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why does he remind me of a furby

the school in this game is beautiful, however the door at the end creeps me out

Will we ever see the vampire bat again. And if so. Will it be a boss?

Day 42

I heard this game might be on steam eventually. So if it WAS going to fish would probably wait till its on steam to add multiplayer since steam has its own multiplayer system so. he wouldnt be wasting effort only to re-make it in an entireley new system later

I was wondering if you could add some sort of backpack?   I constantly find myself with an inventory full of cool hats that i just cant get rid of... Too cool.

An npc called "squibard" uses swirly D.'s lighting attack (Could it be a cover up for a prototype of swirly d.s bossfight

A juice box! You drink it and your characters arms become L A R G E and weapons become easier to swing
(for about 25 seconds)

Its funny because the watering can is significantly better than the Literal laser gun

if anyone can do it for free ;-;

so i can send u the music

if u got discord add me my user is Derpy#0666


(future player as in the one in the cabin)

hey fishlicka u gonna add the books or bosses to the spawnmenu or the future player?

nah ur brain r i g g e d

fishlicka plz respond its been bugging me for legit ages XD

Will bosses be spawnable in the spawn menu (not the clog due to it not being compatable) but other bosses like *mrs slithers* *sgt suckerpunch* and upcoming bosses???? Im really curious and its been bugging me for a while now Thanks :3