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Fun game, I got 4314 meters

Managed to get 1:04, I think a sub 1 minute run might be theoretically possible but it'd be really difficult

I like the concept

Very fun game, it's just the right difficulty

Fun game but it's way too easy, if you can win the levels within one minute you can keep going forever

Fun game, I thought the first world was all there was but then there were 2 extra worlds and it was way more content than I expected👍

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I found this while searching for games like game dev tycoon, totally different from what I was looking for but still fun

Fun game, I got 151 score in 5x5

Fun game, but in (I think) the last level if you reach the end nothing happens. Maybe some "you win" screen?

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For me it's a black screen, and buttons are just grey squares

Edit: It seems to be an issue with chrome, it works in Edge

I got 177 in 30 seconds

Fun game, good difficulty

Fun game, did it in 11:01

But I did have to restart once because an item fell through a closed door

Fun game, I managed to beat it eventually.

I like how levels seemed impossible at first, but as I did them over and over they eventually became easy. 

Fun game, but unfortunately I had more than 21 deaths so I didn't get the secret thing at the end

Nice game, I got to floor 9

Fun game, but I always eventually get an impossible jump

If you jump off the edge of the screen you won't respawn. Maybe the border that kills you shouldn't just be below the screen but also besides it

Fun game, and a good difficulty

Fun game, I got 169 points with no ability

Fun game. But the final boss was way too weak, I killed it right after it did its first attack.

Fun game. I didn't know you could jump until I had already finished the game and saw the description. That didn't need to be in there imo, gravity can do anything.

Fun game, but a bit difficult. Sometimes it's very difficult to cross paths with the hero in mid-air

Btw you can use the grappling hook to wall climb back to the start

Fun game, but idk what to do after getting the grappling hook

Got 3185 :)

Got a new high score of 512 :)


Sub-3 minute should be possible but it would require a lot of luck

4:03... Trying to get sub-4 minute run

Finished it first try

Did it in 5:20 minutes

I can't progress because I got 4 orbs instead of 3💀

There is no game yet?

Fun game, but why is the default high score 83... Even before I played it it already showed high score 83

Fun game, I like how many different blocks there are with different effects

Fun game, unique controls

Fun game, level 2 is very difficult though

Fun game

Fun game, I like that you can land

Fun but after around level 13 levelling up became really slow and it became somewhat repetitive