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S. James

A member registered Dec 21, 2020

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Man its like Ai dungeon you wont know what she will say next.

When i download it and play it nothing is showing up the map is just gone

This game is really good the gameplay to the fights I hope they extend this game its really good

Really cool game but if you have a potato pc well...

You can glitch the game.

You can explore the map


high sensitivity

fall of the map

and Fly out of the map

really wish I could play it but having a small (Well not really small) monitor I can't play it because the programs are so far on the left and I couldn't see it if I could minimize it I can play it.

This game kinda nostalgic I love it!

This game is really good I love it

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This is a really cool game i enjoy it a lot

Nightmare fuel

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When i play the game its all black help?

But i do hear the music

I cant find the game?