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Gamenya baguss bangett :3 art stylenya juga lucu sama imut imut gimana gituu :D walaupun agak susah di bagian main keyboardnya.. cuman itu paling karena aku nub aja mainnya! overall ini bagus banget :) cuman kalau bisa dibikin setting buat bahasanya! jadi bisa main pake bahasa indo atau pake bahasa Ingris buat mudahin orang-orang lain! tapi itu tadi cuman saran sih!! jadi menurut aku ya.. GAME INI UDAH BAGUSS BANGETT PALING TINGGAL DI IMPROVE LAGII!! :D

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It's simple and really good :) and it also have a pretty deep meaning but it was easy to understand about the message that this visual novel tryna to tell and deliver. So i must say.. I LOVE THIS  :D

It's so good and cool! :3 i am cancer and it got correct! luv this :D

Love this game!! it feels like falling in love at the first sight!! i mean, you can basically made your own dream bedroom :] >>

I also made this.. but not sure what is this supposed to be 

It's really a good demo!!

Omg, it's a really-really good game, i hope there is more game like this in the future!. plus i still made it, even at 1% battery 😓

Dante and the collector it's just so....

Thanks!!!!!, i finished it!

i am join in day 76 too

how to get the net fot the batteries?

Ok, than


well, i play at the browser, with pc

i can't play it, after it load, it says error

Got all the ending!

As, a cat lover, i recommended this game for other cat lover like me!

Really cool, love it!