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Almost got epilepsy

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Dear Pou, 

I love it, but i think you need to work on sync with music thing (same as Dog Galore xP). It reminds me of undertale combat mechanic but dealing dmg is far more better (if you will implement sync to music). I think if battle arena is a square you don't need to make a camera follow the player what in my point of view feels a little bit odd.  For sure loved all of abilities (especialy cooking). I'm impressed with budy not getting hit by anything, great path finding (only noticed an bug that deals dmg ocurring when you go back to combat position and opsticles are not deleted).

I'm waiting for full release!

PS. I will never forget this *sad* moment

and I've managed to kill budy

Love how you can do nothing and wait until enemy is gone xD

Well, we think that it fits the theme perfectly. As a child you're entering others person mind that is represented with a planet made up from their thoughts. Each person/thing mind is represented with "different planet".

Really good thoughted game. Liked the concept.  Enjoyed the gameplay

Waiting for your game

Man, thanks for that feedback (╥﹏╥). I think the presentation is a big thing on game jams. Sometimes it's a little painful but that's what it is about. Sell your game to the audience. I don't like that part but it is necessary.  But beyond that I would agree with that "incomplete" thing. Sometimes it's a good thing to think what is really needed in your game. How you can make your game simple and intuitive but challenging (not saying that my game is perfect xP).  It's hard but it's doable. Thanks again for feedback!


Thanks! It's supposed to move continuously so you need to remember the path that you're taking or you can do it on go.  Which level is troubling you?

Screenshots xP

Wonderful concept for the game. Really engaging. Waiting for more levels xP

Thanks for playing and for the kind words!

Thanks for playing :)

Well, liked it. Got to the boss. You could add waves so enemies won't spawn at such amount. It would let you buy upgrades and would give a player some time to prepare for another wave xP

Don't have VR :'( sad

Don't need to try better. Just try. Knowing how-to TileMaps would let you do your map faster and you would spend more time on gameplay. Expand your skills. Get some knowledge and it will come naturally.

Nice idea with that one bolt. Overall game needs some work but it's not that bad xP Keep it up!

Game is story based but it's not very engaging. I think you should work  on gameplay first. After you're done with some basic mechanics you can add a story. You could figure out some interesting things with ghost concept that would be great with that story. Next time try making dialogue boxes (not spreading text across the map). It would add some more dynamic to your game. Keep on trying and next games will be better.

Liked it, but you would consider smoothing rotation

I agree

Yea, worked on that levels boi xP

Really nice game. Sometimes felt little repetitive but after golems were introduced... Golems are the best. 

Great game. Mechanics are pretty making the whole game but man, it is polished damn good. Animations are simple but catchy. Sfx and music fits perfect. As Haffu said ghosts could be a little annoying but I think that's what kept me tense as I progressed in the game. I can add that shortcuts for buildings would be great (to build faster and go back to protect the crystal)

Title says a lot about gameplay xP

You could lock x and z axis on camera. Over all nice concept. I like those pizzas

As Kim said, progressive difficulty would be perfect but the rest of the game is pretty neat. Like the visuals and music. Gameplay is really nice.

Tried to pass NOPE 20 times. Nice game!

Pretty good game you've made there. Really liked it. Enemies AI could be better but it's a small thing.

Played it, loved it, hated it, almost got depressed. Funny rhythm game combined with arcade gameplay. Give me more juicy games xP

Thanks for feedback! I will add it to my todo list xP

Thanks :)


You do? xP

Thanks :)

Thanks for feedback and kind words! 

Gameplay is good but it wouldn't mind some upgrades xP Camera movement is rough but it's not that bad. Special attack is OP but that's fun.

Thanks man! I've just checked Pyro2 and I can say that it's more challenging if you want to get the highest score. Also, number of possibilities are huge but thanks for comparison. I appreciate it.

Beautiful, well putted together,  nice concept, great potential for more puzzles. Waiting for full release!

Nice concept, liked the idea. You could change movement some kind of similar to  cars (it feels a little bit odd). Menu is impressive but as Lonesome said too many enemies at certain point and from me: to little at the beginning.