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Submitted by Broxxar (@DanielJMoran) — 5 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The randomness of cards, the unpredictability of physics are both out of the player's control, forcing them into some creative tower building.

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BEST IN SHOW! You made a fun, challenging game that both I and my 5yr old enjoyed playing. That's not easy! <3


A very cool idea that gives me strong 'Tricky Towers' vibes. I like the cardgame aspects of it and think this could be cool to be expanded on (one thing that comes to mind would be combo cards like: your next card played gets turned 90 degrees, etc). I only wish there would be a little bit of an indicator as to where a block might fall, otherwise this is a pretty solid entry that looks and sounds fitting!


I've seen this concept before, not exactly done like this. BUT loved the execution, the cards were an amazing decision on your part. Really added a kick.


Yo, this was great. I thought it was going to be a "99 Bricks" clone, but the cards were a great layer of choice. Amazing idea.

My only suggestion would be to consider just giving the player a hand of 3 or 4 and having them draw back up to their maximum hand size each time they play a card. That way you always have options. That's essentially what I did in my game and I found it worked really well (better than expected actually).


This game is super fun! And very polished


wow, This game is pretty cool! the concept is very clever, and it seems very polished too, keep going! rated! please check out my game too :D


Oh I like that, kinda reminds me of 99 Bricks or Hell Tetris, but you added a bit of strategy twist with the "choose your piece" stuff, nice!


This was a really nice twist on the classic Tetris formula. I liked the use of the cards to give the player complete control (instead of the rng of normal Tetris). Overall a really cool submission.


Okay, this was great.   You were 100% responsible for things that went completely out of control.   A slightly more polished interface and thing up some more interesting starting platforms to let you create levels  or a create 2 player mode and you have a releaseable game.   insanely impressive for a 48 hour build.


I really enjoy this game. Please if you want do continue it. I would love a Slay the Spire like card game. I honestly don't know many things I would add to make it more interesting off the top of my head. But Please add them when you think of them. Big fan!


This was already said but it also reminds me of Tricky Towers, just with a little bit more choice with the cards. Was a bit punishing to immediately lose after one of my pieces on the bottom spazzed out and made the entire tower fall but it was a fun game!


Interesting idea, amazing execution and polish. I like the small details like the card turning into a block when it's in the "drop zone" and how blocks compress a bit when they land. It's difficult but not unforgiving. UI is intuitive and satisfying to interact with. Great work!


Damn, this is a lovely little twist on the whole tetris concept. It reminds me of tricky towers, on steam, which is a bit similar, but your deck/card setup is very unique. The one thing that I'm really missing is some sort of snapping. I know the non-snapping is part of the difficulty of the game, but hear me out: I'd encourage snapping, in combination with a screen that's endlessly scrolling upwards, automatically, and you have to keep up or you'll lose. This way, you have to choose blocks from your deck quickly, but you won't be frustrated because a block you thought would fit, barely doesn't. By the way, I adore the polish on the little deck and placement animations, it feels so good! Get some good sound going and you're golden. Good job on this entry, hope you continue working on this :)


Really nice game, it looks chill, and has a pretty relaxing music. But once the tower starts getting high... oh man, it needs really high accuracy to not throw the game. Absolutely loved it!


That game is awesome, nice job. I could play it for hours while commuting, please realease it for mobile!
I just missed a restart button, sometimes I would mess up and had to end the game by throwing the blocks.


My fav tetris in this jam xD!!!


Almost!! Only got 265 :( 


This is really polished. I love the snappiness of picking up a card and hovering it over the drop field, then back out, back in, etc...

Really well executed! Great work!

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Great work ! The physic is perfect and the choice of 5 cards to play the right way is very clever. I enjoyed this game and I think you did a great job. The only flaw is the way the score is counted, I would have loved to have a more sophisticated one in order to try to beat my best score in a strategic way. But congratulation for your idea and the execution of it. I'm proud of my 605m high tower ;)


Score was a last minute addition to round out the game as the deadline approached! My original (and perhaps unrealistic) idea was more rogue-like of a bigger health pool, with opportunities to heal, trade cards out of your deck, and reach some kind of "end game"! Fun Fact: Your final score is just the Y value of the camera times 20 at the moment you died!

Thanks for the feedback! :D


Awesome game! Really liked it :). It was a wise decision to not include any time constraints! It's a nice and refreshing experience after all the fast-paced entries. It also looks very nice and clean and I like the background music too. Very well done!

PS: Please go under "Edit game" and check that the build is for Windows! Otherwise it can't be played through the app.

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