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The Superfluous Sand

Open world, base building, survival, quirky humor and Llamas! · By Voided Pixels Studio

I bought it and so should you.

A topic by Fool created 39 days ago Views: 92 Replies: 1
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Would buy it for more if I could. Easily worth $10 at this point.

If you're on the fence, even though you can technically play for free, it's still worth the investment to see this developed further.

I already got more than the asking price in play time as far as the mechanics go.

If you bought it recently post a comment in this thread saying why.

I know this was a month ago but I just bought the game myself and it really is amazing. I love survival games and base building as well as resource management games and when I seen this on youtube on knew I had to get it haha love the retro art style as well and im looking forward to the future of this game.