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is it just me or does bonnie stay at the door for way too long?

on android (as far as I know)  during the hobo (no go zone talk) encounter it repeats the last 3 or 4 lines

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Maby you can get a backup generator (or any generator)?

Edit: or a battery, even if it doesn't last long it could stop a power out from wiping out progress 

No other issues 

For the android version, the dpad is a little tricky to use in menus and for selecting things, when moving around if you release from moving (only when pushed passed dpad symbol) rascal will keep going up until you do something with the dpad again, that's what I've found so far, I'll keep updating as I go

How about android?

Is there a plan to make it on browser?

Will patreon only content eventually make its way to the public version?

when will be the next public update?

when will the next public update be?

A chromebook,i previously tried installing something to run files but its own file size barely fits in its simple version

I cant, i have nothing to run the file and when i try to get an app to run it i dont have the space for the file that i need to run

it is very laggy, max 3fps on chrome browser

Im torn between ovis and Sciurrus Silva

Is this game still in development?

Im talking about you yourself, when they start attacking your town/city

what will you do if your city is under attack? do you have an escape plan?

wait, you live in Ukraine? i thought you were in America or Canada or Australia or Europe

crimson snapjaw from made in abyss, right?

is there a hide text?


you should add a way to fuck your clone. maby we can convince the ai?

i am on browser and i can play, but i cant interact with anything

im asking what is causing the problem in the chrome browser

what dose it depend on?

as in you hate reading or you hate what its about?

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Just read through the other comments and This sounds alot like the plot of "shimoneta: a world where the concept of dirty jokes don't exist"

you should add some larger animals to one of the planets(cant remember name rn) with VERY large assets

the slimes can boot me into walls

gives off some real strong "city of ember" vibes, absolutely love it

im playing on browser with the most average chromebook, and the chapter select worked

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i've tried that already, this happens every time i try to race for a 2nd time and i can ask to race again but nothing changes, all the barriers are still up and i can walk through the ones at the end but it wont allow me to swim out either. it is avoidable so doesn't really affect the game play much, what dose affect the gameplay however is the looping animation when i try to swim, i cant even press escape to load a chapter and it is absolutely random with when it happens and if it will let you out

and another where i get stuck having a race

found a small bug on the browser version where i get stuck in a loop of rascal jumping in the water

i love cali's song its absolutly amazing!

i found out the reason... 4mb(or gb cant remember) of cache data

im playing in normal chrome

im getting an error when i try to play saying no valid storage adaptors

on browser when i try to play an error pops up saying something about no valid storage adaptors then goes to a black screen