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Build - Automate - Defend
Submitted by Warkus (@warrrkus) — 2 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall polish#703.8633.863
Creative use of art assets#1203.6083.608

Ranked from 51 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

A fairly well made idea. 

Something i would have loved would be direct keybinds for my buildings. The process of building stuff eventually become more of a pain than gathering the resources. Also for deleting buildings, if you had a checkbox to disable the prompt that would have been incredible as well. Otherwise i think you did a pretty amazing job with all the systems in place for the time given.


It's a nice and engaging game. I'm not sure though that limited resources is the way to go here, it forced me to constantly look on the edges of the map  and build more resource extraction(Good!), but it contrasts with defending the crystal, where I don't see the ghosts and have to remember to often check around it if they are  coming close(Bad!).


Really fun clicker game, I had a sudden crash when I was placing buildings late into the game though, I  think there were too many things on screen. Really great for the 48 hours though!


A nice clicker game. Very well made too. It gives a lot of feedback to the player too.


Really enjoyed this but agree with some of the minor issues I’ve seen other people say. I really wanted to pause it and come back to it. The placement of the buildings felt slightly off to me for some reason, maybe where they’re oriented in the grid square. I loved clicking on things and the squish animations, that was incredibly satisfying. The mechanics of the buildings was excellent and it was awesome to expand with the watchtowers. I realize there needs to be some lose condition, but I would have been content to play the game without the ghost at all and just focus on that addicting feeling of building more storage and getting more resources. It was a well designed game that I’m impressed by with the time constraint, great job, and I’m sure it will place as one of the highest in the jam. Also I think the simple use of the graphics in a 3d space elevated it significantly. Once again, great job!


Really cool game mechanics there, kept me going for a while, but I feel like just clicking on enemies to fight them was a little bit out of place, like a minigame contrasting with the actual game..
Great choice of music as well, congratulations!


Really awesome game! I had a lot of fun! Super engaging to play, I love the feeling of progression!

I do feel like the progression curve was a little too slow. Having upgraded lumbermills and quarries that have extended range I think would have made it feel better, I felt like I kept getting stuck and/or stalling during expansion.

But overall, the game was excellent. Amazing work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Super engaging, I loved it!

I played the browser version (I'm on mac) and the audio was breaking a lot (it was like glitchy noise really) so I had to mute my computer, but overall I enjoyed it a lot, nice work!


Great little clicker title!


Very cool game (I love idle/management games), I really liked the different kinds of buildings and resources, as well as the visual flare when they collect resources. I'm not sure how much I liked the ghosts - they didn't really feel like they added much to the game. Really great game overall!


Very neat little management game! Had a lot of fun. The only thing I'd like to see is removing the prompt when deleting a building that has the ? over it.


Very polished, very refined game. I chose to build a lot of power towers to 1 click the ghosts to minimise how much I would have to come back, and then just surround the trees with lumbermills and rocks with quarries. In the end, I did enjoy this game, but I think the core gameplay loop could do with some work to make it feel extra special. For instance, some weak walls to surround the crystal would be nice to stop me from losing so much health (although the healing towers can counteract that if you have a lot of them).

Either way, good game!


Amazing mix of different game genres! I need a new mouse now :D. It has a nice amount of content for a 48h game, and everything feels pretty polished overall.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Alright, I finished the game, here's the proof: 

Which is why what I'm about to say might come as a surprise, which is that I didn't like the game as a whole. In fact, what kept me going at the end there was probably sunk cost and how mad I'm for the game wasting its potential.

The game starts off really strong and promising. The idea is great, the execution is great, and I'm super into idle games that are grindy, this was the perfect storm for me.

My biggest problem with the game can probably be break down to these few words: No offensive towers.

I realize this somewhere during the mid-game, at the time it wasn't a deal breaker to me, because the spawn rate of the ghosts was still relatively low. By mid-to-late game, you pretty much have to go back to the tower every 30 seconds or so to kill all the ghosts that are bothering the crystal. And the ghosts can literally spawn right next to it. If they spawn near the edges and slowly move towards the center, it would probably been fine since you are near the edges looking for resources, but nah. Just spawn right in the middle.

Since all the diamonds and gold are at the edges of the map, the late game cycle basically becomes rush out to the edges, build as many resources tower as fast as you can, remove the old ones that ran out of resources, and rush back to the center in 30 seconds to kill all the ghosts, repeat this cycle every 30 seconds. Why... just, why? If you want the player to explore the map and plan out their towers, this is the opposite of what should have been done. I feel like a chernobyl liquidator rushing to the roof just to take like 2 pieces of graphite with me before rushing back.

Of course, the crystal towers help with this, but to build them, you need resources, which you also need to beat the game, so if you want to beat the game, you really need to weight on how much do you want to rush back to the tower with how long do you want to keep playing this tedious end game for.

Beside that, there's also some minor issues with not having camera lock, and progression being too slow at times. 

This game has some really big potential, but by god it step and spit on most of it.


This was a nice clicker/builder game. I had trouble at first, but that was with the web player. After I downloaded the game, it was a smooth experience for the most part. Once you get closer to endgame, it becomes more tedious to manage everything, and I didn't have anything to do but wait while the final towers were building, but I guess that's more a symptom of the genre itself. But I definitely had fun maxing out my resources and defenses. The controls were pretty good, only thing I can suggest is to add a way to recenter the camera on the crystal.


This game is definitely my favorite one I've played so far! It's so fun to play, and I really love the idea of mixing an idle game/resource management game with a tower defense game! I think the only problem I have with it is that the cursor doesn't seem to align with the selected items, so it's a little difficult to place the towers accurately. That's a really minor thing, though, and the rest of the game is amazing!


Great game. Mechanics are pretty making the whole game but man, it is polished damn good. Animations are simple but catchy. Sfx and music fits perfect. As Haffu said ghosts could be a little annoying but I think that's what kept me tense as I progressed in the game. I can add that shortcuts for buildings would be great (to build faster and go back to protect the crystal)


I think it's incredible you created this in 48hrs, unfortunately it felt a bit unwieldy and laggy,  sometimes I would miss the ghosts when clicking on them, I think they damage the crystal too quickly, it is pretty bad it you just open the build menu and the crystal starts getting attacked. But despite the rough edges it's very impressive, I wasn't expecting such a cool mix of clicker and strategy. I like the 3D use of the assets too.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Okay, I'm about to fuss a bunch here, and I want to be clear it's because I was really, really into your game and got a bit frustrated that it suddenly fell apart at the end. Cool? Okay.

Let's consider the core gameplay loop presented: Gather resources, defend the tower, expand your vision to gather more resources, scale up exponentially.

Now let's look at your antagonistic elements: Enemies that spawn with no pattern (we do not want the player to predict where they will be), enemies make no noise until they're on the tower itself (we want the player to actively seek the ghosts, not react to them.)

In my experience the goals of your core loop and the goals of your obstacle loop were at odds with each other. I want to expand expand expand, which means the longer the game goes on the less time I want to be spending staring at my starting area. The longer the games goes on the more I want to be placing ever increasingly large numbers of gathering buildings and cleaning up the old ones, farther and farther to the edges of the map.

The conflict created between the two systems is a good one. Early game felt solid and even on into the mid game, I felt stretched thin but not unreasonably so - I was challenged. Unfortunately the conflict doesn't scale, which is very much what your game centers around. At some point my expansion went beyond whatever curve existed and suddenly one-clicking ghosts wasn't enough. There were constant ghosts every few seconds and I ended up in a scenario where I had time to pan the map, clear a single building or place one, then I had to rush back over to my tower to click down more baddies.

At that point the delicate balance you'd nailed fell apart and suddenly the game didn't want me playing it anymore. It wanted me at home, clicking ghosts, and nothing else.

You have some systems in place to help mitigate that issue. The reflection mechanic and the heal assist are both interesting choices systemically. It seems to me you very much wanted the player to be the only solution to attacking ghosts, so all the power-ups act in service of delaying the threat or recovering from it if the player wasn't in time. Obviously you COULD combine the two buildings mentioned before in large enough numbers to let the tower defend itself in a sort of berserker fashion, but there's one big obstacle preventing that; resource scarcity.

Resource nodes expiring was a really great way to encourage me to expand ever outward and constantly be looking for mines to clear and refresh. But that combined with how completely rare diamonds are made that a problematic mechanic. I spent the majority of my playtime where diamonds were a factor with only two or three nodes uncovered. It wasn't until way late in the game that I found a field of nine or ten so far away that it wasn't realistic that I would be able to set up a bunch of mines there and still have a tower to come back to.

Almost all of your mid to late upgrades falter because of this.

Those are the big observations I wanted to make. There are a few QoL things I could suggest - having a dialogue box to clear an exhausted building seems redundant when it could just clear itself away on click if it knows it's exhausted. Hotkeys for the basic harvesters would have been a good way to keep players out of menus and zipping around the map. Etc.

This game is a good game. It was ambitious for the time frame you had and you executed on it really well. The wandering music fit the flitty gameplay style well. The camera move speed felt good. Clicking things felt good.

I hope you come back after the jam and patch it up a bit. For the sea of text I've forced upon you, it honestly doesn't need much. Tweaking just one of the things I mentioned would very likely nudge everything else back into place. If you do, let me know so I can beat the darn thing!


A lot of fun, and very impressive for 48 hours. A little warning about ghost would have been great, and there was a little jankyness with the camera and grid system (though i was playing in browser).

Impressive amount of content you managed to fit it, and the game i've spent the longest playing yet!

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