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well when i say zooom i mean like maybe scroll mouse wheel or press z to cycle through zoom levels,  would be cool to explore and see things close up, item would be cool as well if thatd be easier to make the zoom function because like you said you do have one, would be cool if it could be implemented throughout the game because well i just like the small details i guess haha.

that would be awesome haha I just think it would look cool just like the zoom feature haha I know It a pixel game but even so the close up details are awesome to me. The work you've done is amazing though and this is by far one of my favorite indie games of all time.

just wanted to post some of my suggestions. I think a zoom in feature would be nice. I enjoy all the small details like when you go up to the wardrobe or mirror and it zooms in. Id like to play like that from time to time just for the details. maybe more character customization, accessories like backpack even if just for looks. most my suggestions are more aesthetic but makes me feel more connected to my char. I guess.

will do as soon as I get off work haha thanks again seriously.

0.3.7 and see thats crazy because i have gone up to the switch in day time and it does not work. one sec and ill post a screen shot. guess it could just be my computer though. its not the strongest but runs everything thus far pretty good. lags in anchor rage at points. 

The playground quest will not let me complete it. i cannot open the gate inside the shack. reset area and again nothing works. do i have to put all 50 logs in the wood burner? i have literally tried everything haha hooked the switch up to the generator and both of relays. Would love to get those chests haha thanks for the time to reply. 

one last question haha sorry. do I need to hook generator up to anything or is it good to go??

the thing is I did find the switch and did not work. Maybe ill reset the area. power the wood burner and then see if it works. Thanks though for the advice. must have just done something wrong haha

Also do I need to connect the relay to switch? because I don't think it was letting me. Ill just have to double check when I am off work. Thanks again by the way.

Awesome, I thought I did do this but I will have to double check later when I can. Thanks for the fast reply. Maybe I just need to reset the area and see what happens. Thanks for the speedy reply. really a fantastic game I haven't been able to stop playing haha.

just a little confused. I have ran all around this area and it still says three skellies left. The only place I cannot search is the room with the 3 chests because I cannot for the life of me get the gate open, spent like an hour yesterday trying and was just curious if there is something I am missing. I Don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

I know this was a month ago but I just bought the game myself and it really is amazing. I love survival games and base building as well as resource management games and when I seen this on youtube on knew I had to get it haha love the retro art style as well and im looking forward to the future of this game.

Seriously that's how I found this game as well! For real this game is a hidden gem and I hope more people gravitate towards it!