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Well, it’s kind of variable, like most of this game, but it seems to only happen later on in the day count. I got the first encounter in the date series around day 70, but I think that was early and lucky judging from what others have said

If you decline Pia’s offer to join when she first visits, you don’t go through any of the council of crowns stuff and instead just rule indefinitely. Eventually, though, the royal advisor comes to talk to you about a “personal matter” and asks you out. It takes quite a while though, often only happening in the post 100 days

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Early Robot

He just showed up asking for repairs on day 7.  My population is only like 179 wtf

I love the knight, such a wholesome dude. I always give him the dragonblade

It lets you turn around as part of a series of actions, meaning you could attack, turn, then attack again as opposed to just attacking and then wasting an action turning. Basically, it gives you more versatility and wastes less time.

I was just looking for some random strategy game to pass the time, but I ended up liking this one way more than I expected! The art style is a really cool blend of pixel art for the maps and animations but full art for the character portraits, which really sells the Fire Emblem vibe. I was surprised at how many campaigns there were as well, right now I've only done the tutorial and first one but I'll be doing the others definitely. Good job! 

man this game sure is a big shot

the constant breaking of the fourth wall killed me a little but it was a funny game

really great game, i would recommend having an arrow in the first room that tells you to move on when you're done, as i got confused a couple times. really fun gameplay though

ok but can we talk about the knight? always willing to go off and adventure, comes back and faces you even if he is unsuccessful, finds great treasures for the kingdom, and is even willing to face the dragon and be the hero of the city. a true, loyal, honest, and brave warrior

day 61

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i got to round 12 but i just spammed grabs the whole time so i feel that it doesn't really count lol

very cool concept, fun and challenging combat, beautiful art. can't wait for when more is finished.

very fun game, however the combat system is a bit weird sometimes forcing you to use ammo for a move when you don't want to