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S. James

A member registered Dec 21, 2020

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I don't know what happen but its working now before It wasn't. I'm so confused.

I have done that... With a volt meter... and with a switch its the same outcome aka nothing happening

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I have some ideas...

1:  Traveling Trader: They appear randomly when exploring so the player can buy water when there's none or weapons when their weapon is broken or food if they ran out of food for them to heal.  But to not make it to easy to survive make their chance to spawn rarer.

2: Riders: This will be end game enemies they have motorcycle and gun that attack you. Being in the end game the player must have a really good items and unstoppable with riders it gives them a challenge. And the motorcycle explodes on death so then the player is to close they get large damage. But if their lucky the motorcycle might not explode and be able to ride it.

3: More weapons and armor: I have a couple of ideas like Metal Bat switch does ok damage but large knockback with can go for a good play style and it charges with you hold it, or sword... Because its cool or daggers they are like sword but does half of the damage but swing faster again can go for a good play style. And for armor I have a idea for one, armor of passive healing for this set up the boots makes a shield (Little unrealistic but the same for the fire boots or mods) and the armor is a just a backpack have more inventory and for the helmet it will be a water holder hats and heals .50 hp

4: Range  stats change: Range weapons are... Kinda useless because with dash and a good weapon any enemy far you can just strike with ease. So what about actually it being useful when your holding the range weapon you can see much farther now so you can use  the range weapon to scout and to snipe actually helping.

5: Coffee: Ok I like coffee but this will be a get away to get this I think it would be a good addition to a new place called David's Caffe where you can buy coffee and other foods. Coffee will be a run away item than healing the player it passively heals your stamina and makes you a little faster. This will be good to late game or early game players. Who has broken their weapon and ran out of food and there's like 5 skelly or the other guys chasing them  as a last minute resort they use the coffee.

6: Horse: Much faster than llama and more buffed. This will be a late game mouth because if it was early game then the llama is useless. This will need 2000 exp the same as the wagon  but this will be cheaper than the wagon. This will need 1000 veggies and 5k Or to make the wagon need a horse if you do want this then here's a idea. If you have one horse with the wagon will be slower than the cab but with two horse its the same speed but with the wagon you can store items inside it.

and thats it for now... I love the game and I hope its a masterpiece in the final version.

Oh also forgot about the auto fertilizer.

So im trying to automate stuff and I don't know how to make the metal thing work or the drill because it just says really nothing what I gotta do I have a lot of power... I think. I have two solar panels and three windmill 5 chicken treds and two wood burner. Maybe I'm missing something. And yes I filled it up with oil and stone.

Man its like Ai dungeon you wont know what she will say next.

When i download it and play it nothing is showing up the map is just gone

This game is really good the gameplay to the fights I hope they extend this game its really good

Really cool game but if you have a potato pc well...

You can glitch the game.

You can explore the map


high sensitivity

fall of the map

and Fly out of the map

really wish I could play it but having a small (Well not really small) monitor I can't play it because the programs are so far on the left and I couldn't see it if I could minimize it I can play it.

This game kinda nostalgic I love it!

This game is really good I love it

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This is a really cool game i enjoy it a lot

Nightmare fuel

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When i play the game its all black help?

But i do hear the music

I cant find the game?