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Cool game! Really cute graphics, and I started laughing when I saw the face he makes when he dies 😂😂 Good work!

Really cool puzzle game, the mechanic is confusing at first, but not that hard. The art is pretty good, nice work!

The concept is pretty unique, having to move the whole level looks cool! Some levels were just trying to move the flag to the player instead of making the player move, but level design for this kind of game must be hard, specially for a jam, so good work!

The game is simple but nice, at first it's hard to understand what's the objective of the game( the first level I wasn't sure why I won ), maybe adding it in the description would be enough, you don't even need to make an in-game tutorial. The level design was really nice also, puzzles felt great! 

The idea is cool. The art is simple but works fine! Good job

This game is really nice! Sometimes the wolf went to the limit of the map and there was no way to trap him, but I could manage to outplay him. Great work!

Really fun game! The mechanics are simple to understand, but really challenging to master. Music and art is awesome, the only thing that feels a bit weird is the perspective of the camera. Given that angle, there are some bombs that I thought they were definitely going to hit me but they didn't, and the other way around too, but I think you did an amazing job!

I like the theme of the game, the art and music are great. The background moving along with the player sometimes confuses me, it feels as if I wasn't moving at all, but moving the camera instead. But nice work overall!

Nice game! Really nice effects, and the slow mo feels great.
The only thing is I keep trying to hit R to reload 🤦‍♂️

I have a problem ,  I can't play this because the drag is too slow. I don't know why, but the boxes don't follow my mouse properly. I wanted to try this game. I'm sorry but I can't really rate it because of this "bug"

This game is amazing! The gameplay feels really nice, aesthetic and sound effects are great. Really fun!

The only thing that can improve is the jump, sometimes if you want to jump just after landing, you need to time it right. (in platform games it's usually a good  practice to check if the player presses the jump button just before landing to make the controls feel more responsive). Other than that, I think the game is perfect!

I can't understand... how this game was made in 48 hours! It's fun, has really nice graphics and sounds. I couldn't finish it yet ( I'll try to ), but I had a really pleasant experience! Also the ziggies are so cute! Very good work!

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Nice game, really fun! Love the aesthetics, it's  simple but works great. Good work!

Pretty cool game, really fun to play! I love the bizarre movement on his arms. 

Ps: the sensitivity was really low, it was kinda hard to turn.

I liked the idea of going to a certain place to reload, and the visuals are great, but the survivors escape to easily. Also, the earrape sound is definitely a no

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Had a lot of fun with game! Enjoyed a lot the puzzles, and it's really polished.  Awesome job!

There's a bug (or a feature idk), where the big squared enemies that smash you didn't always start at the same time, so maybe in a run I dodged them but died further, then tried again with the same path and that same enemy that I had dodged before, killed me. (this doesn't affect my rating)

Graphics are awesome and music makes you feel the intensity of the game, that chaos.

But the controls, at least for me, are really hard. The movement is too fast for the platforms, it's actually pretty hard to jump without falling. Also, aiming down sights felt useless, it didn't seem to improve my accuracy at all.

I read it is your first jam (so i mine), so great work overall. If you release a post-jam version I'll be checking it for sure! Good luck!

Loved the concept and the game itselft! Nice work!

Cool game. I liked the idea a lot! It was sometimes hard to keep up with all the components, but really fun!

Yeah, I saw the comments, so it wasn't a problem. Of course it's hard to fix all the bugs in a jam, there's so much little time that you can hardly fix everything. I really enjoyed the game

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Cool game, had much fun playing it, and it's such a cool concept. Good work! (maybe you could use just 1 button for the stroke, like, you charge it and when you release it it goes woosh, instead of using 2 separate buttons, but thats just my thought)

Such a nice game and controls feel really responsive, which is something not everybody can achieve. Great work!

Fun game, but hard to keep up with the changing speed of the controls. I really like the grapics and music. 

Such a cool game. Awesome feel and graphics! 

Maybe adding a limit to the movements would make a great puzzle game if that's what you are going for. Amazing work!

Fantastic art style, really cool game! It took me a few attemps but I could survive :) Nice work!

It was hard to get used to the controls, but once I learned the technique it was super satisfying. Really polished game for a jam (even though I got the bug, but the slow mo could fix it). Awesome game!

Absolutely enjoyed this game! I was stuck in level 3 for a while (but that was kinda my fault for skipping the part of using shift / space), but once I understood how to play I loved it. Really loved flying at high speeds grappling onto enemies and dashing through them. Keep up the good work!

Really cool idea and relaxing music. It had a nice variety of items and interesting gameplay  Very good work! 

Awesome game! Needed a few retries before I could finish it, but gave me a good time playing it. The controls feel really nice, even though I barely got to use the slowmo. Pretty graphics and theme, good work!

Awesome game! Needed a few retries before I could finish it, but gave me a good time playing it. The controls feel really nice, even though I barely got to use the slowmo. Pretty graphics and theme, good work!

This is absolutely a masterpiece. Nice mechanics, really cool music and graphics. The puzzles were nice and satisfying. Awesome game! I really believe this can make to the top games.

Such a nice concept. I like both the syle and the idea of the game. 
Maybe having to move your cursor through the line instead of flattening it can improve it, because it get confusing, but that´s just my personal opinion . Cool game overall !

Such a lovely game! Enjoyed playing it a lot, and loved the graphics! Best of lucks

Really nice game, it looks chill, and has a pretty relaxing music. But once the tower starts getting high... oh man, it needs really high accuracy to not throw the game. Absolutely loved it!

Loved this game! It has nice puzzle elements that feel truly rewarding when solving them. Fits the theme perfectly, and oh bot, things got absolutely out of control when crossing that last door! Haha, really nice game, well done!

Thanks man, really appreciate the feedback! I'm really sorry you got stuck in that level, I sure needed more testing on the difficulty. Definitely will be to taking it into account for future jams. 

This game feels really nice, and fits the theme really well. Not being able to control the player's movement really makes you think where to look and shoot. Good luck!

Such a great game! Starts quietly, but after a while there's chaos everywhere! Nice idea, and very well executed. Really loved it! 

I liked the concept and and played it for a while, really liked it!

It's a nice game. I would really love if there was some warning for when the controls are about to change, sometimes you are near an enemy and you are unable to move, but cute game overall.