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press R + enter at the same time

I've played this and I love it!! The character designs are silly and cute, and the story is pretty fun. But I'm just asking that do you consider making this game more open about the pronouns part? Like you can choose both your pronouns and the characters' pronouns? I think it'd be great if you could.

Hey! I love this game! It's so relaxing and cute, just what I need.

Also I seemed to have found a bug. On day 2, usually when a customer appears, their first messages would be like "well well, let's see", etc. But when Toast comes in, the first sentence wasn't any of that but something like "texts not found". (I forgot to take a pic sr)

why can't I download it? It keeps saying "incompleted file"?

You definitely should! Either ways, I'm looking forward to any projects of yours <3

This game is awesome! Zutian melts my heart lol. Do you plan on making another game bout him?

There's quite some problem with the saving. But overall I still love this game <333!!

well maybe they could add like 2 different options: one include rape and one doesnt :D

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i can't seem to play it? there's only a "tutorial" button and after that i can't do anything with the game as when i click anywhere else but "tutorial" the game will just shut down.

I also tried to re-download it but it still doesn't work

what a heartwarming game!!! I like how just a box of bandages can have a deep, cute story behind it, literally sobbing ;w;

This is a masterpiece! The writing, the characters, the designs and especially Oz! Absolutely love it!!!!


-Hi! Right now, me and my team are at the early state of developing a 2D RPG game set within the backdrop of a dark and magical forest. I am having some trouble with thinking about the map design, which means i cannot write my script smoothly.
-Anyone, with or without experience, will all be gladly welcomed!

-If you're into this or want further information, please add my Discord: Ducky_14#8708

your name pls?

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-Hi! You can call me Ducky or Mia! Currently, i want to start making a new RPG game but i have no experience. I'd be reallly appreciated if someone could help (teach) me on how to make one :D! 
-I am still writing my script for the game. I can draw but not very confident about it-
-If anyone is interested in helping me then please contact me on  my Discord: Ducky_14#8708

- It's better if you're a programmer/ game designer but if not then you're still welcome <3

- Also no payment require please!

day 67

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This is a quite simple game but definitely the best one i've ever played! The concept is new ( especially the parallel reality) and also secrets :D
Im looking forward for the next part of this game (if there is lol)

why cant i download it D:?

nvm after a few retry it works. Very nice game and i love the voice actor and how u add the recipes at the end :D!

is it me or after "click to start" the game just showed a green screen and nothing else on it?