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Best in class art, satisfying peasant burning fun! Great stuff. Thanks for stopping by the stream to share your game :D

Wow this is addicting! So much mechanical depth and strategic decision making. Thanks for swinging by the stream to share this!

Stellar presentation and theming. Unless I was missing something mechanically, there was generally a pretty straight forward highest expected value to slot the dice with each turn. I did have a round where I could ignore what I was doing with my block to maximize damage while the enemy was low, but most rounds, it boiled down to a bit of symbol matching. If there were ways to accumulate more dice, or other tradeoffs to consider each round, could squeeze out a lot more depth. Nevertheless the combat system seems very functional and nicely polished! Well done ⛩🔥

Lol I meant to quit out of the app there, or find time for a proper setting menu with a quit button... but alas, the game jam 6AM sleepiness set in and I just had to ship it as is! 😅

Thanks for playing!

Excellent platformer control, animation, and sound. Also ya love to see it when a platformer implicitly teaches how to play! Glad to see you gave the player some agency on the random elements. All in all this was a solid entry, and it's fun to try for a speed run! 🏃‍♂️

Well crafted and interesting use of theme! Challenge wise, I felt the vertical level where you had to deal with green dice blocks, conditional jump pads, and anti-dice walls, felt like a bit too much too soon. A smoother introduction to the mechanics would've been very appreciated— but of course, any number of functional levels produced in a 48 hour window is always a feat. Well done overall!

Ahh that is awesome to hear you felt that! I spent a good bit of time balancing the stats capture exactly that feeling. I wanted trade offs to feel meaningful— for all the stats to be equally important. I didn't quite nail it (Health is not super valuable, Speed is nearly critical to keep at a 3 or higher, and Haste is maybe a tad too powerful), but nevertheless I was pleased with where things ended up.

Cheers, and thanks for playing! 👉🎲

Brilliant use of theme— one of the most unique takes on it in the jam. Can easily see this extending into a massive factory with hundreds of mechanics and optimizations. Definitely encourage following up on this into a full game if you've got the appetite to do that!

Really satisfying movement and controls! I tackled some similar run & gun stuff and have a great appreciation for well executed controls and animation when it comes to this stuff! 😀🎮

Well done!

So incredibly polished! Glad I caught Mark play this one on stream. This is one of the cleanist concepts and executions I've seen so far this jam. Excellent work!

Solid. Rock solid. I'll need to come back and play more. This ticks so many boxes for me (RPG, rogue like elements, card battle)!

Thanks for hanging out on stream and sharing this awesome game!

Most fun I've had on a platformer this jam! Nice tight controllers, and the death screen at the end tempts me to go for perfection! 😱

Thanks for hanging out in stream and sharing your game!

Oh that was awesome, really enjoyed that! May have to come back for a higher score later 😅

Thanks for hanging out and sharing your game on stream!

So much fun. Dumpstered on the last boss with my super OP 6 block! XD

Thanks for stopping by and sharing on stream :D

Wow so many devs! Y'all managed to pull together a lot of features in such a short time. Well executed! Thanks for stopping by the stream to share! :D

Beautiful graphics, smart puzzle design! Well done, very impressive in 48 hours! Thanks for stopping by the stream to share!

Managed to get a 2620! It's a challenge for sure, but feels super rewarding when you manage multiple really hard rooms back to back. Thanks for sharing on stream! :D


Super charming, well done! Thanks for stopping by the stream to share!

This is awesome, magnificent entry! Thanks for stopping by the stream to share :D

Thanks for coming by the stream and sharing your game! Fun stuff, only managed a 250 though. Might have to come back for more! :D

Totally! "Shot Count" was one of my earlier ideas for rollable stats. At one point I wanted to do a whole roguelike dungeon gen, but of course that was scrapped for time! 😅 Thanks for playing!

Also the dog is actually a very quick paint of my puppo, Monty 🐾

Clean concise use of theme, and the RNG manipulation to make it easier to win was much appreciated! 😅 Well done all around!

Really well done, nice clean aesthetic choices, really enjoyed it! That last puzzle was too much for my smooth brain though 😅

I'll be humming that track for weeks! Awesome stuff! :D 

Good clean fun. Managed a 65, I'll go for that +100 score later though! Thanks for sharing, it was great to have the whole team on stream! The VOD will be up at some time later™!

Solid entry, great use of theme. Thanks for hanging out on stream and sharing your game!

Welp, this is incredible. Really well done! Amazingly executed. I played on stream over at if you want to find your game in the VOD later! 😅

A solid entry for sure, lots going on mechanically! I managed to beat this on stream over at if you wanna find yourself in the VOD later ^^

Cute use of the theme! I played this on stream over at if you wanna check it out on VOD ^^

Hard as heck! But super fun! I played this on stream over at if you want to find your game on the VOD! :D

Solid entry! The variety of weapons was great :D I played on stream over on twitch if you want to find my playthru on VOD:

Ahhh sorry you missed the deadline! I played on stream over at if you want to find that in the VOD!

Holy particle emitters, batman! I played this on stream at if you want to find your game on the VOD later! :D

Hey! Great game, I played this on stream at if you want to find your game on the VOD later! :D

The infamous Level 12!

Really enjoyed this! And it was great to have y'all hang out and watch my play thru (plus a bunch of other games)!

Here was that arduous final bass bottle! Sorry you had to watch me die so many times to get here ;_;

Score was a last minute addition to round out the game as the deadline approached! My original (and perhaps unrealistic) idea was more rogue-like of a bigger health pool, with opportunities to heal, trade cards out of your deck, and reach some kind of "end game"! Fun Fact: Your final score is just the Y value of the camera times 20 at the moment you died!

Thanks for the feedback! :D

Deck builder mechanics were the plan from the start! But alas the game jam time constraints didn't allow me to get quite there. Definitely something I want to explore if I ever spin this jam game into a side project :D

Super fun, interesting level design/mechanics. All around dope!