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I'm scared, I decide to put visual novel in the tags to see if it was just all dumb dating sims (they basically all are) but then I see this and it is scaring me.

It's a zip file with 37 MB so is it just a picture of a bunny? like it shouldn't be that much right? Is it just a picture of a bunny? Is it multiple bunnies? if it is multiple bunnies then why is it in singular form in the title? 

I am going to be cursed because I even got my brother to look at this page, he doesn't know whats up, I don't know whats up, (other than the sky of course but I wasn't using it that way) the only way to know what's up is to download the zip but I don't know what's up with the zip.

I've been melted down to my core by the terror of what My Bunny could be.

good job

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I think that the game is pretty good, don't know if I finished the demo though (got stuck whenever both of the exits to get back to the spawn was blocked, which weirdly only happened when you took the non-merman route; so, I'm guessing that is the end for the demo)

I wrote about a page length of suggestions/bugs/stuff that happened that I don't know if you want in the game, but I can save all of that for later and just talk about how the game felt.

It felt pretty good, felt a bit too fast walking actually (you can trimp ramps/stairs if you strafe and walk forward, I think that is because you made it too where both give you speed normally instead of halving both of the speed when you press both of the buttons), and I like how crouching seems to make them not notice you as much. Sometimes I tried to swap weapons while prone, and it seemed delayed (and it also seems like you have to swap a gun to a gun and then press H to actually get out your melee, which seems like a bug) I also had to play this game at the lowest settings to get it to play smoothly on my bad laptop along with whenever a prompt appeared it seemed to slow down quite a bit (when I tried to play at higher settings). Some of the audio gets cut off early and is really loud (example, the hound howls nearly jumped my seat the first time I heard it), gets triggered at times it shouldn't (mainly just the shop/treasure door at the hub, you can hit the frame of the door and get the fwoosh sound but don't teleport), or doesn't sound like the correct sound for it (when you pick up health it seems like the protag gets hurt, climbing the vines sound to metallic and not crunchy enough, the grunt of jumping is pretty repetitive (which could be solved by randomizing the pitch a bit))

Having the vines be something you can go through I like (because it can open up secret areas because you could hide stuff behind them), and I feel like it being space is fine, I got pretty used to it the second time I climbed the vines, however what BoJustBo said about jumping late is sadly a tad true, but then I just started jumping earlier and it turned out fine.

Now one thing that I think that you should really look at/work on is the saving system, because it doesn't seem to remember if you killed all the enemies in a room before hand if you are not in that room when you save (example: the top entrance to the merman room, you can shoot the merman and save from the top perch without going in the room, but when you load they are there again, as well as the items! (which I promptly used to not die all the time by save scumming next to them))

The animations, landscape, and art is really nice (however the merman with the trident walk is pretty weird cause it just seems like they are hovering towards you); the enemies being really fast kinda isn't (the big guy with the chain is a lot faster than you would think, being a lumbering giant and all, and the merman are pretty fast fish out of water), but that is probably my inexperience with shooters talking there (I really only play TF2).

But Rupture is quite a lovely game from what I seen, and my offer still stands to set up and run a discord for this game for you if you want (I already done one for the guy who made Sand: A Superfluous Game) cause I luckily still have the time too, and I hope you have a great time adding on to this game!

You see this is what happens whenever I click the install button, I rebooted and my laptop, along with doing it to different locations; however, the Install is always blank and there is nothing to select from the drop down arrow. This may be something happening with itch as a platform itself because otherwise I just don't know.

I haven't been able to download it yet sadly because I am getting: "While queuing download: TypeError: Cannot read property 'build' of undefined" I hope this is just a dumb part on my end, hopefully it is an easy fix if not.


Perhaps making .ceol files be able to be added (from the progam Bosca Ceoil), it would allow ease of use and the program is fairly limited but can be pushed just like bitsy, so that is a plus. I don't know if this will even be considered but I hope it was a worthwhile thing to say/bring up.

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Which account is yours? there is two with the same name (but different numbers) - I don't want to give admin to a completely random person

(I may respond late because of work outside, so I may not get back to you in a few hours)

(1 edit)

Well I decided to just make a discord server on your behalf before beta because I felt like it (and to procrastinate on other things).

Here's the link: - I can make you server owner if you feel like using it. (I haven't added any bots however, because I didn't know which ones you'd be fines with and mainly time)

Okay, I like the idea of trying to decive him or either find the actual dog, and for a quest that is completely random could work, but if we are thinking of speedrunners, it would most likely be a turn off from the game. Now if there was a point of the game (like the second to last main quest) where you still haven't found what you were looking for - it would automatically be there, so you wouldn't still be searching for it for ages at the end of the game.

Is there a discord that is setup to were people could submit art/tiles that could be in the game? I would love to help with this by making some concept art or even tile sets (like double wide/garage doors); I'm even willing to setup the server (I have experience with setup and bots for it).

I want to help bring more stuff to the game, but I don't know the palette of it (like the metal and wood) and I don't think putting the imagefiles in the suggestion thread or make a new one - and sadly I don't have a work email/anonymous email that isn't filled up to the brim with spam. 

Also are you/when are you planning to add more missions/side-missions to the game?

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I think it would have to be  a "special" dog, like a dalmation or chihuahua (is that how you spell it?) because if you where wanting to have it be a certain dog - and not a dog a person can "build" - it would have to be something different so the player can easily see that it's what they are looking for; however, if you would change it to were you can "build" a dog and bring it back to the Old Coot - I wouldn't suggest endgame gear or I would suggest more challange, which I'll explain:

If it is finding a specific dog, I wouldn't do a completely random spawning, I would make it to were it could spawn in towns/revisitable locations (like the ranch) because speedrunners might want to have something other than "click the explore button 30 times" - Now if you make finding the specific dog a set location (like one of the shacks in Anchor Rage) I would suggest having a little girl have it/found it and you have to take it back - either diplomatically (like a trade of microchips so she can make a robo-fido) or by stealing it while she is gone (which would mean stealh may need to be implemented).

If it could be "building" a dog and giving it to the Old Coot, I would suggest a mini-boss fight (cause he is off his rocker) or another side quest for it (like getting microchips for him because he needs to make it a cyborg or something).  A mini-boss fight would be cool, like skelly-dogs coming out of the dirt around the house (which could be explained with the Old Coot saying "looks like the other ones are jealous") or a mini-boss fight with the Old Coot, but I don't how you would explain it other than "oh he's CrAzY who would of known?!". Now having another sidequest like getting microchips for him, by getting more dogs (which may be a bit too remincient of the cat lady quest), or by defeating roaches/a raid at his home because "my dog don't feel safe with so many bugs around".

Now a raid at his house whenever you give him a dog would be a good idea, with all the enemies/roaches/sand crawler/other bugs targetting the dog you gave him (this could be for either finding the dog or building the dog for him, but if it is building the dog you can try again). Obviously you would have to do quite a bit of monsters to justify end-game gear for a dog, and you would have to do good walls/defences/build that isn't suspious to the player before the raid happens so it is fun to do the raid by dodging and ducking between walls and stuff. You could also have it to were only the player deals with it (no help from any partners) by making the Old Coot say "I'm not gonna give you that reward sonny boy - if your posse  are around to see it." Handling a major raid by yourself could be a really cool thing, especially if the stake is a dog (and your reward of course)

I'll definetly try that, thank you

You can use the f11 and f12 buttons on the title screen and not be able to click play (because of zooming in and out kinda breaks and leaves you in the top corner)

(this is a problem in both fullscreen and windowed)

I just got to this game because of all the other in the mega-bundle, and I have to say it's really good; however, the NPCs having a exclamation point after you talked to them is confusing, because some actually have different dialouge and other times they don't. It also would help in the library so you know you already talked to them

And that leads to the softlock I experienced, in one of the rooms in the library you can push a block that has the water element surrounding it into a frozen area; but if you decide like me to try to push it into the other direction to see if you can (which you can, even though you aren't pushing it from the ground and pushing it from the air). You can push it the other direction, and you can push it up the stone stairs, and you can block the book exit.

All in all it was because I was pushing the game but it is still pretty possible and someone may want to look into it.

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Perhaps making it to if you are blocking you do half damage? I think it would help make it to where you would want to "juggle" it instead of going in blocking and then running away whenever you run out. It may make the flow of combat better and more in depth (because you wouldn't go right to holding block)

Edit: If you nerf blocking, you could have players only being able to do 1/4 damage, and then after a quest or a player upgrade make it to 1/3 or 1/2 (it could be a quest to encourage exploration along with it)

(1 edit)

The pause/"are you sure you want to quit" screen isn't transparent anymore (all black background) and time still keeps moving foward (if that is important to you). It also works the way it is supposed to in the player upgrades menu, this may or may not be a corrupted load because I updated it from the last alpha, but I don't think that would cause it.

EDIT: it's also non-transparent on the world map

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Wow! I need to update the game right away (I have slow wifi, sadly)

(2 edits)

Maybe you could have a "hard mode" where you play as an Anura, were you take double damage (like the bug that happened in the last version, but made a feature) and make it to where you can only eat meat in the traveling mode (if you delve more into cooking and food mechanics); there would have to be an upside (because of local multiplayer) but I haven't seen concept art for much of that mutant race, so I don't know what would go best with it (maybe more blocking or you don't 'slip' on ice/oil/something slippery if you add it as an enviromental hazard?). Maybe also have it to where you have a different base set-up in single player and have it to where if a raid gets to the flag (or EDIE if you your base is lost

Maybe you can unlock that option if you do a quest for an Anura (and prolly unlock an Anura companion as well because if unlocking the option is the only thing you get, people wouldn't want to do the hypothetical quest on any other playthrough)?

Really I'm saying this cause I saw a GIF on the game page where you could play as a Karkadann (which I'm guessing already has pros and cons like not being able to wear normal helments and being able to hurt enemies more with melee), and I thought it would be cool to be able to play as a Anura which sorta played like the last version, cause last version I had to be much more methodical/stratagize to be behind cover cause bullets killed you fast, but I guess some people enjoyed it, and may want a way to roll it back to that way.

(also another thank you for the blocking mechanics, it's really nice - maybe a bit too nice though cause now there is less damage taken  IMPORTANT EDIT: I finally made the player upgrades, and even though I "totally" reset my game, the player upgrades were still the same - so that is why the enemies were a LOT easier for me this time, this is a bug I assume.)

This is more of a recommendation than a suggestion, but I feel like it would be a welcome one -

Two programs that you might want to use is "Bosca Ceoil" and "Pixel Studio for pixel art" (yes those are the names); Bosca is for music and is a free download (it's kinda limited, but multiple tracks and audacity will prolly help with that) and the link is here: and another link for it (non-itch) is here: (the non-itch may work better for now, it seems like it's a bit buggy - but I have the non-itch and it works fine for me)

and Pixel Studio for pixel art is on the apple store and steam - I can't share/find the links, but if you search it up fully it should be the one (it's for pixel art and it's really good and there is multiple ways to export it - it's free to play, but using it free has been fine with me, some tools are locked (but barely ANY) and there is ads on the free app version, but only when you are saving a project, so it's really good in my opinion).

Hopefully you can easily use these two programs for your game, I have to say they are on my "must-haves" for any thing game-making related.

Yeah this seems pretty cool, also could nerf the trading system a bit by slowing down traders while the raiders are still patroling the area - and a trader coming in to tell where a location is (like Anchor Rage) for a price might be a really good idea if the player hasn't found a place yet after a long while. Pretty nice

A quest about planting seeds - hear me out.

It could be activated by the game checking if crops are planted at the "orphange", your base, and maybe Steven's Ranch (if you are able to access the crop place in the future); along with you selling an amount of seeds and/or vegatables at your base (the specifics can be made less or more specific to make it more or less likely, but I feel like you should plant crops at other locations other than your base(s) and sold an amount of seeds)

After a random amount of days (like 5-7 but could probably be sped up by selling more seeds and vegatables) a special trader could come to a seed or vegatable stand and be able to be engaged in conversation which could go something a little like this -

 Special Trader/ST -"Yo man! I heard you be selling seeds and planting crops all round here - I'm not having to worry bout food as much cause all the stops have it"

You - "Okay?"

ST - " I just had to come and thank you dawg, bout died three times from people bein' too stingy with their veggies, glad someone is makin' it to were they don't have no excuses for letting this dude starve"

You - "Okay?"

ST - "Yeah man its been nice now"

You - "And?"

ST - "OH, bout forgot! Just wanted to let you know I've been able to set up a [trade/rest stop/bar/carvan] place [east/south east/ south] of here that you can [trade at/refill your strength at/learn how to brew and cook at/find deals at] and chill for awhile."

A place could then show up/be found on the map that "ST" is over, could be a bar that you learn to brew a drink at or learn a recipe (if it is added), be able to find temporary deals at (like traders or traveling shop owners), or be able to completely refill your food and water at. I just think this would be a nice addition to 1. Be funny (cause some rando be like "thanks for all that food over the place, now I can have a shop without worrying bout starvation and that jazz", 2. Reward you for your generosity of planting crops at peoples places, 3. Potentially being really useful for adventures, traveling, and/or building and 4. Being in the grim comedy circle like the rest of the game  (guy about starved to death three times, but is also telling that to a random stranger that planted crops)

A problem with this might be that the setup is too vague (planting crops at others peoples base), I actually done this in my first playthrough of the game (cause I'm weird) but a few hints might make up for it (like the caretaker at the orphanage saying "man I really need crops, luckily the indestructable child don't need them.") (also the dialouge of ST being a bit long)

I think it would be nice and fun (and something cool you could sorta stumble on without a clear mission marker saying to "plant crops at so and so and also sell seeds")

OH, the "pre torch light" (when you are in build mode and have a torch selected) that was in the last version is not longer showing; I'm guessing it has something to do with the dust storm making it darker.


thank you, it's pretty nice

(1 edit)
Two bug I have found playing the new update (I just noticed it updated like 2 hours ago, cause I am unobservant)

The reset mission data and map data didn't reset my map and mission data (could be because the world was from the last update, and I had the bugged out cat lady mission and had entered dev mode on the map last version (didn't on this one though).

A hard reset still worked, so at least there is that.

And an exploit (which may have some undesired conquenses for the raid system) were you can for the mission to build the wooden barrels, destory and the build a barrel and destory that one (which still counts towards making barrels for the base) (I didn't check for the wooden crate mission however)

I'm partially worried on this one for 2 reasons -

  1. Cheese, obviously
  2.  I don't know exactly know how the raid difficulty system works, but if it takes into account all furniture (like barrels); it may be a problem if the system adds a point to the difficulty by building a barrel but doesn't subtract a point if the player deletes it (or doesn't check how many of the furniture entities, but number built). I'm saying this because if the same system is used to count how many barrels you made for the mission and how many barrels you made overall for the raid difficulty is the same if might lead to a high spike in difficulty if a player decides to move their crates and barrels to another location (because it wouldn't take away the difficulty point (which you might not have barrels and crates add to that hypothetical system that I think is similiar to what you are using for the raids.)

(ALSO - super huge thank you for adding my suggestion (and saying it was from me, which was suprising to say the least)! It may still need some tweaks but from what I played it felt pretty good. I'm gonna play over the game again to try and find more bugs/things that need polish, but instead of doing a giga-wall of text in one sitting, I'll do multiple over time)

(ALSO ALSO - the bug with the workstations not rotating is still in the game/has been reintroduced, at least for the weapon workstation)

I definitly need to save up to a car now! (bit late on this post, but still - really cool)

That's great! Whenever you update the game I need to make a video on it for my youtube channel; (or my friends youtube channel that recommend the game to me) I'm glad I could help in anyway I could. 

Base/Building/Some Grammar Stuff
  • It doesn't say you can hold "shift" or "cntrl" to make placing buildings only go side-to-side or up-and-down where it says the controls while you are in build mode
  • NPC allies (Duke) and orphans have a chance to spawn in walls at your base
  • Traders don't use paths to get to your stalls (probably a pain to code though) and traders don't premptivly run away when a raid is about to start (already talked about the trading stuff in the mechanics)
  • Workbenches don't want to rotate for some reason (bug)
  • No Carpet foot/walking noise (it just leaves the wooden floor sound over wood floors)
  • While on llama and right next to a stall, pressing "F" to fo to prev. product gets you off of the llama
    • pressing "F" to get onto llama while near stall makes you mount llama and go to prev. product
  • When you upgrade a thing in the player upgrade, it seems all your items get taken away but then given back, making it do the "plus" thing on the items at the left side of the screen, as if you were picking up the item. (does something similar when crafting)
  • May want to make workers have "breaks" after they pass an energy level (like 9000 or 18000) and go near an object
    • Like going to/hanging around the veggie pot; around a sell or buy stall; around a bell; bookshelfs; or outhouse.
    • May not want this to happen for effeciency, or not happen if a raid is happening; however, it would give a slight push to automation
    • May want to make energy go down slower when they are doing the break (so they don't do a break and sleep)
  • Energy doesn't go down if Worker has Obj_bell or obj_skelly under them
    • May want to make energy go down but not have going to bed over/more important than fighting skellys or going to the bell.
  • Custodian has wrong description (it's the description of the researcher) and researcher has it's description as "none"
  • Small water pump has no indication that it is full
    • Maybe an animation with water dripping from the faucet?
  • Building "happens" while riding a llama (the building grid pops up) but the menu for buildings and structures don't pop up (also can't build anything even on your base)
  • Tool and Armor benches/stations say "Q/E to next weapon" instead of "Q/E to next tool" and "Q/E to next armor"
  • Farmers still water crops whenever it is raining (it wastes water and doesn't make sense for them to because the crops are gonna be watered by the rain)

Really any suggestions I have for building has been already said in the survival mechanics post about the guard flags, trading, and walls/outposts for blocking raids. (Different kinds of stalls to attact more traders and more paths (like clay/brick and planks) are really the only suggestion I have for buildings that I don't think has been said)

Debug Stuff
  • I would ask you to change the debug key " ` " to " shift ` "/"~" because I found out about debug mode after missing the "tab" button for my inventory and pressing it; I think requiring you to press shift to do it would solve the problem of that happening
  • Pathing
    • While in your base it does not show the pathing of NPC companions (duke) unless they are following you
      • I also think there is a bug where it shows the last bit of pathing of duke when he was following you (the white line is left over)
    • It does not show the pathing of kids/orphans
    • It does not include pathing for traders
    • It does not include pathing for cats (I haven't seen if it shows when they are following you)
    • May want to seperate pathing and debug entirely to reduce lag (incase that gate glitch happens in Anchor Rage, so you wouldn't blow up your laptop incase you done the cat quest)
  • Orphans (and maybe Duke) can pass through medium water towers if you place them in building mode
  • Building Mode
    • Why is there a medium and large water tower, but no small water tower?
    • In the debug 2 section some of the objects don't have a "no description yet" and are just blank
  • I had a glitch where eight farm plots (the bottom left ones) in Steven's Ranch were not able to be planted on, even in debug mode - it said it required four seeds (which I had even without debug) and the other farm tiles I planted, after harvesting them, the same "not enough seeds" thing happened
    • After I quit and got back on the game, it seemed to solve itself.
Other Stuff and Suggestions
  • If you press and quickly unpress the button, the orphans don't go
    • Probably intended incase someone accidentaly clicked it, but adding the person who is going to take the orphans away from you saying: "second thought?" (and possibly "third thoughts?" if you do it again) would add some polish to it
  • The loading screen for areas should probably have a background based on the weather for two reasons -
    • To hide the assests being put in and that weird camera zoom/zip to where you are (it can break the emersion)
    • It having rolling dust or clouds/fog (basically could just be a greyscale version of the dust) based on the weather would be a nice touch and help transition from world map view to your view.
  • A varient of the water towers that are empty/damaged/irradiated 
    • Could have a "rusted hole" and a "shot up" varient of those to have better enviromental telling (rusted is abandoned, shot up is raided, irradiated is poisioned); and you could use it in explore tiles without the player going "Why aren't people flocking here? it's a wasteland and this is water!"
  • Betting Settings (or more than just resets)
    • Gunfire Volume - Just a slider of how loud the gunshots are (my ears got hurt the first time I heard Duke shooting enemies)
    • Building Particles/Particles in General - To reduce lag
    • Frames Per Second Cap - framerates for me flunctuated wildly, it would be nice to cap it at 90 frames for me
    • Weather Settings - this goes for if you implement the weather causes more effects, like putting out the fire of the flame boots; and how long and how often they occur (like making rain rarer but longer)
    • Control Options - to remap buttons (I think your doing controller support anyway)
    • Raid Options - Options where you could choose where the timer is set at (like 500000 to 2500) and if raids can come from multiple directions after awhile (if you were to implement that happening after a raid doesn't happen when it counts down for so long)
    • Random Encounter Options - if you are adding totally random encounters (not like running into a skull icon that would be a Raid Wagon, but just events happening at random times without warning) you may want to make it toggalable or where you can decrease the frequency
    • Harder Options/Presets - options to make the game harder; like barely any traders, crops growing a lot slower, buildings cost more, ammo boxs running out, friendly fire, or taps going dry (stuff like that)
  • If your going to add trading wagons/raiding wagons/raiding llama parties; I would suggest to make some have a pre made/not randomly generated path (like a trader from Anchor Rage to Steven's Ranch) and a "?"/question mark icon over them until you get close (if you do this, you could make binoculors (binocoulrs? bincoulurs? binocollours?) that would show what they are from farther away.
  • Really all the stuff I suggested in the survival mechanics post, especially the broom mechanics cause it could add so much flair to the world building (and it make me feel so great inside), the "dusting off sand" that the broom does could also be used to brush off dust from solar panels if you plan on nerfing them by making them produce less energy after a dust storm because they get covered in dust.
    • Also the little flag idea for guards to patrol could be incorparated into being checkpoints for the llama racing.

Really this game has been a blast to play, and it's been great knowing that your taking suggestions (cause alpha) and implementing them. I can't wait for an update (especially for llama racing and more quests). 

I'm going to take a bit of a rest now.


and a few bugs, because I much rather not take the time to seperate all my notes (so get ready for a wall of bullet points) from what may have been looked over and what may have been bugged.

(also I am probably going to say stuff already asked for/brought to your attention)

Beginning of the Game stuff
  • Can't brush sand off of E.D.I.E. with broom
    • I already said this in the survival mechanics discussion, but it is important to me cause that was the first thing I tried to do
  • If you clear wood debrie (debire? can't spell) before talking to EDIE it doesn't seem to count towards the mission.
  • No repercussions for trying to punch traders
    • A system for trading and your aggression to traders will probably be hard to implement; however, an conversation like: "oh don't even try, we all take a class on shadow boxing before beginning life as a trader because of people like you."
  • Rain can happen at the beginning of the game before talking to EDIE or learning how to build.
    • Makes the desert/wasteland mood kinda mute
  • The instruction to press "B" to build shows up before talking to EDIE (and shows options for building if you press it as well)
    • may want to make that UI pop up after the mission
  • On the world map pressing "enter" (the key) doesn't work to enter your base, you have to click the button on the screen.
    • it confused me at first, and I thought I already broke the game (and then I tryed clicking it with my mouse)
    • could also allow pressing enter to let you explore a tile
  • Wall torches can be inside walls (or on top of them?) and they can't be rotated to be on the sides of walls
    • This may also be intentional, but if you make a pretty lengthy and narrow building you can have a dark area inbetween
Combat stuff
  • You can break wooden crates with an axe but not barrels.
  • Sprinting doesn't affect aim for bow or other guns (this is probably me not noticing that it does)
    • You could make "better aim while sprinting" (if you implement this) as an upgrade you can do with XP at a workstation
  • You can grab arrows from the other side of a wall
    • This is probably intentional/a good thing; there isn't roofs, and if  local multiplayer is added it could add to the strategy
  • Attacking while sprinting doesn't seem to make stamina go down faster, it does make sprinting slow down a bit when you swing, which I like.
    • You could go down a slippery slope here by making all weapons and tools take down a bunch of energy, which would slow down the combat and make you not want to do it (mainly applies to the flame boots, they go down quick already for me)
    • You could make "less stamina taken while swinging and sprinting" (if you implement this) as an upgrade you can do with XP at a workstation
    • Could also only apply to certain weapons - like the spear - and not affect other weapons - like the bat.
  • Sprinting to long doesn't affect speed of attack
    • Not really a problem, some might consider it "unrealistic" but it would probably lead to a downwards spiral where you can't run away from skellys and you can't attack them.
  • No three lines (or prongs? I don't now the name for those indicators) indiactors for stamina while riding a llama
  • Fire from flame boots doesn't go out in the rain, and dust storm doesn't affect the "homing" range of the rocket boots
    • This would add more strategy for the times you go out and do missions
    • Doesn't necessarily have to put the flames out, but some steam coming from the flames would add a nice touch (or more polish I should say).
  • Hold "E" to revive still hovers over a passed out companion (duke in my case) 
  • The screen shakes when you get hit when you are already passed out, but the background (or the back-background) doesn't fade, leading you to see brightly lit sand in the corners
    • Maybe could be solved with the background fading too when you passout.
  • Armor (or just the trash can) doesn't show up on the player, which made me sad to not see a trashcan on my head
    • May just be intentional and you want the player to be able to pick their style of hair without it being ruined with a garbage bucket on their head
  • May want to make a "no enemy" radius around the player whenever you explore a tile (I about died the first second one time when I clicked explore)
    • Could make a specfic "no ranged enemy" radius to allow melee skellys and roaches, but not a skelly with a bow to notice you right away. 
  • No "scroll back" on inventory or missions (it doesn't loop from the beginning if you reach the end and vice-versa)
    • This leads you to have to click all the way back to the start to see if you finished that mission if you where on the last one
    • It not looping in your inventory leads you to scroll down super fast to get to a weapon or tool you placed there 
Combat Suggestions
  • Blocking - You could hold right click to block for a tiny period of time, which would drain a 3rd of your stamina
    • This could add a lot to the strategy and add something else to upgrade and learn
    • This could be used to negate/block effects that you are planning to add (ex. bleeding) 
    • What you can upgrade and how you can upgrade can be vast (and unlocking it too)
      • What you can upgrade could be - how long the period of time the actual block lasts; how much damage it blocks; how much of effects it blocks (like bleeding is less if you blocked it); what effects it can block;  how much stamina is lost from blocking (probably should be limited to 1/6 or 1/9, otherwise it might be overpowered); and how much time it takes for you to block again (this could be set in stone with the stamina regeneration, and if it varied it would be harder to gauge when to attack enemies if there is no set openings for attacking).
      • How you can upgrade could be - from the players work station (leveling up the "blocking  time" or "blocking effectiveness"); weapons (better/lighter weapons take less stamina or can block more often) (could also level up the weapon station to add these); armor (makes sense and could dictate how much damage is blocked and what effects are blocked/negated) (also could level up armor station to add these); or from quests
        • This could be a good way to spend XP.  If you do the upgrading with quests, you could connect it to the traders not being able to get hit with a "Trader Training" quest line which ends with the leading trader saying something like, "You're no where close to being a trader, you still get hit, but it seems  you can block better" (could add to the grim-comedy tone of the game) 
    • Enemies the can block would add difficulty and would be intresting to fight against
    • Really just adds more depth to the combat and survival.
  • Medical Companion - A way to get a NPC to help heal you and even revive you if you pass out would be a worthwhile questline 
  • More Weapons -
    • Crossbow - would work like the bow, but faster reload or bigger projectile (or both, your the coder)
    • Lance - Weapon that could be used on the llama and does more damage while riding the llama (could get overpowered if it scales with speed, because of the rocket boots)
    • Flamethrower - I think someone already mentioned this, it's a good idea
    • Spiked Whip - A whip not for herding animals, but for killing skellys
    • Fireworks - Would be like the grenade, but it would go in a line instead of being tossed, and not bounce off walls (less damage too)
      • May want to replace the steel cost of the grenade with cloth, but keep the same oil
      • May want to make a different explosion animation for this, or have the flavor text say, "More like 'fireworks' than fireworks" or say, "More practical than for looking at, that's why your not seeing colored sparks."
  • More Armor -
    • Helmet that passively reloads - I don't know what it should be called, but if you add this it would go well with the chest piece that gives you more ammo
    • A "Cursed Flames" Flame boots - If you implement the rain and/or dust storms getting rid of fires, these could circumvent that (also have blue fire to show that in a local multiplayer setting)
  • More Enemies -
    • Skelly Bear (because it's in alaska, they have bears) - basically could be a tank-y skelly that could charge at players (kinda like the rocket boots but without the "always hitting" and "giant explosion")
    • ON FIRE SKELLY (regular flame and cursed flame varients possible) - a flanking skelly that doesn't necessarily attack you but circles around you
      • maybe by making the pathing point(s) in a circle around the player or kinda like in pacman with how pinky (or another ghost) goes behind pacman. (in this case you may not want to make it directly behind the player but more at an angle behind the player so the skelly doesn't try to go through wherever the player is standing)
    •  Sand Salmon/Tuna (cause alaska) - it would be able to go into the sand like the sand worm, but it would be more like a dolphin jumping in and out of the sand - instead of burrowing and coming out at a point like the sand worm.
      • Maybe make these only jump in and out of the air whenever a dust storm is happening to give the weather condition an enemy.
    • Mutant Centipede - larger and tougher roach (could have multiple body parts have different health)
    • Mutant Locust - like the roach but can jump like the Sand Salmon
Location/Mission Stuff
  • At Steven's Ranch you can mess with the electrical equipment (no one comments about it, gets mad, or tries to fix it)
  • The mission where you kill the skellys for steven's the older (dead) cows you can butcher them and no one comments about it
  • Can't sleep in any of the beds at any location other than yours (probably intentional, or you could do a mission to get permission to sleep at the ranch or pay to sleep in a hotel at a new location)
  • If you use "shift" and "E" to pay more than one scrap at the time, the conversation still says that you had to click 500 times (would be funny if you said to Duke, "you didn't know that you could do that?")
  • I quit the game from steven's ranch, and when I loaded back in, sand was gone from EDIE (I already said about the broom thing earlier)
  • It still says to press "B" for build mode at locations you can't (unless you are in debug mode)
  • You can plant crops at the 'orphanage' which no body comments on or thanks you about
    • May have to code different sorts of triggers for stuff like this
  • One randomly generated building in an explore tile had signs instead of gravestones
    • I may have missed a sign saying "died due to being to dumb to order graves instead of signs" or if you add a broom brushing mechanic that can uncover signs and gravestones revealing what they say, you could have one grave have a dusty sign on it saying, "stuck in the past when signpost were gravestones" as an easter egg.
  • Anchor Rage's sand clean up drones aren't able to be hit with the spear like your flash light drone can.
    • may want to make the knockback they take less than your flashlight drone; they do look a lot heavier after all.
  • Planning ahead and taking multiple cats seem to bug out the cat lady mission; the cats get named and left on the map but you only drop off one cat accorded to the mission and dialouge
    • I couldn't really fix this in debug mode (either I was petting the cat near the postbox or it just wasn't giving the cat) (I also tried doing multiple cats again and dropping them off one at a time but it seems like they all get dropped off)
    • I never got to the end of that quest.
  • There is multiple entrences for the leftmost building in the 'arts and crafts' center (by destroying the broken walls) but only one trigger point for the skellys to pop up
    • You may want to make trigger points connectable, so you can fix it without making the skeletons trigger three seperate times
      • You may already be able to do this and I am just dumb with the debug mode.
    • There may be more instances like these, but this is one instance that I noticed
  • Gates don't load in on places correctly, this is in all revisitable locations (if you go in debug mode and destory and replace them they load in fine the next time you visit that location)
    • To be more specfic it make a sort of invisble wall that is uninteractable (I think it may just be that you changed the gate ID but it is still using the old gate ID, but I'm just guessing here)
  • In the last place you go to for the 'orphanage' story line (I didn't write it down in my notes, silly me, I do remember it is the one with the turrets, and I think it may have been the 'gym'),  two switchs that I assume is for iron gates is connected to stone doors, you have to clear the stone door connection to alllow the switch to connect to the gates. 
    • not being able to connect switches to stone doors and gates at the same time may be a bug.
    • (this may be intentional, but I have a feeling it isn't)
  • In the gym you can't see the sign welcoming you to the gymnasium without debug
    • Maybe I didn't get in the right spot to look at it, or the gate glitch happened at that location too
    • Could make it to where big signs have a larger reading radius to where the message pops up even if you are a bit far.
  • You can take cloth stacks, stone stacks, and meat stacks in the shops at anchor rage (and no one cares)
    • May want to make areas where you can't interact with material stacks (may want to make something similar for electrical stuff)
    • May want to get the players kicked out of the shop or prices being raised (still would have to overlay an area where players couldn't take stuff or make the stacks have different IDs)
      • Putting an area where players can't pick up stacks or if they pick up stacks in the area prices would raise could lead to a bug where if a player puts a stack in the shop and can't deconstruct it. May need to make different IDs for the stacks or check every so often to see if it has the right level of stacks in it.
  • The two NPCs at Steven's Ranch that are in the farm area, don't farm, and if you open the fences in debug mode they don't stay there and wonder around
    • Maybe make a new NPC spawn ID that farms and plants on their own or an area overlay where if an NPC spawn in there they can't leave
  • Your flashlight drone kinda phases through large water towers, instead of hovering over them like it does with walls.

The world map stuff I already said on my post in the survival mechanics, but it still stands here with the roads and quests. I really feel that for the mission stuff you just need to focus on more reactions of what the player does (like butchering steven the older's cows or using "shift E" to not have to press "E" 500 times) and more missions (which your planning) and worldbuilding (like with the broom mechanics I talked about on the survivial mechanics). Also branching out of the missions (like saying no to steven the older's mission doesn't let you refill your thirst bar at his ranch) 

(part one cause I actually gone above the limit for itch)

Okay I took a paper and a half of notes on stuff that mechanics could move out on and polish that is needed (I'll find a discussion or make one for the polish and bugs half) I'll seperate the survival, base/building, and progress mechanic suggestions and do sub-catgories for them (which may overlap). (also please excuse some of my spelling, I'm not an english major) (also spoilers for people still playing) (I have also not made a car or wagon)

Survival Mechanics

  • Overworld (World Map?)
    • A tiredness mechanic would work well for a "random encounter/effect" sort of deal for travel, kinda like how the thirst is, but should happenway slower for a more realistic effect (as in you don't get tired 3 times before sundown). Pehaps also going down after exploring a tile (without resting) 
      • if you go for effects - losing an item or a half of how much you have (like losing 50 stone if you had 100), having half health your next stop (you don't die if you are on 1 health), and losing durability on an item. If I were you, I wouldn't make you go slower; it would only make a downwards spiral, leading you to lose more water and get more tired (also it would be more annoying than getting a message saying "you tripped and fell on your axe but your dense head broke it, instead the other way around) (and if you were going back to your base, you may die from dehydration if you get slowed)
      • if you go for random encounters - I wouldn't know how you would do this without it seeming like you clicked explore. However, you could make a smaller map area where you have to kill some skellys and move on, but it would still take longer going to your base and you may not get any effects from it if you easily kill the skellys
    • A food quality mechanic to your lunchbox would probably add more depth and strategy to camping by fully healing you for less, and encourage cooking. You could still fully heal at a camp, but you would have to eat more low quailty food instead of a few high quailty food.
      • To make this more viable you probably would need to nerf the regular lunchbox a bit (I think this is fine, I only used it after getting shot by a bunch of skellys when I spawned on a "explore" tile) and make it to where you could choose to bring better quailty food.
        • The player upgrade station, the veggie pot, or a station you are working on could be a good canidiate to have the menu for choosing the meals in the lunchbox
      • I don't think you really have to add a debuff if it is out or make it go down overtime, it feels fine how it is now (maybe just less of a heal)
    • The thirst mechanic right now seems okay, maybe getting all or just half of your thirst back if you visit Steven's Ranch or Anchor Rage would be a good idea to make it seem less of a timer for a trip and more of a thing you should plan a trip around.
      • Quests could make some areas give you more water, like Steven "the young" convince his older bro to give you more water the more skellys you kill.
    • Navigation - the map is a bit barren right now, the weather showing is nice but it doesn't add much to it with these two things it doesn't matter when or how you travel, you just do a straight line.
      • Hilly or Rubble areas could slow you down but give you more stone and metal if you explore it; so, you could go around or go to (also would help seperate areas/make "invisible" boundarys for where the towns and raid camps could spawn by surrounding half of the perimeter of where it could spawn)
      • Raid Wagons/Raid Llamas could circle around a pregenerated path that you can spot if you are 1, 2, or 3 tiles close, this would make traveling more exciting.
      • Weather could effect how bars go down or how fast you go, maybe rain could make llamas slower or the food bar even go down (if you want) and dust storms could make thirst happen quicker and not being able to spot Raid Llamas or having to more on a tile more than just touching it. 
  • "Explore Tiles"
    • Personaly I feel they are pretty good on the survival mechanic side, the reason you would explore them is to get more resources without trading; or for water for thirst, which was already covered in this, the only thing to add to these would be more structures that could spawn and more enemies to the game (suggestion I will post with the polish and bug stuff)
  • In Your Base  
    •   Most of it is fine how it is, and you want to keep the survival and base stuff apart, so really there isn't much to talk about other than:
    • Raids, raids can be improved by adding more enemies to the game (more in other post) but also with more specific variation and more specific scaling
      • Basically if you stockpile a lot of food, you'll be more likely to get roaches; if you stockpile a lot of sticks and stones, you'll be more likely to get skellys (because they use weapons made from them); if you stockpile a lot of goods and scrap, then raiders. These seem to be good bases for the enemies (and this may happen already, and my small brain just not notice it, even with devmode/debug)
      • A bigger raid being able to happen if a raid doesn't happen a the countdown for so many times, and you have more than enough people for two guards
        • Could just be a raid coming from two directions, or a raid with skellys and roaches
      • Weather kinda having an effect on the raids, like the game would check for a raid at the 0-1000 range on the countdown if a dust storm is happening (just making it more likely to occur at a dust storm instead of every dust storm) or the same thing happening when raining
  • Combat (or me asking for guarding/blocking)
    • being able to guard an attack for a third of your stamina (or however much those little lines indicate) would bring a bunch more depth to the combat system (which may be hard to code for some of the AI, or not... I'm ain't a programmer). 
      • If you add that knockout effect to the boxing gloves, blocking with "rightclick" could make it to where it won't happen to if a skelly with boxing gloves punches you. (this could also go for bleeding)
      • Player Upgrades could make blocking last a bit longer so you wouldn't waste a third of stamina if you block/guard early.

This is really all the mechanics for survival without getting nitpicky/asking for polish; I'm prolly going to touch back on these for the next two catagories

Building/Base Mechanics

Most of these will boil down to adding more buildings instead of "hit the G button to the beat to make a wall" but there is some stuff worth considering.

  • Guard Management
    • Having little flags or markers (like on a digging site or a little golf hole flag) that you could make (square, triangle, semicircle) and dye from the shop in Anchor Rage could make little paths for guards to follow (or better described as points/objects to go to after reaching the last point/object).
      • This could be behind a workstation 
    • A intercom or speaker that requires energy to work
      • could be the workstation for the flags, also could act like the bell but only for guards, or dictate how they fight (ranged, close, hit and run)
      • Would give another reason to start making energy other than automation
    • Guards seem to get weapons you have never made or don't have in in a display case
      • May be intended, but it's weird when you are using a bow but they have guns (not including Duke 'the sniper')
      • May also just be me having a small brain and not realizing they are using only their fists.
  • Trading Management (getting into the polish zone with this one)
    • Weather 
      • Rain could make selling water cost zero or make it act as if you where selling none; rain could also slow down business and make traders take shelter in the toliets without giving you "dirt"
      • Dust Storms could make water cost one more for selling and make it higher in demand; dust storms could make traders take shelter in toliets like rain (if you were to do this)
    • Raids
      • Traders still appear when a raid is counting down, and don't act scared when monsters appear, it's kinda weird to have trading and commerce while a roach is a dude.
      • I haven't got killed by a raid (yet) but if not implemented, I think monsters and raiders should be able to take goods you put into stalls that haven't been sold
        • Monsters could take or target specfic items like roaches taking vegatables, water, and meat; but skellys taking wood, stone, and metal.
    • Lighting and making traders see your stalls
      • Building light sources around your stalls could make trading happen in the night, along with making paths around them - of course you would have to make trading NOT happen in the night, but if you do you should probably allow it to happen if the stalls are in light.
      • (This is in the polish zone and "Rewrite how AI pathfinds to stay on my paths that I made and how they see" zone)
  • Slaves Worker Management
    • You don't get to choose if non-guards should fight or not, which leads to they punching roaches before the one with the gun gets there
      • Could be toggable in a workstation (like the one suggested for the guards)
    • They all have tools even if you never made them or have spare (basically the same as guards having guns while you have a bow, but with axes and brooms)
  • Outposts? or Walls? (delaying raids)
    • I haven't made a wagon, so I could just be dumb down here and you can do this and more (I don't know if it destroys the town you've made)
      • Maybe make a job for an "outposter" that can build a wall or tower to delay or chop down the number of raids.
        • You could place these north, south, east, and west one tile of your build to stop a raid if it said it was coming from that direction (maybe by checking if you have a post that direction after it chooses what direction, so it actually "blocks" the incoming raid, which would make you feel nice of putting it there)
        • This could open a can of worms by making you have to make another job for keeping the posts up and working, like a "trader" that takes 30 food, water, and materials (like wood if you made the outpost wood) to keep them up and running.
        • All of this you may not even be in your vision for this game, so take it with a grain of salt

Basically the base building mechanics are just better management of guards and workers, along with a subconscious longing for a nerf to the trading system (it could be overpowered with a right exploit) and more base defense option on the world map.

Now on to the last and not least main catagory -

Progress Mechanics (or uses for XP)

  • Player Upgrade Station
    • You have two main options:
      • Spend XP while you upgrade along with the other costs (self explanatory)
      • Spend XP to raise the cap of what you can upgrade to
        • This make it to where if you have the scrap and supplys you can go up to a certain extent, (level five perhaps?) until you have to "upgrade" the station by using XP, which you would probably have if you been using the upgrades given to you
        • It could raise the cap of all of the options or just that one, really it's your choice (your the "one-who-codes" after all)
  • Bargaining (?)
    • If you want to make the shops delve deeper into the mechanics of buying stuff, you could have the option of bargaining with the shop owner by interacting with them
      • This could be a spin of a wheel if they lower the price for a bit or raise it cause your acting rude; a sure-fire "yes kind stranger demanding a lower price on my gems"; or a mix of the two (like if they raise the prices, if you spend XP again they will definitly make the prices normal)
  • Unlocking Weapons and Armor (maybe tools?)
    • Getting to make guns and grenades is cool, but it can be weird if you haven't made anything else yet (itcan happen if you use the power of trading all your goods for plastic and metal)
    • Getting to make Flame boots and Rocket boots without making a regular boot or looking at it is weird (but the flame boots are nice)
    • Tools could be an option for this, but it may be weird to limit early game so much (maybe have a joke tool, like a bucket that scoops up water from multiple rain barrels with the flavor text saying something along the lines of "you finally learned that a bucket should only have one hole"
  • Upgrading Weapons/Armor/Tools
    • This could add more durability to your weapons/armor/tools
      • If you do this, you may want to make the durability less from the start and make the XP to upgrade low
    • Really durability is all I got right now, I've been typing this for hours
  • Cooking (?)
    • I don't know how cooking is going to work, so this will probably get scrapped; however, making more XP give you better quality (or a chance for higher quality if you want it like a chance to get junk or get 5-star steak)
  • Overworld/World Map Changes you could add(not XP)
    • Paths/Roads/Highways
      • After completing quests (like killing skellys for steven the young) or a more specfic quest (like kill skellys inbetween the tiles of your house and Steven's Ranch to make a path that speeds up travel between the locations
        • Maybe allowing them to be upgraded to a road and to a highway that allows you to go even faster
      • These could attract the Raid Wagons/Raid Llamas after a while (if you were to add those in)
  • Lore & Brooms (Not XP)
    • This is the last and most important suggestion (only because I said so)
    • Brooms could and should have more uses in the progress of expanding the worlds lore, and dusting off signs
      • You could add "glints" which can only be swept up by the broom, otherwise the object would be crumpled, torned, or shattered
      • Signs in random generated structures could have a chance to be covered in sand (leading to you killing those chickens first and only then uncovering the sign saying "please don't eat my chickens")
        • Basically to use to set up jokes
      • Broom should be able to dust of E.D.I.E., I was very sad when I couldn't even after putting wooden floors under him, and even sadder when it just dissappeared when I came back to my base once.
        • This is getting into polish and bugs, which I will do in a different post somewhere else; however, this was a really important one because it was the one that made me sad.

This took four hours to write.

hope your devoloping of the game is going good,(and your (or yalls? you have studios but I don't know if there is one person working on this great game) health in these trying times) I'm going to take a break from sitting down and typing until tommorrow when I write the different post about bugs and what could have polish/details that need more attention to.

(1 edit)

I feel like you should define what you feel is would be a "tacked on" adventure element/mechanic, survival element/mechanic, and base-building element/mechanic; you need to see what would make sense for YOUR game.

Afterwards, you should try to narrow down what you feel would either need to be put into the dumpster (like hunger) or be made more interesting (like hunger dictating how fast you travel on the map, or damage you deal), really this part would (probably) be the hardest because if you just throw all stuff in the trash it may make it very bare bones, but hopefully putting everything out on paper will give you something to jump off of.

I haven't tryed your game yet, but a friend of mine has (that's why I'm here in the first place). I really want to help with it cause it looks very promising (and I have all the time in the world right now, so might as well) and really how could giving feedback hurt?

I'm going to play it after it finishes downloading and give more indepth feedback after a day or two, but my advice for now is to put mechanics/game elements on a list to see everything you have to work with (it really does help)

Hey, I remember playing this on coolmath! I'm gonna have to give this a download (I got it the bundle

I have to say that was a pretty great video, and that you are a lot better than I am at the game - I'll have to make a custom map for you to play

Could their be a way to make the "percentages" in the editor whenever you are doing generation on a map to make it to where it would make sure there is only 3 block or 4 blocks and so on, because that would really help with placing enemy spawns to where there would always be only 2 instead of leaving it up to chance?

(1 edit)

Example of zonesHey @Anuke, I know this may sound like whining to get a thing added to the editor, but please hear me out; Could the editor have "random zones" for random generation? 

This would help to make some areas have randomization while others wouldn't have that same effect, an example would be islands surrounded by deep sea, but you want to randomize the deep sea into shallow water - but not all of the ocean. 

And to add a layer upon that utility you could have multiple layers of the zones (maybe making it to where some would randomize after it?) and having to where walk-ways would change up and some walls would be there and not there whenever you try over and such.

I went ahead and done over kill on this by making a diagram of what it could look like on MS Paint, of course it is MS Paint and it looks horrible - but it is something other than a string of words

Hopefully making two maps and editing one I didn't skip over something like this (I know you can do the whole map but I was needing something like this for multiple things) And hopefully you've considered this for something if you read all the way through. Thanks for this amazing game!