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I like the idea of being teleported to different places and using the map to figure out where you are. Once you get a handle on the different locations, the teleportation mechanic is actually a boon to finding the exit. 

The art style made me think of Celeste. Great idea for the theme!

Thanks for playing our game! Yeah, these kind of issues are hard to get right. We really appreciate your feedback and take into account as we progress as game developers!

What a lovely concept! I really like the puzzle theme you went with. As a programming nerd this really appealed to me, the music was lovely as well!

I didn't manage to get past level 3 though, even though the output did say ACCESS GRANTED. I would have put a screenshot in here, but it was too large, oh well. I probably did something wrong with the input. Loved it all the same!

When you make a game about a boombox, you've got to get your music and sounds on point and you totally nailed it. Great job.

The game felt somewhat easy, I quit after reaching a score of 5000. I had plenty of cassette tapes and just pressed forward the whole time and at no point did I really feel like I was going to fail. Apart from that I had fun, I like the turning mechanic, didn't figure that one until my third try.

Thanks! My co-dev thought of the title, he really has a way with words. Glad you liked our submission!

Yeah, I hear this one a lot. We definitely plan on doing something about this.

Thanks for playing it!

Thanks for your kind words! 

Check out my reply to his comment, it is solvable, the bug is just a bit later in the game. 


Would you say that the overall experience when figuring out what to do was frustrating? 

Yeah, we hear the checkpoints comment a lot. And we should have addressed this issue in some form. Even if a checkpoint system would have been too hard to implement in the time frame of the jam, we could have implemented an other alternative so it would be less frustrating. We learned a lot from your and others feedback and definitely take this into account for future jams.

Also, that part is solvable. When switching between guys, the algorithm picks the closest one. So by moving the left guy in your screenshot slightly more to the left would allow you to pick the rightmost one. 

Thanks for playing our game!

We talked about the ability to spawn extra enemies, and maybe we should have just put that in for the game jam, it would definitely mean you could have more fun playing it, even though we decided against having that feature in for a final release. Rather choosing for a checkpoint system (but that was too time-consuming to implement for the jam).

Thanks! We appreciate your feedback!

Yeah, during our level design talks, we talked about having shorter levels or longer ones, and to us, it felt better having longer levels to really get the vibe of the hero trying to get through a dungeon, and not just playing level after level. The drawback is unfortunately that we didn't have enough time to implement the checkpoint system.

Thanks for you kind feedback! A checkpoint system is indeed really needed, it's among our top priorities for this game.

I think I was first introduced to these kinds of puzzles in the Gameboy versions of Pokémon. I liked it then, I like it now. The timed element makes it even more fun, you don't get a lot of time to think it over, and just have to start acting intuitively, more often than not you land in the right spots. Great fun.

How did you manage to create solvable procedural levels? Really impressive!

I couldn't get this to run on my machine. Such a shame as I was really looking forward to it. I love games with puns as their titles. I tried both versions but both give the same error:

Error creating process <C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\Temp\IXP000.TMP\GMTK2020_v05.exe>. Reason: 

The font is a bit hard to read sometimes, but wrangling my hand in unnatural positions to reach all the correct keys was a funny take on the theme.

Maybe I was just lucky, I wanted to try again just now, but whether I set Colorblind Mode to true or false, I always get white blocks, weird... 

I swear it was working fine when I played it just now. I played with color restrictions and felt the Tetris AI was near invincible. I didn't have to watch which block went where, I could just keep dropping them in and they would find a spot for it and score some lines. 

All the handdrawn art really make this one stand out. On my first attempt the wheels just flew off and my carriage started going backwards and eventually off the map.

On the second try I managed to get further ahead. I can see the potential here, good job!

Great game! The feel, the presentation, and that loop of tetris music is really catchy. I guess the only gripe I have is that the difficulty dropped off at some point. I was sorting blocks to players and seemingly could go on for ages. Dynamically adding more players, or random blocks of no matching color or ramping up the speed, might help achieve a more satisfying ending.

It's weird now that I think about it, that having to stop a game, because you don't die and "fail", is less fulfilling than actually dying...

This is so nicely done. On one hand, I didn't want to shoot too many bullets, because things would start spiralling out of control. On the other hand, shooting felt só satisfying because of the sound effects. I just wanted to shoot bullets and make music. 

The spin effect when being hit was very well executed. I felt my ship going out of control, but somehow I still felt in control and could recover from the situation more times than not.

I really like this, great work!

Haha, a blue neon square chased by angry red triangles. For some reason that made me smile. I kinda kited the enemy around the edges of the map for a while, until I couldn't get rid of them fast enough and they got me at the corners. I managed a high score of 1331. 

That was fun, as others have mentioned before, just changing the health bar of the enemies to be red might help with distinguishing from the barriers in the game.

That's cool. I like how you lose a laser beam when you get hit. It also has the double effect of making it slightly easier, since you don't have to turn around 180° when that laser is charged up. 

You're actually giving struggling players another boon to do better once they've lost a "life". 

Wow, I tried it with regular controls at first, but struggled really hard to kill any enemies. Then I turned on the laser pointer, and that was better. I did still died from the helicopters quite often. It was only after my third attempt that I realized that right mouse button also shoots a cannon. But I guess that's my own fault for not playing the tutorial.

Interesting take on the theme. Once I understood that the cannons rotated you in different directions, I really got somewhere in the game (for my average skill :P)

That's a fun concept you created there. Two halves of the robot doing different things, plus you've got enough material for interesting level design. The only gripe I had was using 'K' to interact with levers. It's so far away from other useful letters :P

All in all, solid entry with clever level design.

I like the concept you introduced here. I feel the randomness is a bit too high for me. Whenever I got close enough to an enemy my movement scheme or weapon type would change resulting me in losing the game. It would be nice if the weapon type changes would be telegraphed. 
For example, one turn before the actual change of the weapon type, you would see that it's going to change to an axe from a sword. That way you keep the effect and the player can strategize and make plans based on what's going to happen.

Nice submission!

It's like playing Lemmings back in the day. The bouncy level was a bit hard for me, had to reset a lot before getting the exact placings right within the budget. I really liked the music, it sets a nice easy ambiance while figuring out how to get the Zeds to the exit.

That revelation of stacking two springy pads on top of each other producing a higher jump was a nice touch, I love little details like those.

Good job! I really liked how you introduced new concepts without introducing new items or abilities. It's just the jump button, platforms and spikes. Level design is really key in these kind of games, and you nailed it.

Fair point. We didn't have enough time to write a checkpoint system. But we definitely learned enough during this jam for a different approach for the next jam. 

Thanks for playing our game!

Hahaha, YES! Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback! Not seeing to whom your changing is definitely a problem. The current implementation just changes to the closest other minion. But you're right we need a different mechanic or a better visual feedback system.

Thanks for taking the time to play our game!

Haha, yeah, it's tough getting everything ready to ship at the end of the 48h. We fixed the bug mere minutes after sending in our submission. It's such a shame, the bug is so noticeable :P

Hehe, the backstory we had in our minds was that the hero is this kind of dumb character that wants to be a great adventurer. But you have to help him achieve his goal by leading him in the right direction. We didn't really get any further than that during the jam, but I agree that a well thought out backstory would really give the game more feel.

Thanks for playing our game! We're unsure if we wanted to keep these assets, but we're receiving a lot of positive reviews, so we might. We'll see :P

We intentionally wanted the player to get that "Aha!" moment, when he figured out who he was controlling. I'd like to get your take on that further, did you find it frustrating or were you pleasantly surprised by it?

Thanks for playing our game!

What an original take! The day and night cycle, only losing control at night, the presentation is on point. 

The only thing that was mildly frustrating, was that every time I wanted to plant something, I had to reclick on it. I had assumed that if I clicked on a hedge, I would be able to place as many hedges as I wanted. 

Cool art style. I even managed to complete a day's work in-game! 

I didn't get the milkshake machine at first, I just got the error prompt and without an animation it was hard to see that I interacted with it. It took me a while to understand it, but once I did I got to the end.

I usually have a problem with the games being too hard for me, however this time around, I find a bit too easy funnily enough.

I enjoyed it though! I really liked the presentation, with the controls at the bottom, the addition of suddenly dropping the music is genius! It's such a simple addition, but it enhances the feel of the game. I wonder which other game aspects you might couple into the AI's subroutines that you could switch on and off?

What chaos! It started out easy enough and I was happy, but when everything started catching fire, I just couldn't catch up anymore, then even more random things started happening! It was crazy!

Well executed! This would be pretty cool as a co-op game, too!

This is like Paper Boy way back. I like that you have to dual task and watch the road and send text messages at the same time. (It also really drives the message home, it just can't be done!)