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this is the strat

oh yeah, that's a great idea to stop spamming. Thanks!

So cool, I love this type of game. You made it look so juicy and put a lot of nice little touches into the visuals that make all the difference.

Super cool concept, great use of visuals, nice sfx, a good head scratcher and fun!

Pretty cool, I got zapped a lot :) I couldn't work out how to complete the level which you used for the thumbnail and fell into the infinite void but yeah I enjoyed it :D

This is super satisfying! It's great fun mowing down tiny planes and becoming chonky.

Yeah back to back jams is a little nuts mate! :D

Nice job! The dialogue system is cool and gave me laugh at a few bad jokes and I had fun kiting some ghosts around. You didn't even implement pathfinding though... I'm a little disappointed in you, considering you had 15 hours to make it :D

Thanks so much!

That's the way of game jams eh. I enjoyed it nonetheless!

That's some pretty intense music :D That was super ambitious to make a third person shooter during a jam. You did a great job with those animation assets and the damage falloff is a really cool touch as well. It's a shame there's no feedback on a hit and the crosshair isn't visible above the targets. I enjoyed it though, and managed to save the tree. 

Nice one! The camera seemed to go a tiny itsy bit faster than the character moved so he ended up disappearing off the bottom of the screen eventually. It was a bit too easy to exploit the game by just going up against the wall. It would be nice if it got faster or more difficult, and you had a score indicator. There were really nice touches though and you put the visuals and controls together really nicely. 

Thanks very much. The mushrooms growing is only cosmetic.

Incredible, such an amazing concept and the bouncy little happy truck is just the best thing ever!


Very cool, it's a nice concept and fits the theme really well. Did you know there is a 3D game with a similar concept that was made for the last Ludum Dare? I like the idea of the throw away / throw back and results, that adds a nice new dynamic to it.

A perfectly fine game to play, however as others have said, the controls and camera are letting it down. If you wanted to continue with the controls as they are I think it would be better if the camera was following the snake behind it, or the camera could be stationary and only the snake rotate. How it is currently it made me feel a bit motion sick. Also the movement is fine, but it might be nice if you could only turn in the  four cardinal directions (although snakeybus doesn't do this and is a fun game). Well done!

Sorry, I was a 90's kid but I could only recognise two of the icons. The functionality was good though!

ah ok I didn't realise it was move based! I will have another go with that knowledge in mind! (I probably didn't read an instruction somewhere about that)

Great job, really enjoyed it! Good execution and fun gameplay. If you work on it more in the future, it might be nice if you could move the tiles while others were dropping, as when the level gets faster this takes up most of the time.

I agree about the play area being too big

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Thank you very much for playing! There should be music playing by the way, could you not hear it? - not Japanese style though

Well done, great job!

Wow this is awesome, I love the retro aesthetics, you nailed them! There was a tonne of content, it's really impressive how much you made. The animations and characters were brilliant, you did a great job of game feel with sfx and particle effects. Some of the platforming was a little difficult and hard to judge, potentially a steeper tilt on the camera and a bit of tweaking on the auto camera rotation and it would be easier. I liked the feel of the first dino character, it was a really nice flow to the platforming. Great job!

Some very nice art!

I liked your concept of using different character controllers for the different animals, that was a great use of the theme. The controls were a little bit slidey and floaty, the music was good, I liked the side wiping menu screen, that was a nice touch, though I think you need to change the screen scaling stretch mode so it can be fullscreened, I could see the next page of the menu when I did :D

Nice I really like the take on an idle clicker game, pretty funny to pair it with a aim trainer. Aiming was "interesting" on my trackball mouse :D so having an aimbot came in handy

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Oh my days, you're a machine!

Thanks, yeah it totally needs some way of judging rotation / depth so a shadow ect would be great.

Thanks for playing it on stream, just watched the VOD. It's always great seeing others play your games so much appreciated!

oh dear, sorry it was crashing. I haven't experienced that before. What system and browser are you running?

I live in the UK and am wondering if I can enter the jam too?

I'm not sure if I'm experiencing a bug, it seems to be the same as Polanski is mentioning, that I can't see anything at all really past the flickering texture. I guess it's supposed to go away? Or is there something in the game that makes it go away?

Wow this is awesome. It looks great, it's fun and a good amount of challenge, and you made it feel super satisfying and juicy. *clap clap clap* Probably my favourite entry of the jam!

Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback. I didn't quite hit the theme, you're right, but my thinking was that you have to create your own day /night cycle by going between the day and night sides of the moon to regulate your temperature :)

It looks like you have a nice SFX/particle effect for when you shoot a bird but it only plays on the first hit. Definitely a brain training and reaction time game. It was a bit of a work out for my thumb on my trackball mouse :D

Really nice combination of the task management and bullet hell game modes. The music had me bopping and enjoying myself as I murdered endless jellyfish that were bopping along with me. The to be continued meme at the end was greatly appreciated too.

Great job, this is a really satisfying and complex puzzle game with lots of content.