during the tutorial you can no longer pick them up.

Also, I couldn't reuse plots to plant tomatos. If I filled the entire plot with tomatoes, and then harvested everything, I could no longer plant new ones.

The pixel art looks like it could actually have been created during the 90s because of the colors used, so that's nice. The minigames are also fun.

The concept was very unique. With the theme "cooking" I didn't think about cooking humans. The pixel art is also really nice, I encountered two very minor bugs but besides that it's really good.

I like it a lot, especially the unexpected turn at the end.

A bit too much luck based. Maybe if there was a way to predict whether it would short circuit or to survive it it would be more fun, but now it's just luck. Still fun though.

My highscore: 20

very fun

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So my game is going to use the up and down arrows. Am I allowed to also add W and S support? If W works the exact same as Up, and S works the exact same as Down? Or is that against the rules?

It's not necessary, but I can imagine some people prefer WS over the arrows.

edit: added the word "support"

edit2: added 2nd paragraph and these edit and edit2 texts.

The first jump is a bit too big, I can do it but it should be slightly smaller. I have failed it multiple times on accident because I jumped slightly too early.

This is a very simple idea, when the world is generated the procedural generation algorithm probably uses variables to determine the frequency of rocks, gras, the types of ground, etc. What if there were sliders to change these? That shouldn't be too difficult to implement and would add a lot more replay value, as you could do challenges like trying to play in a world with no ice generation, all water has to come from rain, or almost no grass generation so you have to create farms early on.

text doesn't work. oops

I found this game through the godot discord, I got a score of 151 on my first try. Nice game.

nice game

Very fun game, I play it in my newest video!

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This is one of the four games I play in my newest video

I play this game among others in my newest video:

This is the video

I made a video in which I play this.

You should eventually be able to unlock colors and then the game turns into a color game. 

The walking speed was very slow. I don't know if that was supposed to happen or if it was a bug, but it literally took me almost 10 minutes to reach some of the monsters.

Nice game. I am using footage of this game in an upcoming video, should be finished this friday.